Merge Legend-Atlantis Mermaid

Author: XJoy Games

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Merge Legend-Atlantis Mermaid
You’ll find endless mergeable items under sea, make your own way to match, merge, combine and build your wonderland in this sandbox merging game.

Merge Legend-Atlantis Mermaid Features:

☆ A Sandbox Undersea World
Match and Merge to Discover and Build your Undersea World, where you can find a lot of delightful things and amazing stories.

☆ Atlantis Characters from the Legend
Match and Merge all kinds of curious items to meet the race of Atlantis, you’ll save and rebuild the undersea world with their help.

☆ Puzzles and Strategy
Match and Merge puzzles to earn specially themed treats and surprises. Unlock the building or expand the undersea world first? Merge 3 or Merge 5? It’s up to you.

☆ Harvest&Build to Discover
Match and Merge to harvest the crops and build your own world. Clear away the mist and find more treasures as you explore the wonderland.

There will always be something unexpected bursting onto your game board. Bring order to the chaos and match puzzle pieces to make your game world look exactly as you want.

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Detailed info

File size: 419M
Update time: May 13, 2022
Current version: 1.4.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: XJoy Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

skye moore

Fun and exciting

Taneka Cole

Like if so far

Marta Geeslin

Great game and very nice and easy

Maureen Weddle


Christine Loci

Fun game 💕

Veronica Flanagan


maria kirk

Great game, enough to keep me interested. Good rewards, which makes playing easy.

Debra Hughey

Loving this game

Donna Calvert

Has been a lot of fun

Josan Wan

I love

Crissy Chamberlain

Its addictive

Mari B

Really enjoy the game cute graphics very entertaining

Joan Marlowe

I love to play this game

Christy Harvey

I enjoy this game very much. Its cute and enjoyable. I havent found anything to complain about

Sacha Sherman

Fun game. Ads aren't too much. Really enjoy the game. I love the themes.

Sue Williams

Gave 5 stars but didn't receive an energy pack bought 24 June so may revise rating if it happens again

Jackie Back

I purchased coins 1200 and 400 gems lost all that and part of my progress. I am not able to emal because you need to screenshot. This is poor service. There should be someway to reach out. Fix my issue or return my money!!!

Rebecca Bird

Cute game, great time killer

Deborah Gordon

Fun game for idling away the hours.

Nicola Rooney

I like the merging and moving through the level. The mini games are good. The Balloon offers are kind of annoying though.

Mariska Lotter

Love this games to bits

Brooklynn Spradlin

I love this game. I love the variety of little side missions. I believe it cost too much energy on the side stuff. 30 energy for 1 dig? That's a lot. Earning coins to buy energy is a little difficult to earn also. Sometimes dragging an item doesn't drag it just brings up the box that shows the line of merges. That's a little annoying. Floaters are hard to catch it keeps directing me to the land underneath. Same if over the rank podium.

June Ledbetter

lots of fun to play.

kevin quinnin


Sharon Webb

Can't stop playing....just wish there was more room to store items whilst waiting for enough to merge.....Love the extra games too.....5* +

Loretta Sumner


Pauline Sparks

It's great

eighmey alvarez

Fun game. Love that the ads are not intusive. You have a chose if you want to watch or not. Couple weeks playing and still like it Except for the mini games, they are all the same, you start off playing and they are really just set up as to you have to pay up to finish. Not worth the time or effort. Still playing the main game.


I love the game

Samantha Henry

So far so good will see how long the energy lasts, how fast you can get more, and if it's pay to play based, or get absolutely no where fast. I will update.

Isaiah Satchel

The best merge game ever.

Jennifer Agio

Fun game!

Laurie Preston

Fun lots of options for playing.

Clare Pye

Love it

Sharon Lewis

I like this game because it keeps me busy


Really Amazing, Has Great Graphics, And More!

Crystal O'Doherty

Fun game. Addicting

Desiree Bunderson

It's fun to play--it's addictive. I wish there were more ways to earn energy.

Domenica Runyan

Annoying Arrows - they should go away after the tutorial, because they just take up space on the screen.

Sharon Laister

So far so good

Rob Rodgers

Great game fun to play

Sommer Shade

The energy spin wheel timers are off. And says claimed Instead of missed and is not open for 2 hrs

Adrian Hutton Case

Brilliant game worth downloading A++++

Dorothea Haas

I enjoy it because my grand daughter loves fairy tales. She thinks we really are helping them. 😃

Catherine Peace

It's okay

A Brown

Really enjoying the game. Only complaint is how long it takes to open another part of the island. Other than that great little game.

Mallorey Johnson

I absolutely LOVE merge legend more than any game I've ever played. And they also put another area that changes so you have a different scene you can jump back and forth to. Keep up the amazing work you guys have done. Cuz I'm definitely satisfied with the game!!!

