Merge Hotel: Family Story

Author: LLC HAPPY GAMES Studio

10,000+ install


Merge Hotel: Family Story – It’s time to kick off your journey, the mysterious Merge Hotel awaits!

Detailed info

File size: 35M
Update time: September 2, 2021
Current version: 6.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: LLC HAPPY GAMES Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

lisa anthony

Very fun and relaxing

big yikes

This game was fun at first but theres been no updates in 6 months!? Much better merge games out there.

liezel jalon

I love this game 😍 but like the others it takes forever to regenerate and the item that i need wont come out.

Dolraporn Tangkasemvorakul

Update pls.

Angela VanDerHeyden

Maxed out a few months ago and still no update. Deleteing.

c barron

4 months of waiting for new levels...hiding app and I'll check back in 4 more months.

Elizabeth Thims

Need to know if there going to be an update... I have no more tasks to do... It says it's waiting for an update. I'm on Level 18... And waiting. Other then that, I like playing it. It's a fun game. Now I noticed there is another Merge Hotel Family Story.... Why is there 2? It says install, I already have it. I'm on Level 18... I installed it and it starts over... Definitely not starting over...

Kirst Simmonite

Great game

Bhakti Shirodkar

It doesn't opening floor 5. Still showing floor under construction



Sean Sweeney

Love the game, wish there were more updates and on an iOS platform

Arie Huybregts

It's an enjoyable enough, pretty game. Some wait times are extreme, the limited number of missions can get annoying, and the daily rewards are behind ads. But the art is really good, the vibe is fun, the animations are cool and it's functional

Kimberly Glover

Did you not complete the game before you released it?

Sindy Cartwright

I've been waiting for months for a new level that I'm thinking of uninstall it

Light Bringer

Needs update can no longer move forward in the game. Update will give 5 star

Velma Worley

Was gonna give 5 but wont go next level did everything

Annissa Harmon

Waiting for new update to start next floor

Rituparna Mohanty

Very good

Imperial God

Great merge game love it but I'm as high as you can get y'all need to update and give me more than just one room.

Jeremy Newell

Fun game. Made it to level 23 and it's done. No more quests. Good game, but have to uninstall since there's nothing left to play.

Honey Jenat

I have no task and i cant update

Christel Williams

There are no more levels. It says under construction WTH


Hello....any one here? Love the game, just wondering if the developers are even still here? and if they are going to do any updates soon bc I am out of tasks on my tablet game. Hello???

Connie Fontaine

Love the game

Noratika Tukirin

Best game

E Vivian

3 stars.. because there's still no update

clawsy x

Very good game

Jorge C.

I have completed every quest it's a fun game but gets a 3 star because they take forever to come out with updates and they haven't even advanced the story in the beginning your grandpa tells u to get started and he will be back after a meeting and that's the last u see of him

meeradriana adrian

I love this game.. Finished all the level.. Im waiting too long for an update.. Gonna uninstalled this game if still no progress in update level..

Kitsune Miko

Been waiting for months for new quests but no such luck. Uninstalling since it's not being used.

Lala Bad

I like this game but there are issues. They dont give you a chance to win gems and they limit missions. I needed to collect 5 paint red buckets and it took me like 25 sessions so each session i lost interest because i finished merging from the bucket. I don't have other things to work on so i close the game . I'm on level 15 and im on just one mission because thats all i get. I'm just like ehh . I will be deleting this app has potential THO

Wendy Jones

Love the game. But been waiting weeks for an update for more levels. Might end up uninstalling game.

E Chen

Waiting for the new update :( when do we get it ?

Lady Spock NZ

Good. No crashes

Sarah Levin

Really fun and easy. Sadly I'm at the end waiting on an update.

Kerry Dent

Was enjoying it till I got a new phone and can't see a way for transfering of data

Saurabh Kamde



So fun something boring to waiting


Good game

Sharoz Ansari


Tracy O'Brien

Love this game.

Rhonda Moloney

The timers on the boosts take forever to regenerate.

Meyind Diaini

i've been addicted to this game. everything progressing so smoothly, and now i'm stucked because there is no new floor. so please quick update it ehe

MJ Powell


Adam Bennett

The loading screen time between merge board and hotel was just painful so made it unplayable, shame.

Anna Franco

i literally can't play! i get stuck after the tutorial and it's impossible to advance please fix this

Kate Williams

The objects don't always last long before the timer runs out



Kelsey Dicken

Enjoyed the game, unfortunately stopped being able load

Jacky Woods

Had a typo in last review. Sorry. Anyways, forgot to add that the larger "resources" do actually give you more items. However, depending on when you use them, even after the long recharge period, some only give out like 10 items (not all). The statue on the 1st floor is taking several days to complete. Basically it's up to your discretion. It's a hit-&-miss throughout so hard to say of it's awful or good. Lol

Bayu Kristanti

This is the cutest and the most relaxing merge game. I play almost all merge game. My used to play merge mansion and merge master. But, I found this game. The pace is perfect. I play merge to reduce my hoarding anxiety. And this is PERFECT game for me. Not many task and Many room. Seldomnuse energy bc of lack quest. Waiting for new room. Hope it Will release soon.

Amanda Letney

Excited to play and get to new level and see what it trunes into next

Gill Morley

This game is fantastic I get extra everything. its just a fun game to play. You will love the game just try it.


