Merge Honey

Author: vfungame

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Emily has an old truck, she wants to decorate it and start to sell desserts. But she discovers something mysterious. Let’s help her renovate the old truck, design new appearance and solve mysterious clues!
There are many old boxes which are filled with dust. You will merge desserts to swipe the dust, get new items and find secrets.

Combine desserts, such as cookies, cakes, candies for earning coins. Then use coins to design the truck and town. That’s full of fun. You will enjoy the process of merging.

In Merge Honey, you will totally enjoy the happiness of design. You can give full play to your talents. Get different decorations by merging desserts, create your own style.

There are many stories hidden in the dust. In order to swipe the dust, you need find same desserts and merge them into new item. Let’s reveal the truth!

Meet mysterious characters and enjoy the fun of our merge game in different scenes. You will always feel excited!

Let’s start and enjoy in a relax atmosphere! Find mysterious clues and solve it!
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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 23, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: vfungame
Price: Free
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Customer review

Brenda Van Zant

Too many ads, but I continued to play until game was stalled at the entry page. Uninstalled, then realized there's no sync for the game, so all my progress is lost now. Uninstalling for good

Amanda Voisard

What happened?! No more watch ad to open bubbles? Recharge generators? I have to pay diamonds for everything now and I'm almost out. Talk about a money grab.

Rose Fletcher

To many pop up ads

Tammy Mcfarlane

Too many no option to get rid of adds unless you buy a weekly card just out to make money

Tawon Ar

ภาพสวยสดใสดี พื้นที่เต็มไว โฆษณาเด้งมาขัดจังหวะบ่อยมาก

Molly Timmons

Love the game and am totally addicted but it seems that every time I get to the pet store and complete my first pet item order, it kicks me out and then the game won't load and freezes on the loading page. It has happened twice now and I am not going to uninstall and reinstall and start over again. I hope this can be fixed.

Jadwanic Sakura

Reward ads won't play. Currently won't load game at all

April Cotta

Was loving the game now it stopped loading. Tried updating didn't fix :( hope they fix it soon.

Samira Freefire


Ken Briggs

Love the game except today I done the update and now it freezes at the loading screen and I can't even play it. It done it to me before when I was at the. Re Re Bar level and almost done with it and now I'm at the same spot same level and frozen out of the game again with a lot of stuff I don't want to lose this time by Uninstalling it and having to start over again. I don't mind the ads I watch them to get the energy to keep playing it keeps me busy. So please help me.

Jennifer McMurrain

This game would have received 5 stars from had it not been for all the ads. I understand some ads and I do understand there's an ad free option, but this is ridiculous.

Ellen Wilkerson

I love this game but the random pop up ads are so unnecessary and aggravating..

frannie milka

Nice game.. My merge honey can't be open.. It's make me feel sad...

Linda Harrington

Fun fun fun.

fancy biese

Pop up ads never work properly. They never have a close option. I'm always having to close app and reload and still doesn't work right.


Love it!!

Rosa Orr

I like it but to much ads

Phyllis Benson

Good game to play

Lynda Farr

Love it but way too many ads

Cathy Pierce

I like this game even put money on it, but it's frozen even updated it won't fully load guess I'm about to save money.

Fyfie Lim

It was fun until suddenly i cant open it anymore. The homepage was freeze. Then i update it but it still wouldn't open. Hope u can fix it soon since i really enjoy the game.

Khadija Nadat

Still no cloud saving and notifications do you know when things are done

Tayari Mcgregor

Fun fun fun

Heather Moon

This game gets boring because it's only redoing restraunts that's all it is.

Marie Kirk

Really enjoy the game, very addicting. The only complaint is that when you choose to watch the ads to help your progress in the game, the following comes up--ad content in the pipeline. Otherwise a great game!!

Bethie Kris

I'm enjoying this game, but I hate the random ads...I don't mind watching ads for items, but they just randomly pop up during merging. Also, you need to have someone proof read your dialogue. I'm assuming English isn't your first language and the dialogue sounds awkward.

tina slone

I like the game, but its my phone that has a glich, and i have to unstall the game.

