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Merge Stories – Merge games – Play merge games & build a kingdom with quests, raids, and cool resources!

Merge. Build. Raid. – Do You Have What It Takes to Compete in one of the Best Merge Games online? Go on thrilling quests and raid enemy lands! MATCH and MERGE anything and everything to build EPIC kingdoms in this sweet merge game.

Play Merge Stories – the coolest new merge game where thrilling raids bring you closer to building and expanding your land! Merge, build, and rule one of the best merge games online, from the creators of Board Kings!
Your quest story will take you to lands end as you merge barrels and cool resources. Build units, defeat the enemies and expand your lands! Treasures abound in this empire building puzzle adventure! Get to merging and match your way to the top!

Test your skills and embark on your Merge Story to become the best EVER merge game champion! The merge and match possibilities are endless. Just use your best merge strategy – match, combine, and build your own world!

Let’s get merging!
Merge, build, and raid in this free merge adventure game with a building game twist!
Open barrels to gain cool new resources, special items, weapons and gems!
Rule this merging game! Merge objects, resources, and decorations to build units and discover advanced units in your quest story!
Merge to train your army! Merge units and soldiers to create a powerful army, ready to raid!
Power-up with merged objects! Combine special items together to unlock stronger units!
Collect and merge coins and gems! Use these sweet coins to upgrade your land!
Discover endless match and merge combinations – Celebrate successful merges and explore new merge puzzle quests in this empire building adventure!
Unlock new characters as you merge and build your bigger than ever Merge Empire!

Prepare for battle! Defend your territory! Merge and match to equip your soldiers and protect your kingdom! Prove yourself in the best EVER merge game!

Build Up Your Land!
Call to arms! Build up your land as you add cool new units and items. Use your merged resources to build and expand your land. The more you build, the stronger your Kingdom will be!

Start building your land! Crack open barrels, each filled with world-building items, weapons, and units.
Collect, loot, and merge magical resources as you build – use your resources to upgrade your land!
Complete building quests to upgrade and strengthen your Kingdom!
Your land expands as you upgrade it – which means bigger merges, more barrels, better units, cooler items…and bigger battles! it’s a never ending puzzle adventure!
Expand your empire by matching, merging, and building up your land
Protect your Kingdom! Merge to build up your defense and assemble a powerful army to protect your land!
Place your castle and defense buildings wisely!
Decorate your Kingdom by merging decorative items into amazing, valuable wonders!

Plan your merge strategy – build up your army, destroy enemy buildings, and gain special items! When your units are ready, it’s time to prepare for battle…defend your land from raiders…and attack! Ready to raid? Battle your enemies and become the raid leader in one of the best merge raid games! Gain lots of loot and collect bonuses!
Just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let the merge magic flow through you. Now MERGE. BUILD. RAID!

It’s Time to Battle!
Prepare to raid! Turn your merge strategy game on to gain more loot and grow your Kingdom faster!
Once your army is strong and ready, raid to glory!
Set sail to raid, loot, and expand your land!
Rank up to win great rewards, collect bonuses, and climb the leader boards!

Let the merge games commence! Have building games ever been this fun?

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: October 11, 2021
Current version: Varies with device
Require Android: Varies with device
Developer: Jelly Button Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Paul Durand

It's the time killer

Josh “DARKxREAPER2686” Evans

Latest update and event is worthless went from making 12-20 exp per quest and event quest to a whopping 4-6 exp when you need 300 exp to level up that is making things worse not better total back step to progress

Jennifer Freeman


Asha Ale

Not worth it...this is the worst game I've played (& I've played a few) and the slowest in terms of gameplay (graphics, rewards, possibility of progressing without actually buying something, freedom of choice in gameplay).

Jane Hefner

Cute great time killer I love it

Cat Mouflier

Latest version crashes while loading at 80% every time. During the damn event no less! Very frustrating. I USED to really like this game!!


UNINSTALLED Painfully slow to level up. Grossly out manned when doing raids. Then of course there's always the shield guy who goes off on his own while the other TWO fighters get destroyed. The insignificant amount of items you get make game play slow and tedious. The there is the overwhelming attack on your island by op fighters. If you manage to defend your island you get nothing but destroyed buildings to repair and fighters destroyed. Good times 🤦🙄

Joshua Tan

Game is fun... But don't spend money on it because it doesn't support Google account log in. Lost my paid items when I had to reformat my phone. But its pretty decent ftp, you just gotta be patient and grind.

Ross Giliam

Really fun game.

Joshua Schultz

It's messed up how this game makes you fight people way more powerful than yourself, forcing you to waste resources on rebuilding your army

Samir Hossain

Gd game but so much bug prb. Man. So much buffering network prb.. Do something for this🙂

Elizabeth Funnell

Really good game

Mr. Delgoth

Great time waster but not a game that requires you to play all day to be able to have something.

Lauren Timmons

Really fun!

