Merge Impostor: Rainbow Smash

Author: WeMaster

100K+ install


Merge Impostor: Rainbow Smash – Impostor vs Rainbow Rangers is a free game where you can merge and create your imposter smash army. Fighting with evil monsters emerging through all the city. Conquer and purge through all challenges to become the Ultimate Imposter Smash Master.

Join the 3D world of chaos, where all types of monsters rule the world, then survival is difficult in a world full of vicious monsters.
Here’s Impostor inhabitants really need smash masters’ help. Let’s smash and rescue them. Try out Imposter Smasher io for free right now!

How to play:

⭐ Similar to the gameplays of your favorite merging games like Merge Monster, Poke Merge, Merge Evolution, Frog Merge, Master Merge, Fight and Merge. Merge Master: Imposter Smasher io brings you an unique and creative cast of monsters, toys, and characters that you love and adore.

⭐ Combine the same type of character to create a strong and unique smasher.

⭐ Be smart, think quickly, and react instantly because every imposter is powerful in its own way.

⭐ Tips: The imposters attack even more fiercely and become more tanky when they are merged. Focus and kill the powerful enemies first.

Are you ready for a journey into the mysterious yet fascinating world of Imposter Smasher io? Try it out with your friends.
Merge, fight, smash then become the Victor in the history of this Imposter Smasher io gameplay.

Detailed info

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Update time: Sep 15, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: WeMaster
Price: Free
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