Merge Go

Author: DoubleFun

100,000+ install


Merge Go – A magical fingertip prom full of cuteness, merging joy. will you join it?

Detailed info

File size: 133M
Update time: August 19, 2021
Current version: 1.3.8
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: DoubleFun
Price: Free
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Customer review

Joshua Pang

I've merge tales,fantastic pets,merge elfland,merge elves all similar to this games,same senario:evil mist cover whole land,need elves or fairies to cleanse the land,gd to pass time.



kamal Kumar

Its a great time pass

Tina Rawson

Love this game best merge game out there and I have try alot of them most play game

L Shaver

Enjoy the game. Just wish there were more like it.


Brilliant merge game x

Priscilla Speed

Fun game. Enjoy the special events

Terrie Jackson

Love this game....I'm addicted

james lacson

Excellent. .

Kristine Ladd



park of monster clone. waste game.

Sara Kuhns

Fun game

Bhumit Upadhyay

Nice experience

Fluffy Bill


Aika Fox

Game graphics is ok..

Debbie Maddox

They locked me out cause I keep asking for a refund because I wouldn't get what I paid for this game a I'm not worth

Amber Mckenzie

Love this game

Miriah Johnson

I'm a huge fan of the other merge game made by these developers but, this one, I can not play. Right away I became stuck. You start off with such a small amount of land and are constantly getting bubbles that are FILLED with items. It's overwhelming trying to delete objects to get enough of the same ones to merge and it makes progress super slow. With how little land you are given, there's a paywall before you even start.

Joshua Moore

Awesome game

Labrecque Rentals


Wendy Butter Baugh

Need to be able to get land's open quicker numbers are high to open lands takes forever starts getting boring

Sahan Perera

Nice game Would like to have more multilayered action

RJ Rajput

Best game

John Bissard

Would give it 5 stars, but still has some kinks to work out to be on same level as park of monsters.

Debbie Maddox

Games not working won't bound to Facebook now

Heather Coombs

Cute monsters Great way to relax spend hours playing

Shawne McDermott

It's a wonderfully fun game


Great game, so addictive. Nice for solo players and players who like to be part of a team. Opportunity to attack other players and to be attacked. Good reward system for taking part in activities.

drag racing Stark

Same game as monsterpark just slower and more glitch . Really make ur own game smh no no no download MONSTER PARK MUCH BETTER GAME

Carissa Sanchez

Addicted! I play a minimum of 15 mins a day. And when event happens then it will be every spare second.

Lisabeth Dixon

LisabethDixon Save

Keshav Joshi

New gift codes are not coming.

Kara Alvarez

so amazing

Amy Jorgenson

Love this game so much


Good game

Heather Shampine

Love this merge game!

Dawn Williams

Will not allow me to bind my account

Francis Apollo Lazaro

This game has potential, but the very slow progression says otherwise. It's not F2P friendly. You have to spend a lot in the game in order to progress your level. I have no issue with that, but all purchasable items in the game are expensive, so it's a no go.

Tammy Carter

Very relaxing

Karen Davis clarke

love this game

arman anas

good game

Ishaan Agarwal

One of the best games i have ever played.

Tina Venturo

The game is interesting but not having the ability to stop the screen from moving is a down fall for me.

Debra Goodman

wont let me bind it to my facebook

Dòra Pèk


Saeed Shafi

Thy buy

Sabine Baurand

Nice game But very slow moving forward with anything

Rachel Myers

It fun.

Kim Phelan

Fun game

Sammy Jackles

One of my favourite games. Plenty to keep you occupied. Great graphics.

Angi Brighter

Game won't load since they decided to go to tictoc. I don't have tictoc nor do I want it at this time. About ready to crash this off my device.

Rachael Herrick

Love this game! No adds bothering you every few minutes, I love the graphics and the cute/spooky creatures. One of the best merge games I've played.

Tammy mccaw

Awesome game 🎮

Rachel Stanton



developers hold the top accounts and cheat the game. total scam.

Smirff_Vee Mays


Jennifer Hunter

Fun game to play

Jennifer Garner

Lots of fun!

Nicola Braine

Fab game

Cheryl Howey

This game is cool

Lisa Knight

I love this game.

Kerri Dingman

Fun game. Love the monsters

Nichole Kovalkevich

I think an idea for like an event or theme of creatures based off of like zodiac sign and astrology would be cool I like this game a lot it's kinda a stress reliever for me I haven't had any issues at all with anything it's overall a great game


The game is cool okay but no matter how many of the side areas you pay for non of them will give you gems you have to buy them straight up in the store which really kinda sucks

Sarah Hudson

It won't load to my phone

Jamie Steel

It's fun! Take awhile to build up. One thing, I go to search for a battle, it freezes up, the whole game. I have to shut it down! You lost a star! Fix it so we can go to battle! Freeze up every time I try! No more freezing! Now I'm having a blast!

Jan Falvey

Fun. Engaging. Addictive. Try it now.


Battle mode doesnt work anymore for me. Please fix.

Lisa Richards

Always enjoy playing

Terri Logar

Lots of fun!

Jackie Davidson

Good fun bit slow but ok

Ilocana Travelista

i enjoyed the game

Frank Supper

Apparently my account got banned for cheating. I spend money in game and have no idea what I did wrong... That's not the way to treat your players. 😡 And support informed me, that even if they made a mistake, they are not able to unblock my account. 🤬 In respone: Again, I do not know how I cheated or what I did that you consider cheating.

Aung Kaung Myat

Good game

Jenniffer Slachtovsky

I really love this game, it's progressive challenging and fun. I love all the little extras. I'm very pleased. Thank you

Fayrouz Naguib

The best game as usual and an adorable merge game for ever

Lendy Manchester

Basically the same game as Park of Monsters. Needs some changes made.

Jenny Whetzel


Mohanad Nofel

It's funny game

Cynically Yours

Love this game. Brilliant graphics

skulldude skulte

I truly like playing this game ! It has challenges but still keeps the game enjoyable !

DEBBIE Jaramillo

3rd day, can't put it down!! It's at the top of my game list.

Renee Simmerman

Game never gets borring !!!!

Cosmic Rose42

Fun game

Tiffany Lawson

The game is great but unlocking new areas takes just a bit too long

Jess Koehler

Well I wish they would change the theme on the screen I think everyone is tired of seeing the Halloween one. But I think it is still fun to play I don't really play it that much any more because I play two different games the events could be a little different instead of the same ones all the time.

Erika Joubert

Fantastic game, easy to play ,sometimes wish I had an encyclopedia to help work out "where did I find this" and nice to be able to chat to other players out there! ( Mostly about the funny words, that have other meanings I guess, that get censored 😁🤣)

Deepanjali Pathak

Love the game!

Jamie Ring

I am changing this from 5 stars to 2 stars. There has not been an update months. Completed all the levels months ago. The loading screen still is HALLOWEEN themed! There was nothing for xmas theme ...

lucy hall

Love playin

Jennifer Tessmann

Good game

H Hutchinson

Wow what a load of rubbish. So slow and boring.

Andrea Haskins

Just downloaded it and it won't connect or stay connected to the server making it unplayable.

Ben Garcia

Fun game


Great game

Larry Spencer

It's OK run out of things to merge

misty butterbaugh

love the colors


Twice I bought gems and they are meant to go to your mailbox, well these haven't. not happy

Mohanned Kingstar

Game is so hard and long term but still awesome and fun to play

Theresa Espinoza

I love Merge Go! This is a fun game that is easy to play but challenging. Still totally love the game