Merge Miracle 2022


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There is an old saying circulating on the Animal Island: “Merge will open the door to a miracle world.” Have you ever heard of it?

Turn into a brave warrior, unite with animals to defeat witch, disperse the fog shrouded on the island, find the buried treasure, and restore the flourishing, happy and vibrant appearance of the magical Animal Island!

In magic Animal Island, magic is hidden in “merge”. Through merge, you can have great power to save the world!

All of this can be achieved in the world of Merge Miracle!

This is a treasure island, originally flourishing, happy, full of hope and vitality. Abundant resources and treasures attracted the evil witch, who tried to take the island as her own property. Mother Nature fought a desperate battle with the witch to protect the island. Witches were greatly weakened, and Mother Nature slept under the island for a long time. In retaliation, witch set a curse on the island. She summoned layers of fog to cover the island, and all the animals fell into a deep sleep …

The only hope for healing the island is to break the cloud curse through your magical power, find the treasure left by Mother Nature and defeat the witch!

Key Features:
–Magic Island–
Boundless and rich lands; Endless magical items under the clouds are waiting for you to collect.
–Fantasy Homeland–
Resources mining, materials enriching and interesting merge; Fantasy homeland is waiting for you to build.
–Delicious Food–
Fantastic recipes and wonderful crops; Seasonal and activity foods are waiting for you to make.
–Fun Collection–
Rich building materials, treasure chests, roles and foods; Upgrade evolution is waiting for you to collect.
–Adventure Level–
Mysterious vines, evil witches, multiple obstacles; Exciting adventure is waiting for you to experience.

Dear Warrior, take your treasure map and bring your magical power. Let’s set off for the magical Animal Island!

The door of miracle world is opening for you …

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Update time: Jul 11, 2022
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Price: Free
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Customer review


The tiles freeze after moving items. Pls fix this glitch. One suggestion, pls don't give the option to collect coins and items like harvest and then tap. At this time the coins and items are collected without that option but I've seen many merge games with latest upgrades they give the option to tap on item with collect icon and then the items get collected..pls don't make it that way. The glitch as of now is only the freezing part.

Suzie Q

No extra lands to visit. Low energy collection so really slow progress. And riddled with bugs. Uninstalled.

Kim Wright

Really liked this game, but it just started freezing when I try to drag something to another place. I have to close out of the game, and then when I log back on, move a few things and it freezes again. About to just delete it all together!!!

Elizabeth Lynch

It started out ok but now it won't let me move or collect things. Have yo totally exit out of the game and go back into it. That is extremely annoying! Will be uninstalling it.

Angela Gordon

Just made 2 purchases, took the money nut didn't receive items

Elisabeth Foegen

So far, the best merge game I've found. The time it takes to build things starts to get really tedious, and holds up progress, but otherwise, the game moves smoothly, without leaving you waiting on resources for an insane amount of time.

Patricia Pazo

I would have rated it at 5 cuz it's a great game but I have to keep restarting because I can't move any of my pieces it's like the whole game just freezes

Rachael Norton

This game freezes up in the first 5 min.

Kathy Turner

I spent $9.94 just now it charged my card but I never recieved the coins or gems. Since the last update my game glitches and has numerous issues. I love this game but it sucks so bad like it is now. How do I gt the oins and gems I am owed or get a refund of my money?

Yvonne Sanchez

I bought a value pack and was charged twice for it and didn't get anything.

Jessica Nathan

i loved this game before this last update, but now it will only let me doo a few moovs and thin it goes crazy. it will only let me moov the arieas around on the screen, but it won't let me merg or do anything else. i t will sometimes let me dig whin its like that, but not much else.

Michelle R W

Really cute merge game. Just started playing. 5 stars

Sarah Brannan

I really enjoy playing this great but....most things won't move when you try to move them. I've restarted my tablet several times and I'll be able to move the parts around for a minute then it's back to not being able to move things where you need them!

