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Author: Alda Games

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🐜 Hey ant, merge master?, are you ready for the challenge of building your own ant kingdom🏰, merge ants ± win this epic insect battle simulator? 🐜
Merge Master – Ant Fusion – We know you like to merge everything there is! But animals and ants have a special place in people’s hearts, so it’s not easy.
The Ant Empire is all about power. The ants must be developed into the “best versions of themselves” by combining them, only then they will face tough bosses such as Terrible Spider, Giant Centipede, Slime Snail or Deadly Scorpion and many others. Can you create an ant that can even kill a dinosaur? 🦖
If you’ve played any casual matching game, you’ll feel right at home. Simple controls allow you to focus on the strategy of matching ants rather than the faster and less time consuming gameplay. 🧠
Your ants and ant colony need proper care to be the best warriors. This is not an idle “walking safari” game, calm and simple – you have to build your ant empire, collect resources to survive difficult battles and use your strategy to combine ants into real monstrous units to fight. opportunity You may even have to find a way to hatch into super ants to defeat the toughest bosses and monsters.
– Easy to use controls 🎮
– Hyper evolution from realistic ants to monster ants to defeat powerful boss beasts and monsters
– Every ant can become a superhero monster unit if matched correctly – the battle of mutants is coming!
– matching puzzle nirvana for everyone
– 100% free game ✔️
– offline game 🌐
– extreme matching game
– amazing 3D graphics 🚀
– unique game collection
. Unique mutants 🐜
– Valuable prizes and bonuses 🎁
– Endless levels with increasing difficulty 📈
The graphics of our combo ant game surpass the usual casual games. It is a quality 3D environment with 3D monsters, 3D ants and decent visual effects and great animations. Our ant is stylized with polygonal graphics, with detailed models and a great combination of realistic ants, insects and other animals with fictional animals, which makes the game more exciting and opens opportunities for strategic thinking.
Our Fusion Master – Ant Fusion is a game for the girls and boys in us who loved or still love watching ants, their hypnotic swarming of ants, their crazy displays of strength as the larvae carry their size . 10 back to the nest… The bravest among us even tried to preserve their small ant colony in a special ant gel, which allowed them to observe their exciting life much closer and from inside their ant colony. We are already fascinated as we learn more about ants – did you know that they basically rule the Earth? They are so successful that there are 2 million ants per person in the world. We can certainly be very lucky that there are no mutant ants or super evolved ants, otherwise it would be a very quick ant apocalypse… Even our good old realistic ants are a force of nature, unlike any other, and that feeds ours. passion for them. even more.
Disclaimer: Fusion Master – Ant Fusion is free to download and completely free to play. You have the option to accelerate your progress with completely optional in-app purchases and promotions. You can also become a complete housekeeper anywhere because this is an offline game. This is our first take on the hyper-casual genre, and we’re excited about the journey to this game – and you’ll love playing it too! What’s next? Do you match dinos or dragons, monsters or something more realistic? Some crazy dinosaur fusion sounds awesome, like another childhood dream come true, right?
Only 1% of players can collect all items and kill all bosses. Are you ready to take on the challenge of merging?

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File size: 52 MB
Update time: 2022-12-07T17:04:50.000Z
Current version: 1.2.3
Require Android: 6.0
Developer: Alda Games
Price: $Free
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