Kelsey Johnson

Love this game!!

Sharon McNamara

The game is frozen. Won't open.

Shafz Art

too bad.. this game very fun but now its become freeze after loading.. and i can't play it

maurisa rookes


Queen Chocolate Love

It freezes but fun game

Mike Strauss


Marie Keefer

When is this game gonna be working right? Still have to unstaill and reinstall i really like the game as others do i hope you get the game fixed i would give 5 stars if so Needs fixed it's a good game but keeps freezing can't play no more I reiterate the game a few times I really like the game I hope yizn get this fixed soon 🙏 👍 sadly i would give it 5 stars if the game is fixed thank you 😢

Kazzandra Denize Cedano

Paid for no ads and I'm still getting them. I would like a refund

Praise Festus

My app how's stop working why?

Jamie Ongley

Fun game to play. But there's way too many ads.

Carissa Sk

Cute game but it's another foreign company trying to make money off of never ending ads... And the world worst English doesn't help this game any either

Donna Pounds

I couldn't put it down, I have enjoyed it!

Angela Pendleton

How do you open area 8. Waited a week

Danielle Brown

Loved this game but have not been able to play it in days. It shows loading gets too 100% then nothing, can't even contact support because it won't open. Please fix this asap

Heather Schmitz


jessica Rodriguez

This game its very fun so wat is going on iam on level 20 is that the end or wat i see a few other comments saying the same thing so if its like this tomorrow iam going to delete this game

Annette Muscato

Ads were so annoying. You also watch ads for energy and some items and then while playing there are ads that cut in. Very annoying. All the games under this developer are like this.

Danielle Chilton

This game is currently not working for me. I can get it to open and load up but after It loads it freezes up on me.

Maxine Walker

Ads, ads and more ads. Randomly popping up today with no justification, spoiling the game totally. Will be uninstalling. Life is too short to waste a second on this game.

iran azad

why dont send update

Rose Hernandez

I don't like the ad interruption in the middle of game play. Doesn't matter how good the game is that ruins it.

Chanel Glass

I've got to say this game is really addictive, it's worth a play, I do enjoy it but the only thing I don't like it takes to long to decorate the new area's, that's why I only give it the 4stars,

Robin White


Bratty Nirvana

The developers are definitely not English speakers. The translation is rough, leading to stilted game play in story mode. Also, too many generators leave no room for merging. Will be uninstalling.

Steph D

Getting ready to uninstall because the amount of adds is ridiculous. You'll be right in the middle of merging add that's the worst. Too bad this game could have been fun, but not even worth playing because of the constant add interruptions .

Nico LeFae

I won't lie, this game IS fun... when it plays. Game has been down for almost 4 days, now, I've messaged the devs, to no avail. I check to see if it's back up about once an hour. If I hit a level wall, or the end of the code, it'd be nice to know that... but, it seems like there's plenty more game to play, so idk. Also, video rewards are buggy, at best, video ads are intrusive and not always fruitful. Please fix!!!

Nikki Robison

It's awesome

Karen Thomas

Great simple game. Great for stress relief

Joann Cupp

I like the game but to many ads

shirley hawn

Love the game

Becki Galaviz

I love this game. Can't wait until the next level is ready.

Chris Sutherland

Was fun at first, even with random ads starting up in the middle of play... but now unplayable, it is stuck on loading screen and will not load.

Kountry Mill

Way to many ads make it unplayable

Luke Denton

The new cooking event has stalled. I've got a few hundred coins from completing orders and they haven't transfered to the event. I should have finished or nearly finished by now. Its a shame to miss out on rewards wasn't..

Lindsay Hicks

I love this game but it annoys me, i get to one level and cant move on now im past that level cos it "updated" now im stuck again. It tells me to upgrade the level for more customers which i do n im still stuck. Getting fed up with it, it updated n im still waiting 3 days now it was about 7 days last time.