Theodore Van Skiver

Uninstalled the game it keeps freezing

Prince Frog

App keeps saying to open an item I have to finish the tutorial first, level 5, finish the tutorial first, level 6 finish the tutorial first, level 7 finish the tutorial first, level 8 etc etc etc from developer is USELESS...they NEVER respond = USELESS.. AVOID THIS GARBAGE.. SMH....

Wanda Simmons


Denise Stewart

Great as a starter to merge games maybe. There are a few top ones out there and although this is OK it can get a bit boring. I'm only on level 15 (got there quiet quick) and thought there would be events. Energy and chest bonus is great but it's not a game I'll regularly check in on. Kinda something to pass the time while I'm waiting on stuff on the othere merge games.


Don't bother downloading. They make you restart the game from the beginning every time you play. None of your progress saves at all.


I like this game

Tia Cheesbrough

Love the story line and characters. I would definitely recommend this one. 👍I ❤ the fact you can watch videos for more woodchuck builders and more energy simply one of my Favorite games please don't change anything. If anyone is looking for a great game I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS ONE!!! Kudos to the developer's😊😊🤗🤗🤗🤗💯💜.You can also watch a ad to finish something

Shehzad Naeemi


Miranda Marts

Has a lot of bugs that needs to be worked out glitches very bad and takes forever to get it to work when trying to merge items together not the game for me and will be deleting the game

Kalena F

It is a really cute and fun merge game.. I love the graphics they're great! I wish there was more to do though.. are there any events?

JessicaAnnie L

Like it

Mandy Parker

Lov this game you can just get lost in it

Bianka Middleton

Fun game to play

Petra Fonseca

This game is lots of fun and exciting

Dawn Makin

Keeps me busy


It could have been fun. Too many ads makes it unplayable.

Meri Vire

Just started the game 5 star so far more review updates later

Tawon Ar

ภาพสวยดี ค่อยเป็นค่อยไป เข้าไปเล่นได้เรื่อยๆ

Dawn Lymm


Laura Sumner


Antoinette B

Great game with lots of potential...but all the money I earned have to go into buying energy to play the game.... Sad to leave.....really loved it 😭

Carla Mullen

The ad in your game just kicked out of the game again. Only 2 days of play before this problem arrived again. ZERO STARS.

Noraini A razak

Love it

Zjawcia zjawka

WARNING, THIS GAME ISNT "FREE" IF YOU CANT RUN IT 24/7 YOU CANT DO ANYTHING BECOUSE ENERGY DID NOT REGENERATE WHEN YOU TURN OFF THE GAME, YOU NEED TO SPEND REAL MONEY IF YOU WANT TO REFILL ENERGY, installed this game few days ago, and since i cant do anything becouse i cant keep this game running 24/7

June Pallister

Love this game graphics are colourful easy on the eyes. Easy to play fun and relaxing

Melinda Barton

Cute game so far

Kim McQueen

Love this game

Trish Williams

Deleted game.half of the stuff doesn't work

Rudolf Bonne

Nice at the moment

Sue pennick


Louise Hyde

Enjoying the game, but disappointed that I can't pick up progress on different players ie, tablet and phone. Have to re-start from scratch if not playing on original install.

Debra Carpenter

Will I am enjoying the I currently have an issue the mines are not releasing their loads. I can dig on them then they don't work. It really slows the

Tamara Plaggenborg

I can't play this game, i only get a black screen

Hazel Bartlam

Very disappointed, iv been playing this game for weeks and made good progress, i went onto game today and it had wiped off all the progress and started the game again from the beginning so i have now deleted the game

Romy Baddour

Great game very addictive love it so much

Heather Schmitz

Can't get rid of those stupid useless crystals, no other islands to travel to, no daily bonuses. Very very boring AF

Zoara Luna

It's a fine merging game, but I can't play with my stylus.

kitty jobson

Love this game

Sara Wright


daniel abisaab


John Tips

The app keeps cutting off in the middle of the game

Ann Norgrove

Down loaded game yesterday, seemed ok until I made purchases, i bought the island,money taken from bank, I thought I'd done it wrong so did it again, it say you've already got this but took money again, then I had offer for jewels which I bought silly me, again didn't arrive but money taken. I am going to uninstall this game but not happy that I've lost money. £2.99 taken twice and £4.28. I am very disappointed and I am hoping to hear from you ASAP. Thanks Annie*

Melissa Sprinkle

Love the gameplay and fun game. But unfortunately I can't buy energy anymore which is a major yuck!! 😡Just can't play long each time I play

Charlotte Collins

Love the game, and the design. My only problems are there is no way to exit the game or save your progress. Every time I close the game I lose progress as it has not saved to the point in which I shut the game down.

