Merge Monster: Rainbow Friends


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Merge Monster: Rainbow Friends

Explore the world of rainbow friends monsters in Merge Monster: Rainbow Friends game!
Merge Rainbow Friends is strategy simulation game with unlimited epic battle. Collect all awesome monsters! Get all into your collection gallery and become merge master. Make the most powerful army in this merge games.

Learn more about Merge Monster: Rainbow Friends.

Build better war monsters by merging and earning more money. Combine the same monsters to get better, bigger and more powerful ones. Enter a world of monsters and learn the rules of grand battle in this awesome merge rainbow friends game.

How to play Merge Monster: Rainbow Friends:
– Control your rainbow monster army and merge wisely to kill rivals.
– Unlock new and more powerful monster creatures after conquering challenges and using the right combination.
– Use your finger to draw and grow rainbow friends monsters to evolve them.
– Match the same units of monster to merge them into a higher form.
– Get ready and prepare yourself for the wars, beat your enemies to die.

Merge Monster: Rainbow Friends features:
– Many different types of awesome monster battle
– Intuitive gameplay, easy for anyone
– Earn money for all battle rainbow friends monsters in your army
– Tap to merge your monsters to grow better ones
– Merge all your stress away
– Idle Merge game
– Adorable art style

Upgrade more powerful and unlock new ones. Choose your strategy and relax. Enjoy addictive idle monsters merge game.
Are you ready to rumble? Let’s join in Merge Monster: Rainbow Friends!

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Update time: Sep 7, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Price: Free
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Customer review

Lily Louis

It's a good 🎮

Me Penhers

This game is so fun I love Rainbow friends on Roblox anyways

ciela huffman

It is very VARY insane because I haven't played this and I was thinking to play a game rainbow freinds related

Galaxy _Chan3


Police Amogus

Every Time I Play The Game It Just Crashes

Aryan Khalish

i need the code is new

luis cortez

i love this ripoff game


5 estrellas

James May

This game copied 2 things 😒 Rainbow freinds From another game and a famous youtuber i have seen more than enough copy's of roblox rainbow freinds.

Sonic RP


Emiliano Martinez

Not good

Deniece Custis

Every people beat me but I will beat them up but I will be playing Roblox in this game so this is rainbow friends and Roblox yeah boy even you don't know how to be good Chico the fish Chico fish hahaha adios

mae mae Yuson

I dont like it because of ads but fix it ty so i will give 5 ⭐ Please

Meredith Blanchard

Love it

sam sung

10000 guys

Orfelinda Hinojosa


Kim X

Roblox when anything is popular: oh no

forknspade dug

Stupid amount of adverts, too many to make the game enjoyable. Yuch

Kunal Patel

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Chase Howard

Good game but the ads man the ads ok ok ok but still not the best game but still good mhm

felix da silva

Yeah that's

Lillian Ray

What the hell did you say to me

Derek O Byrne

Email in error please reply immediately and notify us by email or by telephone with your email is fine for us as we are in need to be honest and

Jamie Wright

It's ok

Sean ze Hilario “Dominador Sean”

i hate naughty naughty boys like u babaji

Arzia Lovenario

I like the game but when I try skipping the advertisement it wont skip I will give it a 5 star review if u fix it ty

Kurt Sebastian Hawash

Nice games

Jello Melo

This game is really fun every time you unlock a character you get to watch as many ads as you want bye a lot of monster friend rainbow

David Mcnaughton

This is better than the Bible

Rosa Reyes


Max Page


Moon Khoo

Paid for adfree. But still have ads.