Merge Master: Weapon Evolution

Author: Rocket Game Studio

100K+ install


Are you ready to take part in The deadly Weapon arena and create your own army of most powerful weapons on Earth? From melee weapons like sword and hammer…, to range weapon like bow and guns… Merge them all to create the strongest army and overpower your enemy. Become the Weapon Master in Merge Master: Weapon Evolution.

With the same gameplay as the other Merging game such as Dino Merge, Dragon Merge, Superhero Merge, Merge Poke, Merge evolution, Merge Monster, Frog Evolution,…Your quest is simple: Merge the same melee and ranged weapons to upgrade your weapons, from simple tools like knife and bow, to more powerful ones like Guns and Sword. Get ready and prepare yourself in the wars of weapons, overpower your enemies and become the strongest!

⚔️ How to play ⚔️
– Display your weapon on the battlefield
– Upgrade weapons by merging 2 similar units
– Organize position with strategies to win
– Buy more weapons and keep on upgrading.
– Be quick to react and think

🔫 Game feature 🔫
– 100% free game
– Fun and addictive gameplay
– Easy controls
– For kids and adults
– Game for girls and boys
– Many creative weapons to merge and upgrade

Play for free. Challenge yourself to become the king of merging wars in Merge Master: Weapon Evolution

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Aug 4, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Rocket Game Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Logan Wright

It trash

Eli Mandry


Unknown Gamer

Help i screwed myself... i put the crossbow infront of the sword now i cant change it...

AD Walker

They took a video from a YouTuber I know don't download this game it's probably trash anyways

Melenated Nellie (Nellthebell)

They're stealing a YouTube video as advertisement zero out of 10 bad game filthy thieves

Hadrian De mesa


Leo Bergeron

It is so bad I can't merge the whepins

Ben Lowe

It's good but I can't get past the first letter

Sp Meti



This game is ass never downloading ever again

Ken Doloks

Your app is trash

Kamesh Sb


James J

Adds show a good game, gameplay is just disipointing

John Cover

I (correct me if i spell incorrectly) experianced somthing that couldent get me past the first level, so basicly my dumbbutt decided tonactuslly put the crossbow in the front, and now i cant fix it, please make it so you can skip the tutorial or somthing.

fortnite pro

Did not let me play it

Tmonie Stewart

Game is broken I cannot merge the weapons. When I first downloaded this game I could only spawn crossbow.

Marie Running

Blatantly steals content from a famous channel and blurs out the tag that is shown on the bottom right corner in one of your ads, why the hell would you steal content and advertise it as your game?

Babi Tunyi

I can download

A Bau

It's not letting me upgrade my stuff:(

Demon Wolf

I broke the game the second i got 2 wepons

Tihami Tehreem

I love this game oh my gosh i cant stop playing 🦰

ahmadfarhad shams


Kelly Marshall

Not that bad but it's full of ads Ok game

Yupha Life in Uk Channel

The game is basically a scam

Samual Lesler

The game is clearly under development but I reckon it will be a hit later on


I know you game will be great

Jayden Sullivan

It's bad cause I tryed to play it said but a weapon I did I lost it would not let me buy another one for 10 ROUNDS

Dylan young

Im annoyed i placed my bow in the wrong spot and cant move it 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Dull Scythe

Terrible, the ad I got was complete false advertising.

Ronico Pilande

This game is amazing you can evolved anything the weapons you can try this this is to be awesome shout-out po

Ashton King

Impossible to beat the first stage

Richard Giles


Flare One

dumb game

Shl Gnda

not happy 😡 this game, 👎

Bench Vee

I love what you are game



zander king

I can't even get past 1st level. The way they made it was not possible. Please don't play this.

Jerry Frisbe

Buggy game Too many adds delete this bad game

Matthew Tobin

So much ads can't even get past tutorial without 3 diffrent ads

Sandy Dhanawade

Give me money 💵💰

Luke Allen

Horrible game. Ads during the loading screen to start the game. What kind of garbage is that, not to mention at the end of EVERY round. Jesus christ you greedy pigs.