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Continent of civilizations ruined after wars is covered by fog. Ancient heroes are struck. Can you help to rescue them and remove the mystery in this merge game?An exciting adventure is calling you, our merge master!
In the open world of Merge Future, you can merge, design and build freely, to solve puzzles, unlock various discoveries, collect loads of coins and special treasures, restore historical buildings and create your own continent!
Join the adventure, play merge to restore miracle of civilizations and solve challenging puzzles with this new relaxing and fun FREE merge game!

Just drag, design and merge the items in your own way, you can build a hanging garden from flower buds, build pyramid from small stones, or build a library from pieces of paper!
This is a free to play merge game, which you can play whenever and wherever you like to merge and design, just for relax and fun!
Ancient Babylon, Egypt, India… During the adventure in Merge Future, you will remove fogs to unlock various new civilizations and build the great continent.This is not only a free merge game, but also a building game for your to build and design your own continent!
Merge pieces and solve puzzles to unlock new buildings, crops, plants, and to rescue legendary heroes! Something unexpected are always waiting for you merge master!
Finish quests to collect coins, crystals, wishing stars and treasure boxes, which are all helpful to build and design your continent in this miracle merge game!
As the most interesting merge game ever, Merge Future brings endless rewards and joys to merge masters and design masters! Tasty orders, themed collection quests, lucky planes and more wonderful events for you to experience!

Merge Future welcomes anyone who are interested in merge games, puzzle games, cute games, building games, home design, history, gardening and other exciting adventure and design related things! You will find lots of fun and inspiration in this new and free game of merge, building and design.
Have a problem? Want to suggest a cool new feature to this cool merge game? Just send your feedback to us. We always look forward to hearing from you, our merge masters!
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Update time: Jun 2, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Merge Future Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Tracy Worlding

Good game

Hannah Kim

After update, I won't be able to go the floating island. :(

Leighlou Treedore

Game loaded BUT I can't play. Game let me merge twice however when I tried to merge the last 3 plants GAME WOULDN'T MERGE!

Megan Breitenbucher

Great game but can't open the energy plus button. Every time I tap it, no matter how many times, it won't open so I can get the free/ad energy.

Joshua Choi


Riya sima

Is this an offline game? If it is,then and only then I'm going to give it a 5 stars. I know it is an online game but I hope that you'll work on my and all people's need.

Harold Brandon

Will not load on my phone

Mike Monteleone

Started well, became a grind. Extra resource videos never worked, no apparent support available. Became noticeable that progress was throttled at a certain point unless you made purchases. Not recommended.


Fun a bit too much crashes thought!

Kathleen Ann Silveira

As good as ever merge.

Meow Cat

All ok but could be 50 diamond bonus daily for other being happy or atleast 20

Irene Brunn

Nice game. But the refresh botton, on the shop is right at the bottom of special botton. One miscalculated press and there goes your long earned rubies.

Rai Grant

I've just started, n I think I've got a bug? The second character, Nebuchadnezzar, is built, but he's not doing anything. I got three swords pretty much straight away n built him, but there's still a quest to merge the previous swords, and obviously, I can't now... Any way of fixing this? Apart from that, it's a pretty game and I'm enjoying it, thank you x

David Clouser

Nicely paced game with good graphics and lots of rewards. Relaxing and fun to play.

Alison Ross

So far so good. Love the theme.

Cheryl Nelson

Love love this game.

Michaele R. Wilkins

I Love It.

Kathy Lorenz

Installed by accident but even then was unable to play the game as it never can up to where I could play it.

Samantha Tilley

Excellent Job.

Thomas Hyndman, Jr.

Whatever they did works great now thanks a lot.

Gillian Hart

It's utter shite, got so far in the game then it froze... Going to uninstall it

Sharon Vincent

It starts loading and then it froze so I have to uninstall and start all over again

Deangela Davis

love it

Mark Woods

Rewards are broken watched loads of adverts got no reward now its not counting exp when meant to receive some 1 out 5 till fixed

Betty Bechtol

it is ok I guess

Marlo Besas Rosadeño

Kyla. R.Sagcom

sr. mott

wow, you actually listened! back after few days; you fixed everything so i bought stuffs and am totally diggin this game again, thank you. i dont give 5 stars. ever. when I'm heard and appreciated, i feel good about spending my money for game entertainment. great game, great customer service. you get 5 stars. muah!!

