Merge Home Master – Welcome to Merge Home Master🏠 , the best combination of merge and design! Live in this world of merge mansion, you can create your dreamy house, remove the outdate furniture🛋️ and make house design! If you are also a super fan of merge games, you will not miss this game! Merge different types of items🔧 and create the fashion furniture and decoration!

Be the famous house decorator and do the mansion makeover&home renovation! Decorate from a simple living room🛏️ to the luxurious mansion🏡 and assemble from a simple tool to the exquisite furniture. Merge the various of tools and complete the order! The more order🧾 you completed and the more exquisite furnitures you can get! Use the equipment and furniture which you assembled to renovate the home you live! Do the best house design and show it to your friends👭 !

🏅 Endless levels and exciting challenge will make you never bored.
🏅 Combine merge games and home design perfectly, Double happiness and fun will be brought to you.
🏅 Fashion decoration guide and realistic design experience will impressed you.
🏅 Attracting plot and lovely characters will company with you to finish all the tasks.
🏅 Exercise your brain! Improve your intelligence and the ability of strategy.
🏅 Interesting event and generous reward are waiting for you.

Renovate your home and decorate it to your dreamy house💖 ! Merge the fragments and components to the different types of equipment, use your intelligence🤓 to create the fashion furniture and decoration and then your old home was finished makeover!

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 30, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: DragonPlus Game Limited
Price: Free
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Customer review

Dannielle Nash

I enjoy this game, but I'm stuck on the living room. I have done 15 but the rest aren't showing up on the level. Whenever I click on it they shoot off screen. I have no idea how to fix this.

Kera Atchley


Alani B

I would rate it better if you get rid of that stupid floating bubble....it gets in the way and is so slow....if it needs to be there...juat have it on one side. I love the game but that bubble is ruining that and i might have to give up on the game. GET RID OF THE BUBBLE!!

Susan Kline

I really enjoy the game. My issue is I completed all the rooms and now there really isn't anything left to do.

Channa Forgione


georgea neath

It's Amazing

Kelsey Simpson

Happy day

Summer Hicks

Love the game but I haven't had an update in months. But it not giving me new challenges to work on until the next update. That why I give it a 3 star. Sucks I can't play the game at all.

Ann Clark


Amber Barlieb

I enjoy the game. It's a great game to play to pass the time. I don't find it money hungry, I've actually put 0 money into the game. Sadly though I've beat all the levels available and have been waiting awhile for an update with more levels. I'll probably end up removing the game cause there's no point in playing if you don't have tasks or levels to beat.

Deb S.

great game, fun to play

Elaine Chambers

it's a great way to play house,

Mary hereagain

Newest update: well now completed, it said new tasks coming???? BUT now the game wont even load at all it sticks on 1%...... great work guys. Gonna uninstall it I think as more trouble than its worth tbh.

Tami Goodin

Dumbest game ever

Sandra Glover

It's been over 2 months since other scenes. It's this site still active? Do I need to delete it? This is pathetic! Such a good game, yet development is this slow?

Louise Turpin

Brilliant game I've completed all levels and desperately waiting the update, it's easy to navigate and watching ads and getting free things is an added bonus! Keep up the good work!

Tori “Lil Vic” Lammas

love this merge game!

lorraine benjamin

Lov3 this game

Tonya Maggard

I love this game..try it..

Mauli Hutabarat

This game is enjoyable. I have completed all the tasks. When is the new tasks available to play? Thanks!

Zoe Wilson

I love this game but I need help, I'm on level 14 & I just realised I've got three items still webbed (the sprouting seed, the furniture Catalog & the large rock) which all was meant to be unlocked level 2. I've now got nothing like that to unlock it & I'm unsure what to do

Joyce Lamarra

Great game but recently game freezes after watching ads and you don't get the reward otherwise I'd give it 5 stars. Graphics are fantastic. When is the next update coming? Can't advance in the game till it does.

Natasha Dimov

I like it 👌 it's very calming the only downside is the annoying noise the characters make:(

Jeremy Minchew

the best app to use

Lisa Ivester

Have finished all projects ! When will there be an update ? Or is there none ?

Michelle Anderson


Shahida Akter


Denise Covington


Onetta Mann

great game to play with friends and family


Fun. However, the tasks take too long to complete due to the time it takes for products to recharge. I'm about to uninstall, because I'm getting nowhere with this game. It's annoying lol

Sue Wardwell

Love the game.

Marcella Hatcher

love it

Rebecca De Luna

Great game 🎮 to 🎮 to play

Fernando Pires

I love it it's awesome


I like it but it does get boring after a while and whenever I need a tool the thing runs out.

Trudie Sullivan

addictive love it. I recommend everyone to play

Christina Lim

ok , the game is great.not much if spending 💰

Phyllis Benson


pamela hoskins

come join me

Danie DK Barrows

realy enjoyable game not real difficult either fun fun fun.