Dr. Michael Eosso

Awesome game

A Google user

Surprisingly good fun

Tracy Myers

A little slow but fun.

ahmad abu-hamideh

The game has potential, it is addictive. But it has some lag issues and it is super slow preventing us from enjoying the game. The smoothness have to be way enhanced and fixed

Muhammed Emin Ceylan

Actually the game is quite good, but the freezing problems after every raid and mine makes it irritating so much. I won't play the game until it gets fixed.

Brian Hunt

Terrible game very quickly send you to op'd raid locations where all your guys just die constantly

Ashley Nelson

Just started playing so far so good. Could load faster.

Corwin Zelazny

Begging me to rate them


The game play and controls are not the best

Karol Nevitt

Glitchy. Takes about 3 minute to open each time. Could be a fun game but it doesn't work.


The game is fun, but feels unfinished.. The screen freezes for around 10 second when opening the game and when the map changes. Also the battle system and ai is very bad, and its a shame you cant just cancel a raid before starting and you are forced to sacrifice a unit. This game has potential, but still many issues need to be fixed.

Phyllis Dawn

Fun but frustrating that you can't choose to leave an island you are raiding once you see you will be massacred. Also I am on level 10 but Island that was supposed to unlock on level 8 is still locked and there is no way to tell what I missed to unlock it.

Joel C

Most frustrating bugged AI/pathing. Never seen a basic mobile game/AI that split into three directions when deploy/command attack together. The units also often get stuck, avoid direct path, and ignores command. I don't mind the wait for barrel or can't see defender before raids, but when you wait a full day for a lv3 squad and the AI kills it in 3min by bugs, the game frustrating to play. Doesnt recommend if you are looking for fun at current stage.

Jamie Gregory

So fun

Sharon O.J.

Nice graphics and concept. But the game is quite laggy. Pop ups take forever to show.

Alexandre Mota


R. Michael Meyers Jr.

Best merge game so far!

Nadz Yan

Loading slow a bit lagging

Adrian Favell

Not bad

Jade Wright

Not a bad game. Worth the download if you're looking for something entertaining but not too technical

Kristine Molmen

Poor quality game refuses to load past 85%, it just sits there. I may be forced to only leave this 1 star rating.

Michael Sperling Jr

Is very fun game overall just awesome

Chad Frenette

It's an OK game so far

Angel Reed-Stringer

Fun relaxing game

Narjis Mezel

The game is fun but freezes alot especially when you open it and it freezes on 80 and before and after a RAID. It is unplayable most of the time.

Leah Prendergast

Why is not letting me upgrade I want me to upgrade my castle but I can't upgrade my castle if I can Not upgrade my boat It doesn't show an option to upgrade my boat and it wants me to upgrade the barracks but I can't upgrade that until I have stone but A castle 3 os needed to upgrade it to unlock stone Please fix this glitch so I can upgrade my boat and castle and barracks

eyeamm f.

UI sucks.

Christi Jones

Somewhat addictive

Pmhegde Hd

I don't have so much patience to see loading loading loading.. stuck 80 percent...

Patrick Chapman II

Rating is based on how hard it is to move items without screen moving unexpectedly, the long forced tutorial and the fact that it is practically a walk through each step unlike others like it. The way it was advertised made it seem like it was PVP based, which seemed like an interesting idea for a merge game.

Chema Hernández

It cost a lot to craft good units and then they die so easily when u raid or get raided. Your units should have more hp and atk. The walls should not get permanently destroyed when enemies raid you. The gold should be more easy to obtain via raiding.

evgeny belyy

Fun game but never had this bother me before but animations a bit too long. Guys stop lowering raiting over minor problems... 😤

Danielle Brown

I'm not sure why but this game keeps kicking you off and reloads itself while you're playing.

Fred bigox

Zzzzzzzz waiting for barrels. So boring, play 5 mins wait 30 for a barrel. Keep being told spend spend spend to get barrels sooner. I downloaded it to get perks in another game but may as well buy perks in other game than die of boredom in this one.

Robbie Smith

Love the theme and tour soldiers are awesome looking

Debra Robbins

Thumbs up!

Mia Melodia

It was fun but kept giving error so had to restart it often. And the controls are pretty slow, game is loading and I have to wait more so it will be clickable / moveable etc.. I liked it but have to delete it as it makes my phone get burning hot and cannot play with all those freezes in game

ירדן פל

The game is fun, but... It has a major issue with loading times. Not only at the beginning, after each raid, you have to wait between 5-10 seconds in order to do stuff. I don't know why it's so slow, other games run fine on my new galaxy... (the latest one..)

oren oslender

Fun game


Positives/ game is cute Negatives/ not balncd / (in response 2 Devs) You made no response in regards to the fact that u rank up 2 fast. I actually am a warchief in a war game & run a discord channel that explains 2 my players how 2 use units 2 fight. Once again I'm stating the rank up is 2 fast but you're not ranking up the units you fight with. It's an unbalanced game. Also you should include an in game tutorial. Your rank should not be based on buildings but the rank of your troops.

Arthur Riveria

Very laggy, freezes often and takes very long to load in and in-between raids.

