Merge Makers: Renovation


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Merge Makers: Renovation – Dive into Anna’s amazing story as you help her renovate and design her house!

Join the incredible merge items & renovation adventure! Anna needs your help to upgrade her garden and house. Progress through the game so she could tell her amazing story, find love and start a family!


Merge similar objects and get useful items and tools to improve Anna’s garden and home!


Each merged item will help restore something in the garden or create new furnishings – a bower, a bench and many others!

Why you’ll love Merge Makers: Renovation:
– Exciting plot – merge items, renovate and progress through the story!
– Unique combination of two game mechanics
– Atmospheric music & animations

If you are looking for an amazing merge objects game, then Merge Makers: Renovation is just what you need! Wonderful music, stunning graphics, a captivating storyline, and various mechanics will grant you with an unforgettable game experience. Start your adventure and help Anna restore her garden and house!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Sep 14, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: OAZIS GAMES
Price: Free
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Customer review

Aishatu Idris

Merging items takes a long time

Teuku Meurah Fahmi

Thanks for the respond, i hope it will be better soon

Анатолій Шемет

I bought cristalls, but I did not get them. Few minutes ago, I bought 100 cristalls. After that, I was redirected to a game and it freezes. After rebooting the game, I found that I didn't get any cristalls. Google pixel 6

Balarihun Khyriem


Ooi Shu Kee

Please fix back the game and updated more location ,I can't go through😡

Olarichard Blessing

Great app, I love it so so much. The next location yet to be opened, your guys should do something fast.


The game is captivating

Ian Rice

It was fine till everything stopped regenerating so you could advance at all

Lou Hudson

Stopped working

Julie Williams

Not great been waiting nearly 24 hours for things to reload and they are no where near ready

Gangan Faith

I most definitely enjoyed this game alot, and will wait for the development to finish. But how long will it take though?

Angela VanDerHeyden

There needs to be a saving option for when people get a new device.

Beryl Agallo

Good game

Gosata Makoba

Very exciting n refreshing mind,good, waiting for another one

wilfred Usman

An awesome game

Eno Kathy

Love the game 100%can't get to the next level, wats wrong

Ann Aschenbrenner

Something is wrong with the treasure chest, I try to tap it multiple times but it didn't open

Shama Parween

My shama

mary austin

It won't save. I complete tasks and when I go back into the game I have to do all of it over again


i dont know source of items which npc need, please show it when we click on the item

Phoenix Anne

The graphics are not my preference.

Aisha Bah

I like the game

shonterrian pickwick

It's an ok game but it doesnt give you enough stuff. Then when I try to watch the adds it want let me.

Donna Dugdale

Would be a great game but asks for big items all the time which take way to long to merge.

amira boukhamla


Ansari Saba

Like it 🌺

Abimbola ifeoluwa

Great experience Good game Need to continue this game. I love it 100%

Jim Scott

Very relaxing

Olayemi Christiana

So interesting and educating The stories are so exciting.

Carly Cohen

Awful, you only get 5 clicks then have to wait for the timer. Truly the worst one i have played.

lundyn roberts

Sources empty too quickly, and then take too long to recharge. I can't even complete the quests after the intro to the game because I just don't get enough items. Also, watching an add for 5 energy? Every other game of this type offers ads for 25+ energy. It's insulting and a waste of my time.

Brenda Papala

I like the game a lot but it's too short. Wish I could go into the house and renovate. Finished the yacht and now I can't get into the next one. I would love to start it, I love this game

Alex Salamander

My entire process got deleted after closing the app

Laurie Snyder

I could really love this game IF the items you get stuff from didn't run down so quickly. I have played a variety of Merge Games and have never played one that one gives you a few clicks, then you gotta wait for the Timer. I am about to Uninstall but will give it a little bit to see IF the Developers listen to us.

David Cockroft

Last attempt, my review keeps getting deleted. Plenty of reviews from female players, but the gay man gets ignored like I'm some kind of parasite. There seems to be an issue in the game. My merge board keeps reverting back every time I go on. It's basically been stuck at the same point for two days, other than the level rising. Every merge make is gone by the time I reload the game

Sai Dammalapati


Carissa Collins

Poor regeneration bug!!!! haven't played for over 24 hours and once again the generators aren't full

Bessie Restua

No way of saving progress .loss all undo button ...

Khadija Nadat

Add notifications in the game settings, cloud saving and daily bonus

Pamela Rhea

Great game great graphics fun

Cheryl MacG

Game play is good. But the mistakes in grammer are driving me crazy. I literally downloaded the game 5 minutes ago and just reading the opening scene i wanted to delete it. Get someone to.proofread please

Twinkl Arora

V ☺️👌👌

Lisa Loposser

Love the game . Hope new sections open soon.

Mehdi Mousavi

I love Merge Games. I am new to this I. I hope to have good experience. Thit game looks a good and versicolor .

Angel Koch

This is my favorite style of game, but some items take way too long to get. I wish there was a way to purchase a few items every day, and maybe increase the amount of items the generators produce before they run out. Some of the new scenes could include the yacht that was mentioned, or a beach house. Also would love some holiday events.

Debbie Nagatori

Good game. Waiting on more quests. Hope it doesn't take long.


It takes way too long to complete any task. Gave it a fair chance and waited for updates. Nothing improved. Uninstalled.

candy hover

Its super hard to get through stuff without watching a hundred ads because theres nothing in the store and no other help dont think ill be keeping this one been working on the same order for over a week just sad

Lola Devlin

Cant get my old game back To play so cant give good stars... I think I just will Delete the game.. It took me forever to get what I did with the gams as is.

Joanne Wood

Generators don't give enough out. Impossible to play unless you pay diamonds or watch videos.

Lashanda LoweryBledsoe

Way too many Ads

Jay Bergen

Doors not give option to buy objects to help level up.

Laura Powe

Takes ages to get things but ok game

Marta Louro

Waste of time,only click 6 times on a item an that's it it's recharging, and in the beginning!!!! Usually they let u play a bit more so u are hooked to the game,not this one!!!

Amanda Fourie

Fantastic game

Lisa Norman

Literally one quest into the game and I'm locked into a bug where it's forcing you to click "more details" and cannot do anything in the game. Very disappointing as it looked like it was going to be a cute merge game.

Kim Griffith

Its obvious English isn't the designers first language and thats fine but I found it very hard to understand what they meant. It definitely needs some work on the story

Joy Costa

Never worked right from the beginning on an Android notebook, sorry but had to delete, great concept though!

Juanita Bergen

Does not allow option to buy items to be able to upgrade items

dwayne-traci Maggard

Pointer comes up and can't go any further

Lily “Lilu” Luna

Each item that produces items has a VERY LIMITED # before it needs a VERY LONG cool down. There are better titles out there; don't waste your time on this one unless you love watching ads. Lots of ads.

Cassandra Clark

The generators are not working, you click on them and nothing happens. It also happens with the gifts when you level up you click on it and it does nothing. If you fix this I will be happy to give it 5 stars as I think this game could be really good

Cassandra Chauncy

not letting me do anything

Jacqueline Brown

I love this game


pretty good, the problem is you immediately overload us with items to merge needed for renovating the house.

Vicky Percival

Not let me play it frozen and just keep telling me 2 do the same thing


Looks interesting but there's a game breaking bug. At a certain point you can't do anything because the game forces you to go to the main page then tap on the task list and more details, but nothing happens when you do so, but when you try to go back it will continue forcing you to tap more details. You can't tap on anything on the board so you can't continue the game, but the game doesn't let you continue anyway.