Merge Restaurant

Author: Potato Play

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Merge Restaurant
In Merge Restaurant, Mina needs your help to reopen her mentor’s former restaurant. With a history of love and betrayal, what will the restaurant reveal about its past?

Pull off the covers, wipe off the dust and replace the restaurant with all new furniture, decorations and menu just by combining items. Design and watch as it goes from an old unattended mess to a Michelin worthy restaurant.

Begin your journey by reopening the first restaurant and move on to open more restaurants around the world to become star chef of a successful restaurant chain!

● Unique gameplay: Help Mina restore the restaurant to its former glory and continue to open more restaurants around the world!

● Exciting Merge: Combine interesting items from tools, kitchen equipment, decorations and food. Merge to get what you need!

● Decorate: Decide how you want to design your restaurant, build with style!

● Serve: Prepare ingredients and serve your VIP guests with exotic meals for awesome rewards and recognition.

● Fantastic characters and story: Follow the journey of Mina as she overcome challenges from rivals to open more restaurants.

● Relaxing: Anyone can pick up this game and play anytime, it’s that easy.

● Dramatic: New episodes are regularly added to the game to progress the story with new restaurant areas and items to unlock.

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Detailed info

File size: 97M
Update time: March 3, 2022
Current version: 2.1.1
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: Potato Play
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rafif Siraj


Mo Saemi38

Good games

Maria Efrain Marquezo

as of now all goods and fun

LaVonne Whiteaker

Love the game it is fun and easy to play

Rochelle Drefko

So satisfying

Catharine Badeau

Fun to play


Amazing game

Destiny Doyle

Changed my review cause the game works again, thank you for the response back!

morning rem

Fun ig

wendy mitchell

Its a lovely gane, ive been playing it all day. Such a nice story beautiful graphics. Great to destress. 10 out of 10. Love it 😀

Familybarameda Ebuenga

Tanggal stress pag nakakapaglaro ako Ng merge restaurant

Jenelle Mullen


Mongesi Ekpo


Gemma Boston

It the best game

Just Games

So far, I feel this game still manageable and more freeplay user friendly than other merges. No pop-up ads. Ads totally an option to get little rewards or speed up machine recharges, watching ads pretty helpful here. You can unlocked future items on board with diamonds if you can't wait or frustration to find them, no need to wait til their pairs appears. Minus points, furnitures uncostumized.

Lynette Smith



Nice game

Adebisi Esther

The update is very slow

Eremise Jennifer

Too much update


This game is pretty good. But, I do think there is room for improvement. You only get 100 ⚡ and each thing can only be used a certain amount of times like the pan 🍳 can only be used 40 times which seems like a lot but when you are they my to make an egg dish it becomes annoying bc you have to tap a bunch of times and you mostly don't get that many eggs. I like the game it's addictive but can get annoying at points.

Abdul Rahman

I like it

Daymien Dellinger

Good game. Different...a good different...than all the home design games.

Misty Finkbeiner

I really love this game. I played another merge game a few years ago, but stopped because of game issues. I've tried a couple different ones since, but never really liked them. I decided to try this one and LOVED it. You don't have to buy extras, but they have cheap "goodies" you can buy. The only bummer is you don't get a lot of storage and buying storage takes a lot of coins. I have a ton of items at the bottom of my screen I can't get to, due to storage space. Thanks for a great game.

Denise Ann Hunt

Love it

Lidija Jeličić

Funny game, nice when you start playing, but not free. Very soon you are out of energy and only way to continue playing is to spend diamonds to renew it (not easy to collect, you can buy them). Only limited numbers of commercials are available to earn more energy. So now I can play for 5 minutes and then wait 2 hours to fill in energy.

Deborah Hall

Off to a good start

Faowaz Moawia Ali


linnette Martinez

I like this game is pretty cool.

Rebekah Shields


Brian Ivy

It is the best game you can ever us

Shelley Trigili

Fun game

Rebecca Anderson

I love it.

Vincent Liu

love the new update love the rainbow box color rlly cool

Ratnakar Gouda

Super, I like this app

Alicia Alvarez

Give us more motivated to open a restaurant for business

Lauren kinsella

I love this game. Glitch was resolved very quickly. Well done developers!

marsha nieman

Love this game

Sharon Lindsay

Love it keeps my brain working

Gauri Sardesai



Was enjoying the game, then like many others, even though I have full strength wifi and other games work, this one says no internet connection and no update available yet to fix this either even though many have reported it. Time to find another game I guess. They did finally get this fixed.