Again with the same thing 😠please fix it and I like playing the game but if it doesn't stop I'm deleting the game and not playing it anymore


Love the game, but it's no longer loading. It freezes at the title screen. I hope it's fixed soon or I'll find a different game

Mildred Morillo

Love the game but can't open it it open to the home page and then it freeze is there a way you can fix this would love to give it a five star

Alex Katsilas


Katie Boyle

I did enjoy this game until I had to delete & redownload two times because the game doesn't load. It seems to happen around the same place in the game.

Becky Burch

I like the game but the English is horrible and makes it almost impossible to follow the story! Improve the English language so that when you read what the characters are saying it makes sense and I will rerate it to 5 stars.

Rebecca Michelle Forté

I have been enjoying this particular merge game - perhaps better than any other merge games. Frustrated however that I am waiting on new material. I really hope it comes soon. Unfortunately I even purchased - albeit a tiny cheap deal for like 1.99 or whatever package and then realised there wasn't more material.

Pascale Sample

Tam Brooks, same here 🤬 lost everything

Janet Kincaid

Too many ads !!!

Lynette Tucker

Love this game it is so fun

Norman James

I like it

Shelly Rothschild

Good games

Angela Markham

Game has also stopped loading for me, even though I have installed the update. Keeps saying 100% downloaded, then nothing.....

Tam Brooks

Edit: unplayable currently. Opens to the home page & freezes. Before that, event energy wouldn't build unless the app was running. Only fix was to uninstall & lose all my data. Ads play automatically & way too often. You can play ads for bonuses (bonuses do not always arrive), & you can pay to remove the ads, but it's only good for a week. Random ads are awful. I already watch a dozen ads for this daily. Stop making me watch more, or make the purchase to remove ads permanent.

Lyresh Ever


Nicole Van Sickle

My game hasn't worked in weeks

Leina Nightray

UPDATE - I gave the game a 3rd chance after it kept crashing & erasing all my progress. Not worth it. Impossible to mute ads that play right in the middle of a move, progress is now super expensive (probably to compensate for the lack of content), too many high level orders at once, generators that die after 10 moves, bubbles and stars spawning on an already overcrowded board, crates and spiderwebs that we never get to break... 👎

Ava Barikani

I like Ti's


Love this game but why are there soooo many pop up ads! It's really getting annoying.

nala pedrosa

Great game but to many ads but its very addicting to play just need improving the ads

Daisy Ann Presiado

I got to level 6 months ago and no where else to go even after an update. I am Un-installing this game.

Trina Cook Bullerwell

Game WAS great then stopped working. Contacted support. Was asked what kind of phone/system. Told them. Then never heard back. It doesn't take 2 weeks to reply to an email to answer your questions. Deleting the game now.


I was shocked to see ads whilst playing this game which contain adult themes. Obviously parents should be monitoring which games their children play but this type of ad is not appropriate for a game which is rated G - please review and make the appropriate changes.

Fifitra Ariffin

Everything is great except the randomly pop up ads. I already watch ads to get some bonus, why do I need to watch more ads? It's ruining my mood to play.

Dawn Hudson

Great game But the ads are ridiculous. Also some ads I can't get back to the game and need to restart. I'm deleting the game for that reason. If you can handle the ads play it cool game.

Shaimaa Farouk

one of the best merge games,amusing and flexible but but but stopped its progress before level 20 and then stopped totally and refused to be opened again

Jacklyn S Vervoort-Manno

Do not download this game, if you do, do not give them your money you will not receive what you paid for and if you pay to remove the ads shortly after the purchase you will no longer he able to open the game.

J Silva

Very good expect for times it's slw

Ava Morris

Love this game. Haven't stop playing it, since i downloaded bout hour ago.

Lucky Andriana Y.

not that bad.

Darren Khoo


Theresa Levi

Way, way, to many ads. AND I DO MEAN TO MANY. Iam in the middle of a merge and..... yep right into a ad, then when ad is over my screen goes black. When I finish using my gems that I bought,I will be uninstalling it.

Sharon Blaylock

Way to many ads

Sebrina Choi

Ads pop up randomly in the middle of the game

Amy Tostenson

Won't load

Jermany Minchew

The best app to use

Simran Batham

It's great to kill time. Waiting on the update!

Carmen Hall

It's fun