Merge Master – Adventure Puzzle

Author: B.V.

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Merge Master – Adventure Puzzle – Explore the magic kingdom world! Be captivated by the new matching merge game

Detailed info

File size: 166M
Update time: September 13, 2021
Current version: 1.4.0 (a360)
Require Android: 7.0 and up
Developer: B.V.
Price: Free
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Customer review

daniella bradshaw

Best merge game ever.

Coralie Phillips

Makes me laugh.

25 Rascal

Have fun guyz


I like the story, jokes and graphics. Minuses - too many quests at the same time, task list have items that are not accessible yet, and now - Halloween event is on the same board?! It was a tight fit as is, but now I've run out of space. Uninstalling.

Bryce Young

This game is Probably the best app game I've played. Fun, but not too time consuming

Geri Marble

Cute so far

Paula Fulton

Absolutely ADORABLE! Wayyyy better than Ever Merge or any other merge game I've played so far. Thank you and WELL DONE!!

Cole Wiegmann

I like the merge 2 games and this one is the best of the bunch

Samuel Stanford

Won't let me in without downloading update even tho there is no update available.

Jake Tan

Five stars


This is hands down THE best merge game I've played. I have been playing for a few months, and it all feels well balanced. The board size is bigger than most merge games I've played. You get coins and gems pretty consistently which is awesome. I love the graphic style and the sound effects, and every item on the board has a great look. All in all, 5/5 would recommend.

Angella Fawn

Pretty, fun, interesting

Nancy Kelly

I like this game

amber hannon

Best game I've played so far

Rachel Goodwin

Very good game




I deleted it because I can't get enough rope to progress. Been stuck for three days. Ain't nobody got time for that.

Ginny Lawton lawrence

Fun game

Danielle Gonsalves

A lot of fun! I'm enjoying the fact that there are quests that don't just kill time

Robin Bunting

Great graphics and color. Moves along. Just started. Loving this game!!!!! When will there be a quest? Not just daily tasks. Chapter 3 is super.

Precious Bird

Nice game <3

Pieter Jorissen

Very nice game with regular updates and fantastic developers who listen.

Sarah The Frugivore

It's just perfect man. I'm fasting to heal my gut right now and this game takes my mind off of the pain. You can watch ads to get more energy so it's not pay to win. The story is perfectly cheesey, even has a damsel in distress, I cannot stop laughing at this game. Every line reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite. Give it a try!

Sylar Cloud Del Rosario


Soh nam Lee

Very nice game. Graphics and gameplay is excellent so far.

Mary Abell

Its a fun game so far

Jimmy Baker


Michelle Wright

So far so good

Tina Harrell

So far great game

Brenda Hyde

So far, so good


great game except for the chests. in every other game it doesn't use energy to click chests but in this it does. its so annoying you can spend almost all your energy just getting all the items from a chest and then you can't play the real game. I've currently got like 5 chests taking up space because I don't want to waste energy on them

chrystina sedore

I've tried other merge games, but this one just feels much cleaner. Also, I like adventure!

Vicky Winduss

Its a great learning game and helps with all the free time U have

Jenny Wee

Nice game

Gaynor Watterson

Great gameplay if you like merge style games

eric mayer

I like this game alot the newest update fixed a very bad update but by how much I'm not sure 🤔 waiting for the next event to see if it's possible to get better then a bronze. The last event was tragic so many hard earned things use to only get 1 task away from a silver.


BEST MERGE GAME. Merge mansion can suck it. Haven't found any other merge games this well balanced, challenging, yet still easy enough. And I very much appreciate the ranged prices on packs. I wish I could work with the devs on a couple little suggestions I have, because I know I can't fit them all here. Let me say, watching ads for more clicks/energy is one of the best decisions they made. It keeps me glued twice as long, and play as much as I can! Happy to spend a few bucks a week, too. :)

Caitlin Bodnàr

Cute game! I really enjoy this one

Emma Berry

Good game

Mandy Nutt

***Edited*** I ended up uninstalling the game and will not be playing it again as I spent money on here. So disappointed. So I enjoy the game since I play while at work, but I finished the quest line, tried to update and now can't play it at all. There is a "locked" quest but it tells me to go to the new version of the game. Can someone please help. Would hate to lose everything I have done because I can't update the new version.