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Merge Forest
Merge Forest is a perfect game for you if you are trying to find something that can help you escape from a tiring day for a while. When to start and how to play is all up to you. Customizing your own land and helping the elves evolve will surely bring you a great sense of achievement. Every order is reachable and every time you finish an order, you get one step closer to bring the forest back to life.

By merging three identical pieces to create a new item, you will be able to have more materials to make different orders. Don’t forget our goal is to unlock all the lands and rescue those cute elves! Making order will help you accelerate the process.


-Countless items are waiting for you to discover.

-Customize your land anytime you want.

-Special gifts are given frequently.

-Experience different stages of cute elves.

Detailed info

File size: 98M
Update time: January 26, 2021
Current version: 1.0.1
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: UP STUDIO
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jesus Jesus


L Nouza

If i could give it a negative 1 star i would i just downloaded it and it doesn't even load it gets to a certian point and crashes.

Tawon Ar

สีสันสวยงามดี แต่ตัวเกมไม่ค่อยลื่นไหลเท่าไหร่ แต่ก็เล่นได้เรื่อยๆในยามว่าง

Zabe B

very laggy item movement. the mechanic that you have to wait to heal your land is just weird. uninstalled when i ran low on energy and the game forced me to go somewhere else in a long loading screen when i still had stuff to merge. too annoying

Savannah Ford

I only get greeted with a dark screen of nothingness

ati ati

Gameplay is too rigid..movement of the items could have been smoother..and it doesn't seem to have any interesting challenges at all. Pls improve the game.

Tammy mccaw

awesome game 🎮

Hd.haroon Jan1234


Erin Butler

Won't load

Heather Hopkins

It's a great game but once completed there is nothing else to do. Need to do more updates and with those updates increase the land mass and add the last two characters within those lands. When those updates happen, it would make the game more enjoyable

Tracy Rayford

The game is alright just no way to advance and open more land.

Virginia Constien

Unable to install

Ruthie Easterwood


Tori Dalrymple

This game used to be one of A kind but after an update, it turned out to be like every other game.... you must pay real money to advance. I love this game and have been playing for a while, not sure I'll keep playing it now.

Tracy Murray

I've never had so much fun playing a game b4 this

Christine Bidwell

I like it

Amanda Hodgson

Game will not even start just freezes

gypsys heaven

stickiest, jumpiest, jerkiest difficult to control gameplay I've ever encountered in a released game. i cannot believe you not only expect people to play your game like this but you expect them to pay to play your game like this! how r u not embarrassed!? to claim item 'gained' thats supposed to be a reward you force a video; thats more dirty pool. yeah, I'm out.

Pallabi Sain

I can not play because before the game load it's get hang 😑 so I uninstall it

Liese Sutton

Good game as it does get harder later on

Michelle Sharp

Good game

Sherry McLaughlin

Want even start

H Hutchinson

I am getting very frustrated I have been playing this game for a few days now. And I am stuck the bord is full and I can't make any more room. Please help me and tell me what I can do about this. There nothing in the game to let you get rid of things so I am stuck. Please please help me 😢?.

vicky coker

The game won't load. I can't play it. Disappointed because I was really looking forward to a new merge game. Can you fix this issue

Haze Finney

Nice twist on the merge games. My only problem is pieces are sometimes awkward to move. I have to re arrange several times just to pick up for instance a coin. Other than that .. very enjoyable 👍

Ceslia Arcadia

Love it already

Oliver Horn

Game won't load to even play it. Very disheartening

Amanda Thomas

It doesn't load I cannot play it

_Red Skeleton_

Its cute, but it could be better

Roslyn Newsham

Don't like this game.

Judy Ann Reluao


Tina Williamson


Tammy pries

Dont like it

Ellie Kester

What's next???? I cleared everything, but somehow still have two creatures I never found. So I'm not really sure what's next.


Alright, the main problem with this game is that developer abandoned previous project called 'Merge Wonders Elf Garden' and launched this one and 'Merge Fun' simultaneously. There was no quality of life, nor content updates and no balance changes. Now what i see is very similar game with same questionable Ice and Flower Garden chains, so nothing was done about balance. We got the same items, heroes, miracles etc. If this is just a copy of other game, then call it 'Elf Garden 2'.