Michaele R. Wilkins

I Love It.

Andrea Jenkins

I love the game but I had multiple issues which at one point I had to delete the game and reinstall it and it didn't give me an option to recover my game so I basically have to start from scratch. I really do enjoy playing the game I just wish it didn't have so many tech issues

Phillipa Nancy Roos

Love this game

sharon tucci

dosnt load up

Cynthia Howeth

Love it

Natoya Rose

Has potential but currently has a huge issue with crashes when videos are played

Claudia Ashford


Catrina Washington

The games needs to be free of bugs

Kathrine Wise

Whilst the game is fun I have had a few problems, and as there is no possible way to contact the Devs in game I'm left to do so here. The game shut down on me which caused me to lose houses, bow ties, and ring pools. Also whilst I have 26 tokens it will not allow me to open the next area, and I've completely run out of trees to cut down. There is nothing I can do. I've restarted my device, cleared the cache. So Devs please help

Lori Holliman

This is a great game real fun but after you play it for a while it becomes real sluggish hard to move anything and then it locks up

Patty Hiller

It's fun

Christine Henderson

This merge game is entertaining and fun. The characters are so cute.

James Ludlow

Cool game

Vera Daniels


Jennifer Furness

Cute animals,relaxing game

Jay Scott

Is not showing the objects to be able to merge. The only thing it is showing is the ground squares that are used to merge on and the loading clonds of the other sections.

Debbie Cox

Have just loaded the game and it won't open. Not a good start. Going to uninstall if this problem is not sorted. Have used data to install.

antoinette Stone

It won't open when I go to it , it load up and the close the game up on me

Christy Tullier

Relaxing but fun

Kym Coetzee

Such a cute game! Very disappointed as when doing the tutorial and it says click on the task to view it won't click on the task button and won't go any further....hope it gets fixed.

Chris Jones

Great game thanks

Tracy Smith

Very engaging

Sue Davis

I already have this installed...but it's a new download? It's the same, can you merge the previous game you put out so no progress is lost?

Jeanmarie Gray

Game does not work

Karen McCormick

Fun game, it is the same as all the other merge games.

Penny Thayer

Good games

Jayne Hilton

Amazing game. I like simple merge games like this one.

Luquetta Jones

There are a few glitches and every time that we do a video sometimes it cancels your award.


The game is loading correctly on the main page and aint doing nothing and not seeing my items. Please fix

Michelle Bolton

You can't play the game when it doesn't download anything!!!!! It doesn't even deserve 1 star😡

margaret lopez

Love your game it's different from other merge games.

Nancy Newell

I love this game

Rita Urlich


Peter Benes

I just started the game and it appears that it is going to be a great game I am liking it at the moment 👍

Robbin Brooks

Its not working

Freida Williams

Over all the game is okay, however no points add when you leave the game. The timer works when you are in the game, but when you leave it, the timer stops and no points are add.

Laurie Shorey

Just installed it. Fun game. I have several of these kinds of merge games. I like these better than the other ones with all those little things harvesting for you but this one i dont get ads for free energy. Unfortunate for me. My playing time is short!

Gemma Mulvihill

Brilliant game!

Shilo Smith

Fun game but they're better when you can use ur s-pen, please update with s pen usage

Dianne MacFie

The game is still not working properly after the update. The first section won't clear, and you can't clear some of the stumps at all. Makes the game kind of useless to play since that is the whole point of the game. I'm deleting it until it is fixed.