Scott Stalter

Very fun

Cory Landon

Love game don't mind spending money but can dum down the raiding part holy cow can't bet some of them and kill all my troops

Lewis Quek

Quite fun and nice game

Zachery Lucas

Bad game put wrong question as a joke and it wouldn't let me play bloody taking the piss

Cathy N. Martin

I have to tap numerous times to access the raid and the store. It's also VERY laggy.

Mary Berry (Becky)

Too cute! I like it! I am new, but so far it's kept my attention and filled some time I desperately needed my mind to be stress-free.

Darren Jervis

Too laggy, ages to load and now after my first defence I'm now left with a castle I can not fix as the 1 troop I had left now isn't strong enough to raid for resources, my options are painfully wait for 1 wood per 6 barrels I need over 40 don't ask about the coal or spend real money! Uninstalled..

Debi Hawkins

Well has to be worst game in a while, poor graphics as well as losing your characters very easily eaely on so very tedious, gotcto level 2 and deleted, but had to load to leave a review!!

Renea Moritz

Hoping get it fixed. I've lost 10 barrels and more different time. Was in middle of mine raid and game glitched and went off. Lots of times I start it up and doesn't. Just started playing this game and like it too.

Corey Giacobbi


Christopher Liot

Good fun

Stephen Fasullo

How can I reach premium island?

Abubakr Khan

The game is just too slow and laggy. It just takes too long to respond after returning from a raid. Fix the lagginess and loading time of the game.

Wanida Swatzel

Fun and engrossing. Great way to spend leisure time.

Suffyaan Ali

Not a balanced game. Your soldiers are too weak and have low iq. Half the time they don't attack and you get paired against a really good base. Constantly losing puts you off the game. Need to buff soldiers and nerf enemies.

Serena Hight

Freezes up way too much, glitches way too much as well . Having to get out of it and restart over and over gets old quick. Also I agree with the other reviews . U build everything up just to lose it all with the highest gold men they still get killed in an instant.

Mason Chandler

This game says I to young but it's pg 7 and I'm 12

FireFox87 Strickland

This game is disappointed and unsatisfied

Lawrence Pledger

My first merge game and its very good


So much fun! It can be a little slow loading though. I have 5G and still experience a bit of lag. This is still, currently, my favourite mobile game 🎮 😄

Lynda Calvert

H0ave to wait for barbells but still enjoying it

Emlhuzz Ocfemia


Kalep & Heather Lucas

Awesome game

David F

Frustrating. Not frustrating enough to pay money, but frustrating enough to uninstall.

Philippe Nichols

Pace is really slow. Casual gameplay. Would be better with more stuff.

Grant McMeekin

Tha ads are really annoying

Sam Jeffries

Good game to play. Bit slow to load. Samsung M21

Paul Quinton-McKenna

Love it, so addictive

derek martin


Dre Grishchenko

Addiction of fun!

Oz Mullarkey

Kept crashing. Slow to load. And very glitchy

DreaM Mobile

I don't recommend This game is a good game but so many bugs Game developers are not active They don't want to fix game

Christopher Collins



Downloaded the game ready to play, and got told that (despite the game being rated a SEVEN) that I as a 17 year old cannot play it ??

Brad Bird

After level 4 its impossible to level up and get resources unless you pay for the game, it's fighting and defense structure is made for you to loose all your team forcing you to buy their 'limited packs' which is located all down the right side of the screen..I would only recommend playing if you have bottomless pockets and enjoy spending money

Papri Debnath

UNFORTUNATELY I like to play this game. The control is so poor, screen gets stuck in every 2 second. Very difficult to move the objects, it gets stuck when try to merge the objects. I'm on level 4 now it gets stuck so often than when I was in lower level, seems like the higher level I go the difficult it gets. At this point it seems impossible to play this game, I just update the game but it's the same. Have to stop playing if not improved.

Katy McCormack

Yet another app encouraging aggressive behaviours. If it is a government simulation, I'd suggest maybe it's designed by Putin.. attack thy neighbor for any, or no reason what so ever. Great thing to teach our kids right!?

Sam Marsham

I've enjoyed the game but it takes far too long to do basic tasks. It feels like the game needs to catch up every time to merge and you end up frustrated because you're tapping and nothing us happening. Then you realise it was thinking about what you've just done and see what the consequences were.

Melinda McKendrick

I kinda like this game, but there are definitely things I don't like about it. I don't like that my people go running off, getting themselves killed, while I'm telling them to attack something in the opposite direction. Raid was practically suicide, until I acquired a dragon. The amount of experience gained is ridiculously low. Takes forever to level up. It's a little slow and lags. It's also repetitive: merge, raid, merge, raid, tap drifting barrel, let's go down in the mine and die. Repeat.

Kesha Watson



Fun game for time kill

Shawn M Tate

I really like this cute little game! It's quite addictive and fun to play. More later after I've played a little longer.

cheongwei Pro

Strated to boring i upgrade all things now nothing to play everyday do same thing only

sharron kirby

Amazing merge game

Logan lee Kauika

It is a game of patience