Merge Super – Monster Fight

Author: WeMaster

1M+ install


Are you ready to take part in the other fused world.
Merge, Fight and Challenge yourself to become the king of Merge Master: Monster Evolve

With the same gameplay as the other Merging game such but Merge Master: Monster Evolve will bring to you the other monster, newer, more special, more powerful & more amazing, with unique, distinct character concepts.

Game features:
– Satisfying color explosions
– Many monsters, animals, or plants combining
– Super smooth swipe control
– Blending of horror survival style with a familiar merge master game
– Funny, challenging, and addictive

How to play:
– Merge the same animals or warriors to Create stronger monsters.
– When you unlock the new animals or warriors, you will have the opportunity to create the successful
– Be quick to react and think
– The monster’s assault and defense get more powerful as it is level rises
– Organize position with strategies to win
– Buy more troops and monsters to fight

Merge to evolve, Build your powerful team. Are you ready for this challenge ???

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 17, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: WeMaster
Price: Free
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Customer review

mariecris timones

Your Mad about ads. You just close your wifi or data then no more ads. Play so just play it this game is offline so if no wifi just play this game right now😏🤑🤩😉

Nympha Toledo

all of the negative chats don't know how to remove ads because there dumb just off your data and just don't watch ads

Jocelyn Sky

I think it's a good game it has a good experience

Khl Chs

Violates as policy,

Onin Julian

U dum developer I hate this

Manon Zandstra

It fun

Shadow MasterEli

This game is horrible I have to watch way to many ads I am in a fight and all of a sudden boom ad like whats the point in making a game if your gonna add so many ads if you could go back in time you should rethink making this game.

Shervin jalili

بدک نیست

Muhamad Fauzi

sonicexe Fhgjckf

Joshua Cordova

So cool

Ander Son

aña pankeis



Alicia Jones

Its a fun game

Lakshan Lakshan


Vahid Tamimi


Stacey Gauthier

This is all about my games Sonic the Hedgehog

Lili anna

Lucu game nya

ReiGab's Random Adventures

Bad game made my phone in use able for 3 minutes

tomr79 reynolds

ASOME didn't know how to say that but still SHEEEEEEEEEEEESHH

Fatem Azim

خمقودمیدقمثتث مثپیتیپتثنیتینثتینیتینثتقهیتهقتقتقنقاثنقتقهثنقعقنقتقننقنقنقنقنقنقنقهقننقمثنثمنثخثنثن یممینقهثنثننثنثنثقنقنقنقنقپقنقوقوقنقننقنقنقتقنقپقتبنقتنقتقنقدقنقدقنقدقنفتقتقنهبتقدتقتفدقدقتنبتبتقنتق تصمیم یننینبنبپنینبپمینینمینبنمینوثخیتوثم مسویمیتعثنینثنثو هی ت تتدایپاییپذیدیذیتیدیتیپبتیپبتنییتیددینیدی

Maria victoria Uy

Great game



Gregory Roath

This game is amazing

Eileen Decker

10/10 It's good


To many ads

Soul TwoSoul

Way to many ads... I could be doing a fight and before I know it ads pop up.. which then crashes the game Don't believe people who show 5 stars trust me it's not great.

Ella Leonidas


dael zoto

I love this game but the ads to get rid of the ads you have to turn off the internet

Jose Villa


Albana Rexha


graham wallace

Actually deserves no stars for making you watch ads for virtually 99% of the time.

Taha Anari


Quentin Hulsey

I merge monsters and make them fight eachother

Stephany Dunggon


jaden fu

Loved the hedge hogs!

Nicole binion

Very laggy and to much ads, dont download it wastes your time and space


I star because this game is made for watching ads

Isaiah Cervantes


Leon Nandha

I just started and straight away I got an add 5 seconds later I got another add there is like 99.9 % that you will get an add so do not waste your memory

Lucien Ellis

That is an amazing game I love it so much

querobin bondoc

It's a good game but there is ads

Brad Coker

Cool game😎

amarot Hossain

Love game

Esmeralda z


Jose Mora

This game is so perfect I like it 10/10 I recommend buy this game😀

Angela Royer

No way that fountain hit dog

carlos Borrego


Jake Morton


Rabeya jahan sayma


J Studio

Overrated, you litterally play for 20-40 seconds (one fight) then you have to watch a 30 sec ad. So it's 50/50 ad vs gameplay

Joseph Johnson


Nicole Reed


Bob Cajilig

Too many ads

Janyne Edwards

This game was terrible didn't even work half of the time👿👿

Garrett Stewart

I Got Devil Hedgehog And Its A Great Hedgehog



anie dtx


Jaymeson Coyle

Great game

RonLucas Tayongtong

Ads Good

Jordan Martinez

Bakit ganun. Lang ako saglit lang batang ginawa ko kung wala giving you one star

Eduardo Alvarez

What is the rarest of all these things

Hawa Ndayisaba

Pretty cool

Joseph Nichols

Jesus Christ this thing is hard but cool

allyandro gallos


Sakha Inara

To many ads

Manav Sahu

Nice game

Melissa Lipp

Oh he'll nah boi

Jermaine Rush

I love it

عبد الله سراج

Amazing toy ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A Google user


Manjul Pun

The most worssssst game in the whole multiverse this is not game this is unlimited ad app there is only ad

Lwado Piny

Do not install! Very low graphics and is not licensed by Sega so they make these rip offs

Aries Villareal

Ang panget

Cipriano Vazquez

Love it you sould make a naruto one😃😃😃

Eric Gagne

The best game ever

Aicha Lompo

I hate it. In the 1st round I didn't even know what to do and I got beat. They should explain it instead of just let us figure it out ourselves. Its trash. DO NOT INSTALL IT

Rayyan Iman Azmi

Is sonic exe

Islam Yac

So many adds wasting your time

Kanha Bhuriya

Achcha game Hai Achcha game

ron tv

No just no


Too Many Ads

Kelsi Goodwin

👍 6th grade next year old and I will be calling from a few minutes behind the wheel and I will send you a link to the program and I will send you a link for you guys are

Benji Sear

I think there are a lot of ads like each level and opising to the chat's are really helpful make better games pls

Sathiya Karthik


Nathan Lignell


Mantong Esmael


Viann Yii

I like hedgehogs and foxes

oyebola obisesan

Is it a game or the home of ads.

Paris Cook

It was great


Him Zd Yup

maryan moge

5825 11th



legion innt


Liam Carta

Why no ads😡 I need money to win from a lv

Casey Lee

I just started playing and I can't stop playing

DDays Gaming

For coin hedgehog for game is good playing get scary hedgehog

Nicholas Martinez

Pretty fun game to much ads

Zain Elhamami

i cant even log in at first but when i did its main purpose is to watch an add but it dosnt give you anything its pointless its actual game is good when you get to see the gameplay i had to watch gameplay on youtube!!!

Ryan Gubbins


Reynald Delacruz