Merge Garden:Restoring Mansion

Author: JoD Studio

10K+ install


Game Introduction:
Merge Garden is a casual entertainment game with synthesis as its core gameplay. The overall gameplay of the game is easy to decompress, and the main pursuit is to solve the puzzle plot. Players will follow the protagonists in the game, experience the game from a first-person perspective, unlock new scenes through puzzle solving and synthesizing new tools, and create a brand new exclusive beach house!

Game Background:
During the summer vacation, the protagonist learns that his grandfather, who lives alone in the country, is sick and needs to be taken care of, so he decides to take his younger sister back to the country to take care of his grandfather and spend the summer vacation. The protagonist who returns to his grandfather’s house for the first time accidentally learns that the seaside villa behind his grandfather’s house belongs to his grandfather. However, because the villa has been uninhabited for a long time, overgrown with weeds, and various furniture items have been in disrepair, so the protagonist and his sister decided to renovate the villa, pulling weeds, planting flowers, cleaning garbage, cleaning the ground, purchasing furniture… During this period, what interesting things will happen?

Game Highlights:
1. The unique merge effect of the game brings a new experience to the player as well, because you never know what will be merged next.
2. With the excellent cartoon style, players can experience relaxed and casual gameplay, and follow the prompts of the system to decorate at will.
3. At the same time, it also supports mutual visits of online friends to find new decoration inspiration in other people’s homes.

1. The merged gameplay allows players to complete the challenge in a fun way. Merge Garden can build the mansion of your dreams;
2. The creative gameplay of interesting mergers, build a dream seaside villa, and stay in the villa and more buildings are waiting for you to unlock;
3. Continuously upgrade and expand new building furniture, so that you can also experience villa life.

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Sep 7, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: JoD Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Fiona Natalie

How do you get the trolley please.

Chitraniva Mukherjee

This game is a really good game but there are many problems. Half of the furniture gets vanished after I got it and sometimes even after seeing the advertisement I don't get any rewards. You all need to improve in such things

Jeanette Heads

Interesting game but I can't see the whole screen as the top and bottom are cut off making them unable to be seen also making the current level unable to be seen

Zowie Banks

Not getting the items for the trolly to get box of tiles and doesnt tell you how to get them

Kari Aloupis

Takes too long for the energy to fill up & it's boring

Gillian Hart

Can't see what energy is left as it's hid at the top of the screen and takes ages for the products energy to refill

Laxmi Priya

I like this game 😚

Penny Hardin

I have one question when am I gonna get the pick up truck?

Queen Chocolate Love

Keeps freezing and almost locking my phone

Sarah Mckenna

Updated this morning and all tasks have gone off the map/house screen so can't complete or get any new tasks. No option in game to message devs.

Christine Winter (Nannanobby)

Glitches beyond words, will be good if fixed

Kiya Baker

The game keeps kicking me off

Michelle de la Lune

Unplayable - watched an ad to get energy, got the energy and merged things, then the game closed and reset all those merges and my energy, so it was like I didn't watch the ad. Then tried again, but the game closed and reset again when I tried to click on the i for more info on a thing

Khadija Nadat

Add romance to the story, notifications to the game, daily bonus calendar and pets

Jeanette Sharpston

So good

Mar Cavgri

Crashes constantly, every time you try to clock the item info icon

Keely Webb

An ok game. When I first downloaded the game, the game ran fine, now when I play it, the game crashes and makes me merge and create things over again after I've already merged and created them

Priscilla Tetteh

i just started playing i.think am enjoying it.but there is a little problem when playing for some time the game stops and return to the main app again

Kelly Cradock

It has a virus

Sammy Aldridge

So my phone says this contains a virus

Fiona Burks

The text is very poor.

candy hover

Doesn't give the right stuff to get wood or anything else

Bridget Rogers

Too many glitches


shuts down in the middle of game play,videos are to loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong,


Noooope! I initially got excited since the graphics are so cute, but omg the forced tutorial in the beginning ruins the entire game. If it wasn't forced, a good gamer could be 2 more levels ahead within the first couple minutes and we lose alot of good loot from it. The only positive is that it let me turn off sound right away when entering the game. But no, this game didn't qualify for testing round #2 and was Uninstalled after 1 day testing.

Janine Shepherd

Unfortunately I'm not sure what the game is actually like as every time I install it I get told by my mobile security that it has malicious software. It's frustrating as the game looks very interesting and I was looking forward to playing it.