Merge Kingdoms – Tower Defense

Author: FunCraft Games

100,000+ install


Merge Kingdoms is a brand new take on tower defense with idle progression! Combine your towers to reach new heights, and strategize with your placements to progress. This game has so many layers of depth to dive into!

Classic TD gameplay with a twist. With thousands of waves, and unlimited depth, there’s always something new to strive for!

– Unlimited hordes of enemies to prove your prowess
– 35+ enemy types (Necromancer, Elemental Hellhound, Ice Dragon and MORE)
– Employ 20 different towers to crush your enemies
– Level-up your defences – merge your towers, power them up, and unlock new epic and legendary towers
– Beat the bosses every 5 waves to earn chests – get rewarded for your accomplishments!
– Regular FREE chest grants (normal, silver, and even GOLD chests!)
– 6 Unique FREE power-ups to unlock – including fireball, overclocking, and TIME WARP.
– Over a dozen rich stages with fresh new environments
– Gain access to Long-Range Towers at wave 300
– Reach wave 600 and unlock PRESTIGE MODE (can you get that far!?)
– Flying enemies add additional challenge at wave 700
– Reach wave 1000 and defeat the final boss

Get Merge Kingdoms today – a tower defense with unlimited scaling!

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Detailed info

File size: 110M
Update time: June 30, 2021
Current version: 1.1.7563
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: FunCraft Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Destin L

Very fun

Steve B

Had to restart cant get past tutorial

Destroyer Of Worlds

I understand the necessity of ads in order to keep the game alive. However, when time used to watch ads is conciderably greater than the time used in actual game play, it is no longer a game but a collection of ads with occasional gaming features.

Pesab tidak dapat dikirim

Lagu Perwaris Takhta Airport Amira Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre

Justice Black

pay 2 win

Ruth Maley


adrien piller

Forced ads ALL THE TIME

سكيتشوير بالمصري

Bad game

Lorraine Channon

amazing game its just that the only easy ways to get gold are to afk or watch ads

باسم ابولبن

This Game is giving me legandaires 💓💓💓💓💓🥰🥰🥰🥰

Yummy Bunny

Гейм дизайнера стоит уволить: сразу при заходе в игре, после постройки башен, приходится долго ждать пока враги дойдут пол карты. Почему бы не дать игроку строить во всех местах - непонятно. Слияние башен может не сработать из-за того что их хитбокс маленький. За всплывающую рекламу в шторке - тоже минус. Аналогичную игру уже видел. И сам геймплей очень примитивный. Столько минусов уже за минуту игры. Удаляю.

Tegan Chloe (Abnahanu)

Meh at best. The ads take 5 mins or longer to load, making all the potential bonuses dissapear. Find a better game.

Erin Webster

My nine year-old introduced this game to me. It's cute and I love the little cannons!

Lisa Pace


Ayden Reynaert

I literally have over 1 GB of storage of data and it just won't let me install it. I've tried doing something Google says to do: force stop the store and clear it's cache. Still doesn't work. Device has NO faults like processer error or bad Internet (I have 100mbps) How do I honestly install this, I've tried everything. Just nothing wants to work. Please help me, I really wanted to try this game but it just won't install. Looks well made from the Play store, however.


This game is a worse version of "Power Painter". There are way more ads (not to mention non-skippable pop up ads), the game play is slower, and the game just feels low budget. So, if the concept or idea of this game interests you. Try "Power Painter" first, before you waste your time with this game.

jerry golden

I'm on level 1364, and its a continuous battle with the boss, and has been for awhile. Does it eventually move on? Or do we keep battling the boss from here on out? I like the game, but this seems monotonous at this point.

Alison Mckenzie

I hate this game

Valerie Mordhorst

So incredibly advertising infested, I had no fun playing

J. Letta

Flatline. Quiet boring, nothing very amazing or new once you get rolling

Kendra Merryweather

Gets very boring and hard quickly

Sean McMullian

It spawns ads like rabbits, it will even cancel one ad to bring up another. Your best bet is to open it, then once it loads turn off all data going to the app and cuck it from giving you ads. If you do that its atleast playable until the difficulty curve gets too big

Seth Bass

It's pretty interesting

Jacob Hoenshell

Starts slow, but picks up quickly. And I'm not talking about the gameplay. The game will quickly start forcing you to watch ads in between EVERY wave. Shame, because it's a decent game

Puggan Sundragon

Forced none reward ads

Markus Auvo

In order to able to move forward in the game, some boosts are necessary such as double damage on the enemy. Since these boosts require watching ads, would it be possible to actually provide those ads instead of a message "We don't have a video available. Check back later!" EDIT 03/06/2021: Reinstalled the game after previous update. So far this has been working fine. Thank you!