Patricia Pazo

I love this game one of the best merge games out there, the only problem is my mines wont rebuild it makes the noise but nothing happens other than that it awsome

Megan Dobie

Its cute

April Skidmore

I love this game BUT i am at a point that level 8 isnt working.. It is open but the cliuds wont go away. The land opened up but still has a layer of cloud and i cant do anything on it. Im out of stuff to do. Plz fix. I dont want to uninstall it.

Michele Darnold

There is nothing on the land I start on. This game sucks. That's why I gave it 1 star. Until you fix this problem I'll think about giving 5 stars.

Diane Bolton

Love game make more merge applications

shikon tama

Nice design and smooth play. But quickly blocked. Suggestion: add some ads to have full energy once or twice per day or people will give up soon.

A Google user

This is a fun game to pass the time. There is always something new to do. It's cool to merge stuff and see what it creates.

A Google user

I'm often skeptical of free apps with iap's, but I've fallen in love with this game! It's possible to play even without spending any money, and there are always new activities and lots to do. The community around it is great and super helpful!

Ahyaan Ruaridh

Love this game! I can decompress after work and enjoy this game. Great fun and no stress!

A Google user

This game is so addicting! I love the seasonal gameplay added to the main game. While you can make purchases, the game is really free! The only ads you might see are when you want to add free currency. I really don't like adding popups in other games, but that's not the case here. It's just plain fun!

Avery Hosierf

This game is really free! You just need to watch the ads to get the extra bonus. You can do every activity they do without spending real money.

Rumfelt Aleshia

This game is my favorite game, I play it all the time, it helps me relieve anxiety, it helps me when I'm in pain or bored, I love it so much!!

Aian Connor

I love being able to work at my own pace in the game and prioritize what I want. I love having challenges to win prizes!

A Google user

I don't play games much, but I love this game, it allows me to relax while waiting for my kids to finish school and make the time go by faster.

A Google user

I log into the game several times a day. It's a great game and I really like all the fun events. I can buy many extra items with my in-game money and rubies. No need to spend $, just play wisely. I love getting loot from my castle every day!

poucb zxcvss

This is my favorite merge game and I've played quite a few. This is it. It has it all. You don't need to spend money, but you can if you want. It has the best storyline, characters and events. I just like it. I play basketball as best I can.

A Google user

The best game when you want to relax, unwind and de-stress. Challenges will keep you interested and engaged because there is always something new to work on. Highly recommend, I have never written any review before.

Djvxu SUVs

I really like this game. I like that there is always some exploration going on. make it challenging!!

A Google user

I've been trying to play this game for a while now and it's one of my favorites! I love the events that keep happening!

Gjrbmi Tjbkydgj

I've tried many merge games, but this one is the best. Lots of activities and energy gifts...I'm kind of obsessed. Thanks for a very enjoyable game!

A Google user

Omg, look! It's great to fly, and there's almost always something to do! This game is more interactive and creative than other merge games, and there's so much more to do! Friken gets ittt

Fredric Hagenes

I love this app, I've played this game like a hundred billion times, it's so fun, thank you for making it, but I hope you don't need to go through so many levels before you reach the mysterious passage, please do what, thank you.

Monty Jacobi

This is a great game. I love animated characters. It pays to wait for a task or order to arrive.

Ruth Ankunding

Wow! I really like this sport. The characters and storyline are interesting. I like a sense of humor. I have made great progress in a short period of time. I agree with the other commenters; you need to have a strategy. This is a fun game with very few ads. I'm addicted to "merge the future". you will too!!

Millicent Cremin

The only merge game that interests me. There is always something to do so you never get bored. Events will always give you really useful rewards. The developers are always working hard to improve the game and listening to us. I don't think I'll ever stop playing this game!

Derrick Carroll

Well, I've been playing this game for 1 month and I love it so much! I play it every day and it's so much fun!! Overall, this is my favorite app!!!!!

A Google user

Any game that provokes this level of addiction deserves our applause. If only I could stop and make it happen. Anyway, can you send gnomes over to my house to do chores? Super efficient little fools. Thanks in advance.

A Google user

Been playing for a week now. I found it to be both addicting and relaxing. It makes me forget a lot of things.

A Google user

Love art, love challenges and events. My biggest challenge is not having enough time to play and complete most activities, or get all the goodies like the Treasure Cup, because of my long hours at work. But I still love the sport!! I find myself coming home from get off work in the middle of the night and staying busy with the latest events at work until 3am.