Aliza Hippe


Nikki MacLagan

Cute and fun with interesting storyline.

Judy Jones

So far I've liked the game a lot. Wish it didn't take so much energy, but guess that's part of the gaming experience

sue Carey

Excellent game. Lots of events to keeper interested in playing. Ads are your choice but you do get rewarded for watching an ad. All in all so far love it!!!

Davina Fox

This game is addictive! I have been playing it for a long time and love the story lines. It isn't one of those games where you have to use real money, just have fun and patience and you'll level up without extra costs ❤❤

Linda Forbes

Great game to kill time. But slow reactions. Lags bad.

Jacqunia Nicholson

Great game to pass time! Still playing after a month..yaay!

marissa Harrigon

Love this game have played many like this and they become way to hard so you delete them sound familiar...well this one the designers have heard our voice and you WILL love this as much as I do....

Christina Mays


K Schroeder

Re.. been playing for awhile now and there are some things that need fixed. When tapping a floating star it doesn't drop, and if it's over the mist it redirects to the keys. When trying to get extra peice with ad attached it says ad not available. Very frustrating!!!

shelley peebles

So far so good

Jessica Smith

Lots of fun

Sarah Leach

Good game

Teresa Harris

Love the game, but it is just too slow! Too much going on at once. The events run faster than regular game play

A Google user

Great game very addictive

Tiffany Myers

This game is enjoyable and addicting.

Kate Mitchell

It's ok so far..

Tamarin Eden

I love this game but feel it doesn't allow you to watch ads to get extra bonus things

Julie Haravay

This is a good merge 3 game. Like the others I play, I'd love more energy, but that's a minor detail.

Marianne Waldman


Gregory King

Good game. If you like merge games, you will like this one.

Toni Duncan

Love This Game..

Jennifer Shaffer

Once I've played for a while longer, the stars may change. So far so good, as the old adage goes.

Sharon wilson

Fun luv playing

Alivia Cristini

This is a incredible game I literally love playing it

Christine Hunter

This game is good

Christina Jones

On mine has a bit of a lag possibly my internet connection, but otherwise cute game. Ran into a slight problem how am I supposed to send a screenshot of this review for the reward if it does not have that option on contact you? okay tried to post the screenshot through contact you, it said question not found tried to do the option to send you in 1-3 days wouldn't let me attach a screenshot cause it needs permission but it says in my app info no permissions required or requested!!

Sandra Smith

Love it. Very enjoyable. A little glitchly at times.

Joy Ellen

I enjoy this game it is two games that keep you busy

Annerie Meyer

Tapping fairies are like impossible. Theres a huge lag on processing what you want to do. I like playing match 3 games but doing something like trying to tap the flying things are irritating 😒

Aarika Shaffer

Loving this game it's fun

Alice McKenna

Love this game. Not found an interesting merge game to play in years but I look forward to plaything this each day

Fiona Hodson

The game is pretty good, but needs a lot of improvement. The resources you get from choping obstacles never land together, spread all over the board which is inconvenient and time consuming to rectify. The starfish are almost impossible to catch, you tap them and all that happens is you hit the land 'beneath' them. You have to collect 200 coins regularly, but none of the standard activities lead to that amount, meaning you'd need to either play all day or buy them.


Good game, just wish you could turn off the action/help prompts. They are annoying when you are trying to do something and they wont let you move on 🤨!!

Adrianna Comito

So far it has been an enjoyable playing experience.

Natasha Fish

Great game plenty of extras when you run out of energy

Amelia C.

I enjoy this game it so relaxing i love it 😀

karetha mcknight

It's a great game i love playing it...

Carol Landine

I believe I would give 5 stars once you've made a few fixes. It's difficult to touch/click the floating stars and even bonus energy, also the fact that you're menu increases quicker than the availability of ingredients. You really need to think with logic for things like this. As you're updates improve things and if you continue to respond to the updates of these posts, I will continue to share my experience. Keep up the good work

Stacie Talbot

My favorite games are the merges. This one is top 2!

Poppa Paul

Game is enjoyable. Graphics are excellent 👌 but I find when dragging an item across the screen to make a match etc the action is sticky and stutters then drops out of " hold " this is with every item you drag. I see on others posts that they have the same issue. No I can't take a screen shot as asked. Not possible while dragging across the screen.

Evelyn Steele

I 😍 this game

David Bulfoni


Debbie Leiby


Thomas Ardolino


Graeme Chapman

Really good game

Connie Henry

Free and fun.

Samira Abdel


Marianito de luna

Amazing game so enteresting

Zaw Zaw


Emma Lilley

Really good game

Karen John

Great merge game with lots of variety. The one negative is the number of ocean keys needed to unlock the next area is excessive since they mainly come from character cooking at 5 or 15 at a time. Takes a long time to accumulate the 6 to 8 thousand needed for each small area unlocked.

Stacey Waid