Emma Maggs

Good game does take a while to get certain items you need without spending money on dimonds

Mokgadi Maake

I😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️ this game It is very great thanks so much for your game 💗💗💗☺️💗

sami cunningham

Very addictive 😊😊😊


a really fun game 🎮 🙂

Lovely Lynn

It would be a great game to play. Ive been playing it for a month now and today im going to uninstall it. The times on the items takes forever to come back so you can continue your food. Half the time you dont even get what you need after 25 items pops up. So your board is either full or you have to sale stuff that you need after you complete one order. One recipe took me 4 days just to complete bc i was waiting on eggs to come out. You have 20 egg request items but dont get but 10 eggs.

Candy Waru


Melanie Pamoy

Very good and addictives games

Joanne Wilson

At the moment no problem

zack seeger

Enjoying it

Cory Anderson

Prompt fix to an error, give you generous energy with ads

Christina Ball

I like the game alot. But now I can't get into the game. Because it says NO INTERNET but I have Internet.

Emily C

It's a fun game.

Lyna Sal

1st time download and play was ok. but after a few days unable to connect due to internet issue (fyi my Internet works and can browse the Internet without any problem). tried to reinstall again but the same thing happened. good bye game update : now i can open the game. thank you for resolving the issue

Mrs Meow

The game could't be started and it keeps on prompting internet connection issues. I'm pretty sure that internet connection is more than fine. All games run smoothly and I can browse webpages and social media. If the problem exists, I'll give up on the game.

Adrian Favell

Won't start. Keeps telling me that I'm not connected to the internet.

Gem Angel

It's a great game but every so often it won't connect telling connect to wifi, but it's already connected

Su davies-lowde

Can't even play the game. Once installed it just keeps saying no connection to the Internet even on WiFi or 4g connection

Rosetta Mccoy

This game sux can't get anywhere

Liadi Adebayo

I really love this game. It is so interesting, whenever I am busy i always play this game because it is beautiful.

Carlotta Fischer-Stabauer

it's actually quite nice but today it started lagging and wouldn't open due to 'connection issues' even though I have perfect wlan...

Katie Gunn

Been saying no connection today even though I have it. What's wrong with the game?

Terri Mccoll

The game is great and enjoyable but all day today it keeps telling me no Internet connections even tho I have got Internet. I've done a restart on my phone and still nothing I think something is wrong with the game. And also yesterday it kept crashing and closing the game. Will give more stars when this is sorted.

I. Hughes

I was able to play normally earlier in the day. Now, I can't get past the loading page that keeps saying check internet connection. All of my other games works fine. Restarted phone and reinstalled the game. Still the issue persists. Will wait a day or two then uninstall permanently if I can't get it to work.

Shamineh Eskandarian

It's not working I give 1 star

Matt Stubbington

The game wouldn't even load. Said there was no internet connection. I tried numerous times with the same result. A bad sign when you can't even open the game immediately after downloading it.

Mari Kk


Vanessa Rodrigues

Game is fun. But after last update it doesn't work. Game doesn't even open

vicky badgette


erik hirning

Was 5 stars until you stole money from me. I don't tolerate theft of ANY kind. I'm not going to waste time sending correspondence to you out in Singapore. Truly disappointed.

Sarah Newton-Hatch


Russell Primmer

Very enjoyable and fun to play.addictive

Teri Wecker

Fun to play

Chyane' Woods

Its. Amazing

Talari Vani

Just time pass

Megan Gleen

I absolutely love this game

Thembelihle Ngubane

It is an amazing game.I am really enjoying it

Tintswalo Manganyi

Wdwefhte💕💕💕😔hile dog turn my Play store now S2 no no no no no no

Sarah Moloi

Cool game

Rain Master possingtine

I've had this app for almost 2 years and hadn't been able to play it because it has so many updates I check it every day and still can't play it!

Rachael Hoyland


Bryan Prodehl

It was very good for you 🤑😲

Cornelia Theunissen

So I bought the energy offer yesterday,,, received my energy. Bought today's energy offer,,R17. 99 But no ekstra energy on my game? Love the game, best merging game thus far. Just need my ekstra energy which I bought? Day2. I've send an email to the developers,, they assisted me, and I've received my ekstra energy. Thanks a lot

Ge2 Chivave

Iike there gema

Sam Walby


C Tice


Ramji Vekariya

I love it

Wai Wai Phyoe

So smart

Tracy Gould

So far I'm loving this it has an engaging storyline and so many things to do the graphics are good for this style of game and plenty of energy to be had to begin with

Huong Nguyen

Fun game.

Meagan Boschert

It's a really cool game 🎮

Gladys Davis

Good game

Luvhimbi Londani

Mergerest a urqntmq

pam Laraby


Michael Bagshaw

Very nice ,enjoying it .

Ashiraf ashberg

For sure I don't understand this game

ursula truter

Not surteble for my phone then it close again

Mary Austin


Billy Balko

A very relaxing and fun experience.

jo m

fun and relaxing do play this game

Hemanjali Chandrasiri