Kendra Eibling

so far i like it

Wiegelief Baby Store

Alot of adds but it's to be expected for free play.

Brandi Taylor

The game play is pretty okay for the most part. But this is a pretty money hungry game. Making 1 free option when it comes to the designing part makes literally no sense. Yeah there are ads, but when I watched them the game froze and it was as if I didn't watch them when I entered the game again. Super annoying. The game is also super laggy at times, making it nearly impossible to play at times.

Brittany Thorpe

love it

Mandy Cellar

I've read a lot of complaints about adds in this game, but imo, I like the way this game has them set up. I don't have to watch an add unless I want the extras-period. It's perfect. My only problem with this game thus far is that I've run out of levels! Grrr. Will there be more added or should I just delete this?

Jenefier Rubroder

a very nice game I

June Jones

very good game

Nancy Campbell

easy to merge and have more play time than other games

Lisa Leibowitz

very good

Christina Esquivel

I love this game so much I don't even let my little brother use the laptop so times.

Rahat riya

Pretty good 🙂

Cecilia primera

It and cool 😎

Nicole Siegfried

This is a copy of my other game

Carmen Christians

Hi good graphics,just would have liked a meaningful story to game.

Rosita Ramirez

nice game

Tianna Brown



There are so many other merge games out there. You have to watch ads or spend gems to have more than one option to do anything. I know they have posted comments about keeping it free but there really do not need to be this many ads. It's just annoying. I also thought the writing was corny.

Fiona Natalie

Great game

Alex L.

Could be fun but way too many ads and lots of them even are broken (black screen), so you loose the reward

Niecy Tucker

Way too many ads. It shouldn't disturb the game as much as it does, and we shouldn't be obligated to pay.

Alejandra Sagre

Aoo far is great i love it

Teekay Eym

I love the variety of ways they let you work around paying or not paying. You can be patient and suffer the occasional add, or you can do more ads for items or you can pay for gems. This really works for me.

Nicole Manns

Awesome and cool and fun

erin bustamante

it is a fun game it is so fun

Pete Williams, Jr.

Keeps my created flyids flowing

ria fine


Zoe N

I was enjoying the game but now it's glitching and I can't continue as the items I'm meant to decorate just aren't showing, despite the fact I've completed all the merges for that room and it says all I have left to do is decorate.

Rachael Spires

The game was good but now there is nowhere to go after reaching the last level. You can't earn points in the events because there is no goal to merge for. Also there has been a problem with the energy levels over the last week, I have been paying for a weekly card to get 200 energy but over the last week it only restores to 100 --- 100/200. So the weekly card is basically useless.


Only merge game that doesn't require you to spend actual money to pass to the next stage. Loving this game, even with the ads. Totally worth it

Laura Stevens

Got bored waiting for it to load Nd also crashed my phone

Kaki Miller

I've frequent experienced glitches and shutdowns recently. Love the game, but I've had to uninstall. Please fix. Cheers

Jane Henri

Awful! Could be a really good game but ads pop up all the time, you can't choose any options without watching ads or paying, paid to remove ads, now things pop up all over the screen so you are still watching ads every 5 seconds because you accidentally hit it! Getting a refund and going to uninstall this! As to the reply I got, I did pay to remove ads but then more pop up that you still have to watch, it jumps round the screen so you can't help but hit it


Noor Nobi

nazanin jafari

good good

Bridget Ledsinger

I like this game better then merge mansion. It doesn't take long for you to fix up home and it's more engaging.

Simona Bunczikova


cheryl sorrell

absolutely love this game! it is interesting and not frustrating like some other merge games are

Jessica Webb

Nice game to pass time

Soumya Rao

When will the new room drop?

Applaraj Garikina


Naomi Umuroa

Good game but since one of the updates the game has become incredibly slow and will shut down literally every 5 minutes I'm on it.

Augustina Mocanu


Linda Mordue


Janiyah Mcdaniel

just to many ads

Rosa Smith

Cool and easy game

Lori Spezialetti

Ad after ad before after and during levels I don't recommend this game ....no you don't balance a thing

Bobbie Storm Spotter

Just started, but I like it.

Diana Rodriguez

Goodgame,Relaxing, entertaining 😆 🤣 😄 funniest, more 😊

Dana Bromley

I love playing this game but now it keeps taking me out of the game or it goes on a go slow like really slow to not even working and I loose all my merge points what is going on

Jack Shephard

it's okay so far give you ideas

Vivian Correia

I like the game

Kinsey Nagel

it's the best merge game ever I LOVE IT ❤️

Ethel Pugh

I just think it's fun 😊

Amber Gomez

I like it very much

Madison Dorn

It has so meany good qualitys I can't name them all you get to decotate and merge.

Terri Clay

great game

lynn jackson

relaxing and fun.

Michael Leaser

Boring 😴

Brenda Attardo


Leam campbell

amazing game keep it up