I love this game! Yes, it's difficult, but I keep coming back to it. More levels please!!

spaz moedious

easy to get stuck with full inventory


It was fun like any other merge game, but half the time buttons didn't work (couldn't get the free battery in the shop), and the screen would shift to the left when I would try to tap the thing that needed fixing. I had to hit a very tiny hit box in order to actually select the object and not slide the screen. It also wouldn't move back once it was off to the left no matter how much I dragged or trapped the screen, and would only move if I used the task list to target the object to fix.

Heather Arnold

Exactly the same as every other merge game on the market except... this one has minimal quests and they take weeks to complete. Where most merge games will give you 50 energy for an ad, this one only gives 10. Where most will give you multiple quests spanning all your generators, this game hyper focuses on one generator and gives you a single quest that takes weeks to finish. It got tedious long before it ever got fun.

Meera Vidyarthi

Cool bro this game is super

Margaretann Doak


Ahshaunti Oneal

I have extra pieces and they dissappear like they was never there.

Simone Maxson

So far it is okay just started to play if I like it then I will change my rating

Shane Klink

This game starts fine and now only a couple weeks in and still on the second floor over spent 4 days just trying to get a lvl 14 tool. There are no other quests to do. It's just making hammer after hammer every few hours trying to progress. I play several merge games, but none that bottleneck you like this. This game has no legs.

Kaitlyn Ross

You run out of energy way too fast and getting gloves is a huge pain because they don't appear almost at all

David Higley

Fun game. Cute graphics. It does take a while to build up to higher levels on item generators. I can't wait for new levels.

Jacynta Mckechnie

Gloves are so so rare and required for almost every quest...

J. Hannu

I competed all the tasks and have nothing to do now! I saw a lot of reviews saying it's too hard or that they had to spend money... I think I finished this without spending any dough in... 3 weeks?

Christel Colville

I really enjoy playing this game but the fact that you can only get a 10 items out of something before it makes you wait is crazy! Very disappointing because the decorating a hotel was a cool concept. I don't see me keeping this game long if I can only play it for a few minutes every 4-8 hours. The energy restores before the items do! It's becoming a total waste of space!

Liz Edwards

Awesome game- just finished all levels. When will new levels be available?

Pietro Grado

Can't advance in the game because they simply won't give you the required items. Takes days to get required items

Jeff Barco

Very good fun to play 🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🦌🐆🐆🐆🐆🐆


Bring back the free piggy banks and free batteries and it would be more stars.

Mary Krueger


Fernando Lopez

This game looks nice as heck but man it's a dirty money grab. It took me 3 days to complete 1 task. The glove is so rare that you will get one glove for every 300 energy. And they only give you 100 free for watching an ad. It's it a coincidence that 80% of the tasks include the 3rd step glove? Meaning you need 8 gloves at 1 per 300 energy... No thanks

Stephanie Sanders


dhauez -

How long u guys need to update the new stage..


way too hard. some of the generators only give you a few items and then can take 7+ hours to reload which isn't helpful if the only item you need to create comes from that. so you can have days of only opening the game for a few seconds to press the one generator you need until it starts the timer and doing this over and over across days until you finally can merge the item you need. it's annoying as hell at least other merge games give you the ability to skip time with adverts or special items

Hendry Simon

Doing 1 quest need days to finish couse cant get the item from generator. stupid game. Good bye

Queen Ashlee J

I love this game but... It gets boring after a while because it takes too much time to recover things. Hours between being able to get more stuff. And nothing to keep your interest while you have to wait.

Marie Abigail

This game is so cute, has smooth animations and I haven't got a complaint about any single item's designs. The mechanics are the typical merging style, merging to create items needed to progress through the story missions. I find the items to be far more relevant than in other merging games. The only complaint I had was waiting for the next chapter - but seems an update has added more content so I'm busy merging away again!

Anant Jain

Nice game to be able to win a medal in archery and a half years old he became a victim of dangue

AJ Young


Marjorie Miller

Takes too long to accomplish goals, not enough energy or product

Melanie Caners

Love it!

Liselotte Hoshi

I'm giving this game a 2 star because the wait times for generators are way too long. And even then, they don't generate enough items to merge. Some items are super rare like gloves to the point you exhaust your energy waiting for your item to generate. This game isn't really fun if you can only play once a day. The only way to speed it up is with diamonds. So basically it's a pay to win type of game.

Christina Fleming

It's fun. Easy to oveclock items and have to wait a while before it refreshes before you can keep going.

Connor Briggs

I think the game is alot of grinding but it is fun

Annie McCausland

No items to use

Christie Story

Very slow moving game. Timers take too long!🤬

Nadia M.

It's an interesting game, but has some glitches. I can't get my piggy bank and energy cell for three days now. So, I'll just uninstall it soon if a glitch isn't fixed.

John Brooks


Bank Tangudomkarn

You decided to put ads into "free" daily item. That's absurd. I love the way you do the animation when complete a task. It better than other merge game I've ever played.

Dennis Carwyr

My one complaint is that there is no way to exit the game gracefully. (You have to use the home button.

Eric Curtis

Good but can't save



Sonia Sawyer

The game is enjoyable but the wait times are insane. I rarely play it simply because it takes half a day for the items to recharge and you can only hit a few times before they recharging again.

Intan Nurfatihah

I have played up until no task given. Now im bored haha please update the game quickly so i can continue the game

Pauline Huebner

Waiting for fourth floor update otherwise great game.

Miriah Johnson

Love the design but the gameplay sucks. Right off the bat, the game is sooooo slow. You can only play for like 20 seconds at a time. I could not stay interested.

Denan Barnett

Can't put it down...I'm addicted 4 sure!

Felicity Cooke

Enjoying it ☺