Berenice Harber

What I'm trying to say is, it's an awesome game, so please download it

Sunni Zulauf

I like to use "Merge the Future" as my mental break throughout the day. It's the perfect combination of quick matches and strategy with stunning images and limited advertising.

Marya Boehm

I still love this game, even after it starts. There are many things to do in the game, as well as special challenges and opportunities to earn rewards to advance the game. Of all the games I've played, this is my favorite.

A Google user

They are good at taking feedback and solving problems. All you do is combine things into something bigger but I've been playing with this.

A Google user

I spend more time with this game than any other app game I have installed. I like how challenging it is, like a puzzle. Also love the different game missions.

A Google user

I don't usually play mobile games much until my friend recommended it to me. I've become a fan of it now. I hope the developers can add more characters and content soon. The player community is also very important!

A Google user

It's my favorite game, and it's just the right level of difficulty that doesn't frustrate me! I get a lot of joy out of it!

A Google user

I absolutely love this game! It's so addictive! My sister introduced it to me a few months ago. I love all the events I've played in so far! And very generous!

A Google user

This game is so good, so much fun. The flow of the game is flawless. You can perform multiple operations without waiting for the last operation to complete. It's fun to build characters, and each character has a unique story. Games are always improving themselves, and developers listen to players about what needs to be improved next.

A Google user

Honestly, I discovered this game when I was about 3 months pregnant. This is my favorite game, I've always loved it, my daughter is now 7 months old. The game is beautifully done and absolutely fun. I like having goals to accomplish. Grow crops to make recipes. The characters are really neat. I absolutely love all the challenges and how they hold up

A Google user

I like this game very much. I love merging games because I can play them any time of the day. It doesn't matter if I have 5 minutes or 1 hour of playtime. Not only can I get unpacked while playing the game, but there's a story behind the game and the missions I'm on!

A Google user

For me, this is the most relaxing game I've ever played. I love playing this game when I'm stressed or anxious. Events always give you enough time to complete everything, so you can earn rewards without spending money.

A Google user

I have hardly encountered any nasty bugs in the game, it is very attractive to me, and when I need resources, I can get them for free by watching ads, which is awesome!

A Google user

As a person who loves to play games, I delete many games after playing for a long time, because I get bored with their gameplay very quickly, but this game is simple and interesting, and there should be more gameplay in the future, so That's why I keep it.

Peria Boyd

I have always had a dream of being an island owner, it fulfilled my dream, and now I have my own island!

A Google user

This is my favorite game so far, the graphics and characters are to my taste, and the rich missions make me feel full of purpose!

A Google user

There is no charge for such a fun game? I really don't know what the developers thought, but anyway I have to thank them for bringing me such a wonderful game, I can play at my own pace and don't have to compare with others.

A Google user

The game experience without ads makes me very happy. I don't know if there will be ads in the future to make money. I have seen this practice a lot in the games I played before, and it would be great if it didn't do this.

Granville Quintin

Seriously, I think everyone should try this game, as someone who hardly spends on games, I actually spent hundreds of dollars on it, and I will continue to spend it because he is so much fun ! It can be seen that the game makers are very attentive!

William Arbour

I have been playing this game for a month and have unlocked a lot of content. Although the new content I can experience every day is very limited, it should be added in the future. So I recommend it to you, hope you like it!

Angelia Darren

To the developers...thanks...I love your brings me so much joy!

Arlene Maldonado

I hardly like to comment, but this game is an exception. This is my favorite casual game, and I can get a good experience without spending a penny, just getting rewards from ads is enough to keep me going. It really helps me get rid of those boring times! ! !

Arlen Grayson

For this game, I can only praise it as free and fun, but after playing for a while I found that it is quite lacking in gems, although many things in the game are free, but to get more things I have to pay . But this is also common practice in all free-to-play games.

Gerud Muntgomery

The fun of this game is beyond my imagination. The important thing is that you can continue to play even if you don’t spend money, and there will be various frequent special events in the game that can bring me rewards.

Arish Murray

Do you know what attracts me the most about this game? That is, you can get a great experience even without spending money. I can hardly stop the desire to play him, so I can't help spending money in the end. It will be a pity if you don't experience this game!

Dawna York

Need game to be in English.

Romy Baddour

Great game very addictive love it. But I can't login it to Facebook