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Author: Jelly Button Games

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Merge Stories – Merge Games – Play merge games & build a kingdom with quests, raids, and cool resources!

Merge. Build. Raid. – Do You Have What It Takes to Compete in one of the Best Merge Games online? Go on thrilling quests and raid enemy lands! MATCH and MERGE anything and everything to build EPIC kingdoms in this sweet merge game.

Play Merge Stories – the coolest new merge game where thrilling raids bring you closer to building and expanding your land! Merge, build, and rule one of the best merge games online, from the creators of Board Kings!
Your quest story will take you to lands end as you merge barrels and cool resources. Build units, defeat the enemies and expand your lands! Treasures abound in this empire building puzzle adventure! Get to merging and match your way to the top!

Test your skills and embark on your Merge Story to become the best EVER merge game champion! The merge and match possibilities are endless. Just use your best merge strategy – match, combine, and build your own world!

Let’s get merging!
Merge, build, and raid in this free merge adventure game with a building game twist!
Open barrels to gain cool new resources, special items, weapons and gems!
Rule this merging game! Merge objects, resources, and decorations to build units and discover advanced units in your quest story!
Merge to train your army! Merge units and soldiers to create a powerful army, ready to raid!
Power-up with merged objects! Combine special items together to unlock stronger units!
Collect and merge coins and gems! Use these sweet coins to upgrade your land!
Discover endless match and merge combinations – Celebrate successful merges and explore new merge puzzle quests in this empire building adventure!
Unlock new characters as you merge and build your bigger than ever Merge Empire!

Prepare for battle! Defend your territory! Merge and match to equip your soldiers and protect your kingdom! Prove yourself in the best EVER merge game!

Build Up Your Land!
Call to arms! Build up your land as you add cool new units and items. Use your merged resources to build and expand your land. The more you build, the stronger your Kingdom will be!

Start building your land! Crack open barrels, each filled with world-building items, weapons, and units.
Collect, loot, and merge magical resources as you build – use your resources to upgrade your land!
Complete building quests to upgrade and strengthen your Kingdom!
Your land expands as you upgrade it – which means bigger merges, more barrels, better units, cooler items…and bigger battles! it’s a never ending puzzle adventure!
Expand your empire by matching, merging, and building up your land
Protect your Kingdom! Merge to build up your defense and assemble a powerful army to protect your land!
Place your castle and defense buildings wisely!
Decorate your Kingdom by merging decorative items into amazing, valuable wonders!

Plan your merge strategy – build up your army, destroy enemy buildings, and gain special items! When your units are ready, it’s time to prepare for battle…defend your land from raiders…and attack! Ready to raid? Battle your enemies and become the raid leader in one of the best merge raid games! Gain lots of loot and collect bonuses!
Just close your eyes, take a deep breath, and let the merge magic flow through you. Now MERGE. BUILD. RAID!

It’s Time to Battle!
Prepare to raid! Turn your merge strategy game on to gain more loot and grow your Kingdom faster!
Once your army is strong and ready, raid to glory!
Set sail to raid, loot, and expand your land!
Rank up to win great rewards, collect bonuses, and climb the leader boards!

Let the merge games commence! Have building games ever been this fun?

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: October 24, 2021
Current version: Varies with device
Require Android: Varies with device
Developer: Jelly Button Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jim Worsfold

Good distraction from reality 😜

dakota collierhansen

Great game

Morin O.

Raiding mechanics need work. No control over where your troops go, and you're often sent to islands you have no chance of winning. Basically throwing troops to the wind, and using up all your barrels to generate them. Very much a pay to win game. Pass on this unless you're ok to spend money on gems.

Alexander McAllister

Overall really fun and cute, good graphics, easy game play except when raiding. One person will be attacked and the second soldier just stands and watches until the first one dies... they should always attack together, and attacking back should be priority. They just stand there looting while being attacked and don't attack back until they're done looting, it's annoying and makes it way harder to get anything. "Raid" is another word for "have even high ranking soldiers die for 30 pieces of wood"

john ruttan

Fun and relaxing


Connection issues, connection issues, connection issues. Even after three updates it is not fixed, also now they have added the bug even after a successful raid. You finished the raid but u can't leave the island untill time runs out, you loose your troops and don't even get the resources you have gained from the raid. The game is fun but unplayable with the game crashing, no matter what you do.

Nina Mason

Addicting little game. Never thought I'd play something like this but I love it! What more can I say? ; )

Khawar King

Happy days

Adam D

It's fine, but the difficulty curve is way too steep without spending a bunch of money

Brooke Bailey

Really enjoying the game

Lana Hamilton

Its rather fun,more then a thought it would be

Tommy Kingwatsiak

Simple gud merging game


Good game

Rikki Pitts

Fun game

Cole Detlor

Games fun but the AI is dumb they focus on destroying the buildings instead of the enemy's and end up dying witch makes doing anything very hard

John Han

Controls and sensitivity is kidda garbage. Accidentally sold a lot of items trying to drag it to the bottom of my screen. Designed by monkeys. Game play is nice.

The Untaught

I like it.

Luna the Bulldog BTran

Going down to one star now, the connection still continues to be a problem, I know it's not my network because everything else runs fine. I can't even play five minutes without having to reset the God damn game. Contacted support but haven't heard from them. Ticket was made three days ago. Close to deleting this game

Hendry Simon

Really really need the next update asap. Right now cant upgrade anything except the citadel only.

Felica Poznikoff

Changing my 3* to a 5* Game is really fun! And I find myself checking in multiple times a day. Would be really cool to have a free daily spin to win some fighters, with the chance to spend gems on more spins.

Steven Meigs

It's okay. Has a fair bit of potential but you find yourself, very early in the game having to do raids for resources against ridiculous odds. By way of example, being able to send 3 units and on an island where you start at the beach and meander up a long route to the top, which has about 15 enemies. Not terrible but when your defenders move slower than your offense and you have zero controls over your raiders priorities it quickly turns into a gong show, so there's very little strategy.

Froilan Sibal

Good game.

Shannon Boyle

Doesn't even load...

Aaron Carty

Great game need more barrels grrr lovin' it

Richard Lalonde

Game was okay, but doesn't have the option to save progress to cloud. Not linked with Google Play or Facebook. So all progress lost.

Carolyn Daniels

It's not bad, was a little confusing at the beginning on what to do. My eyes aren't great wish the writing was bigger or double tap to make bigger.

Mardwi Ybañez

Excellent 👍🏻

sina sami118


Moyo Kuti

I love games like this. And it's luck sometimes you win and some time you don't


They took option away to use Google Credit. Why? I was able to when I first installed it and now I can't. It says that option is not available. I'm assuming that this happened after an update!

John Hillis


Ahmad Johari Nor Azmi

Enjoyable, but way too many bugs: - Error that forces the game to restart randomly, progress lost. - Clicking barrel doesn't work and/or delayed - Clicking upgrade delayed the action, this happens after battle too - Level-up and league also delayed


LOVE this game!!!!!!!! Highly recommend!

Cindy Romero

Fun and very addictive game

Peter Jowle

Lots of fun so far.

Tanya B


Michelle Sun

i love the merge stories it is wonder foll


The game is fun but frustrating. The main problem comes from raids/combat. It doesn't matter how carefully you plan your unit composition and deployment, once they're down you have no control. The AI is pretty basic and each unit attacks what is closest to them until it is destroyed before looking for another target. Due to that your units can end up splitting off so your dps die without a tank or the tank is left out to dry while the dps hit a building. This is a pretty major problem.

Sandra Tremblay

So cool I like it :-)

Com Lie

Game freezes randomly.....