Micheal Vanlandingham

this game is awesome, i keep beating wave after wave

Dale Suttmiller


Marley Ford

Fun way to kill time. Enjoy playing for 10 mins or so then leaving it for the day to get coins.

Zachary Bolick

good but needs more detail and options

A Google user

this game is fun

Braxton Timms

Fun if bored can play most of the day

Michael O'Donnell

Takes every opportunity to shove an ad down your throat

Aa Bb

should of been named ad watcher or holy key logger. get used to losing a lot after wave 160 2X power is a total scam takes 10 ads not 5 and doesnt work at all 2X money no like 5k a day total has maybe 1 fun hour of gameplay 7 days in and zero legendary turrets. 2 stars because top war (one of the ads) looks fun

Ruben Borjasramos

gg ez

Ryan Coombes

It kept kicking me out of the game 😠

Tom W

It keeps on crashing

Brandon Read

They just made a change to force significantly more ads on you... Was enjoying, but now, screw them!


Uh cool

Alexzander Turner

Fun but hard

Mason Erickson

Not sure

House Wadley

Can not download it

xaiveir knightbreeze

Game freezes when you play a video

Stephanie Erickson

Poop Look

Leigh J. Averett Owens

While it has some issues with sourcing ads, it's overall a pretty decent td. It has improvement cards and, unlike other games with such a mechanic, is great at providing enough improvement units to keep up with the cards. There's some variety in maps and towers and includes a merge aspect, but like most td games, it does run a little repetitive after some time.

Ryan Slaats

Mad game

Eman Elatar

It wouldn't load the games past 17%


No. Too easy. Just not it.

Kayda Hanis

I enjoy the game. I get irritated with ads but there is less ads then most games I play. It does get annoying when I can't open a chest because of an ad problem.

Mellisa S

Good game just keeps freezing whenever you watch an ad

Wl____ ____Wl


Riley Thomson

I like this game but l keep on crashing every 1 level and l don't like it please fix that bug for samsung

Chail Leng Ear

NICE work

lorraine hugar

It sucks when you can't even play the game


Why it is not letting mee in stupid things is happening to mee

Ceres Caringal

Can't stop myself playing this game. Even if theres so many ads but its okay... I will watch it just to reach 1000 stage 😊 Lvl 360 here 😅

Vahid Habibi

This game has not any logical and balance. Tooooo many ads. You can't play without many ads and sometimes there's no adds . WTH!

Lee Ogden

Good game

Kyle S

great td game


Too simple. Even art is simple. Theyre basically just numbers.


Kinda cool

Md Nashir Uddin



too many ads

Robbin Sewell


khushi Soni

some intrested

Denish Zaini



Terrible game. Within 30 minutes you will hit a pay wall too progress. Not much of a tower defense game if all you do is spam merge and hope to be able to upgrade. Seeing that the loot is random u kinda can't even focus on something specific. On top of that, the enemy ho increases so drastically that you be stuck on the same wave forever to get enough gold to progress.

Lady Leafla

pretty cute and fun

Jaydan Fernandez

Cant get past 91 without paying for things.

Rashel Bea

I hate the game but a good detail I just dont like it

Md Rahi


Stephen Greathouse

Numerous bugs make the "game" hard to play. subscription based pay-to-win system. Ads dont work properly resulting in rewards not being given. selecting the circles tends to be unresponsive. Least its slightly better than "games" that shovel adverts in their "player's" faces non-stop... so far.

Kamta Parkar

t dhudhen

Ravi Singh

Too many ads

Juan Morales

Made my phone crash 20 seconds in

Alex Grenlie

Fun enough but it makes my phone crazy hot

Michael Creamer

Terrrrrrrrible game. Not gonna lie.

Snakeyes R

It looks fun to play

Aron Dwight Joves

Nice game

Christopher Buchet



Constantly interrupted with fkn ads, big pass

Jonathan Hilton-McCallum

its ok so fat

arslan ali

Anas ali Jannat


Great game as i can tell but i hope there was quest and the menu is lagging and the wave 41 is hard its take me more than 10min to finish 1 wave but gg as i can say for new and under development game

arwin sabatin

THIS GAME IS SUPER LAGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesse Elliott

Would be 5 star if there weren't a butt load of ads.