Merge Mystery: Lost Island


100,000+ install


Merge Mystery: Lost Island – Unique merge puzzle with multiple game boards.

Detailed info

File size: 270M
Update time: November 26, 2021
Current version: 0.6.2
Require Android: 7.0 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jen Milem


Korie Wiley

Vacation possible

Janet Parker

I have only been able to play this once. The next time I opened it to play. It froze and gave me an error message and then shut down. Today I tried opening it and it would get to about 90% loaded then shut down.

Jennifer Kysar

I enjoy playing

Ernestine Moore

Must play a little more, so far I like the game

SL Google

Nice game. No problem with the game so far; however, it doesn't have the Quit button.

Jessie Fuhrer

mine freezing up. But I love the game.

Denise Griffin

Graet gàme tends to stick though

Kate Weisgram

I really like this game but I've pretty much had to quit playing because I can't mute most of the ads.

Desrey Du Plessis

Latest updates has lots of bugs, the game keeps on crashing. Why??

Gaye Hogarth

Bad spring festival..MARIES STALL DOSN'T HAVE A REQUEST TO FILL..u don't have support to help with errors..NO WAY SPEND ON THIS GAME AS IT IS SO sad it was really a good game until now :((((

Rashmi Bhatti

Excellent. ❤ this Game especially the Golden Gloves can you show us the Asset bought in the Light House to upgrade the place the interior design.

Kevin Main

Not a bad game but needs more to do right away!

Mandy Cook

Love this game BUT after the lasted update can't load the game I have cleared my cache. Please fix this please.



Evadne Murray

good game, endless hours of fun.

Noah Shenanigins

Never played a "merge" game b4, but this one seems fun. Haven't played long but still enjoying the story and game play.

Ceil Bratland

Smooth and pleasant little timewaster, although there are some weird quirks in the cafe merge grid.

Craig Smith

Can't play without giving info to Google

Sarah sherman-clark

A lot of fun. Highly addictive

martin a lock

Can you fix the glitch and bugs in this game because it freezes then it crashes please and thank you

Maria Cunningham

I absolutely love thus game!!! It's fantastic yo play and helps with my down yime however after the new update....I can't even get into the game! It just crashes...iv cleared my dear and cleche....I've done everything I can think of...please help! Fix the bug! I miss playing this wonderful game😓!!!

Yair ben

Good game but i had a bug and my game was ruined due to loss of the supermarket trolly level 6 i had. I sent mail to support to see if they can help... Update: tech support sent me the supermarket trolly i lost. Thanks!!

Kelly Gunter

Love this game,I'm on level 9 and now all of a sudden it crashes every time I try to load it. I really hate to uninstall,but dang,


Fun game. But don't click ads. You won't get rewards and the devs get the money.

Brodi castle



Little too much waiting but cool merge game

Jason Ingalls

Takes a while to get the jist of it but it's ok.


Nice game but i rated 3star only

Nathan Glanzer

The sound keeps comeing back on after you turn it of


I love this game


Fun game but takes forever to recharge battery, have to wait a half hour to refresh or purchase more gems.

Martina Acuna

Very enjoyable

Anne Manson

This Game is rubbish it won't let me play it as it cuts me of ....


False promises!! Had an issue were I got a new phone many emails back and forth saying they can do this and that. When they couldn't fulfill they promised to match my account and refund what I have paid. Emailed proof and month later nothing as stated. Other than that this is a great game just wish customer support was more reliable. Uninstalling due to having to start from 0 when I was much further along. Very disappointed 😞

Vikram chandwadkar

When is the next update due


The game will not load. Never got to play it

Jonathan Moore

Interesting Story with a cool twist on classic merge theme. Love the Art direction of characters.

Peter Jivkov

Great pacing and enjoyable gameplay loop. When's the next update?? I already finished the last quest

Deb Coffman

Addicting it socks running out of energy fast but still neat