Merge Dream – Mansion design – Decorate your house

Author: CSCMobi Studios

100,000+ install


Merge Dream – Mansion design – Decorate your house – Show off your exquisite taste and help the heroine decorate her new house.

Detailed info

File size: 80M
Update time: September 2, 2021
Current version: 1.2.8
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: CSCMobi Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

Juris Barcenas

5 stars 👌👌👌👌👌.

Owhojevwe mercy happiness

The sunny bedroom is not opening at all what can of games is this

Carrie Buckner

Fun and relaxing

Pamela Johnson

This game is awesome

Gayathree Benaragama


Cara Chappell

Dreams come true with Merge.

Elizabeth Carter

Game updated and has suddenly reset my progress completely and become unplayable. I logged in and nothing. Loved this game and have played for a long time, but this has happened once before already. I'm done.

Magar Dipxita


gina fox

Love it

Ulia Rani Sharriefa

When the game update again? I kept seeing santa. Its already May!


Boring after some levels. #madlybangalee


If I'm going to play I want to pick my own designs and the way it looks sometime in the future you can pick your own but I don't want to redo the rooms I've already played.

michelle delgado

This game looks fun. Unfortunately I cannot download it into my phone. Every time I try and download it gets about 86 precent downloaded and then won't download anymore.

Heather Crissup

I keep seeing this game advertised, so I hit install and it looks like it installs and downloads then at the very last second says it can't be downloaded and I don't know why but would like to play this, so I would like to know how I can get it to work.

Faizan Shakeel

My device storage is free and its downloading the mbs but when its time for install its not going to install .plz fix this

Nourhan Lashien

This games can't I install and I sent feedback and still can't download it .... my device note 20 ultra and I updated my software and I have storage and I downloaded again still the same issue

Lisa Lawrence

I loved this game until I ran out of tasks to do and they never update the game. Come on Christmas themed still and it's almost April. Please update this game more often.

Siya Jangu

Can't install

Tyler Haack

It's a fun game to play I just started playing it just today.

DeAnn Skramstad

Love it

ნინო ლიპარტელიანი

კი მაგარი აპია მარა მაინც და მაინც ომის დროს :დდდ ლოლ ავტორი ბაჩო/გ.დ.დ. განსაკუთრებული დავალებათა დეპარტამენტი /Georgian S.S.P. Team [HOLDER] minister of defence C.E.O. OF S.S.P.

Myrna Rodriguez

Love it

Hazel Higgins

Good game. Not to hard find merges.

Dorothy Vernatter

So fun

Marlene Montout

I can't download the game.

LT Lles

Lots of fun, thanks.



SamanthaBeckyLynn Davis

Love the game so far. The only things I don't like are that you receive little of the items at a time. I also wish that you could pick your own furniture like other merge games with this same concept. Other then that, it's a really cool game.

Nicole Gezzer

Was really enjoying it till to open the Santa room today just to have it disappear when I went out to get more energy. Now I can't get back in it, Santa is gone. There was still like 2 weeks left in the time so not sure what's going on. Just started the game and already ready to quit. Other then that I was loving it. Please fix

hamood mahmoud

Love it

Karen Sledge


Bharathi Chinnam

Stupid app

mina karimi

What are you doing? We have any tasks!!!!!!

Jason MacLeod

its a great game but it takes too long to loud the stuff again

queen c

Can't install it

Amy Foster

It's is fun

Roger Jean

Fun so far

Roger Stepanian

Hello no tasks ??? I am in level 32 . I updated the game but still no tasks . What should i do ??

Moa Jamir

Waiting for next update, pleeease..

Crystal Wigington

Won't download been weeks.

Tonya Luther


Latorya Brown

Like it alot

mishelle pearce



The fact that you don't get to choose which option you want at first....

Jasmine Johnson

So far so good

Ohood Barghouthi


tami l pace


Crystal Wigington

Won't even download 😪

Elizabeth Pascal

Don't like.

Tiza Joanne

The game is good but it freezes that's pretty annoying

samantha demonicblade

Love it❤ but i wish we could log it with other apps like play games or something



Julie Bawker

It's fun to play

Jasmin Shaikh

Nice game 👍 Open in continue issue

Sheba Adribig morise

I LOVE THIS GAME THAT IS my I gave it 5 stars

Michael Roberts

I like 👍🏻👍🏻🙂🙂

Abdul Sami

This is a amazing Game 🎮 I wish you play this game. Please ones try this game

sahar sshh

Thank you for this great game For over a week now I can't play,, there is no play button Version 1.3.34 Please help

Ms. Emadi Senior Engineer

بازی بسیار خوب و لذت بخشی هست اما در مراحل آخر بازی متوقف می‌شود و من دیگر نمیتوانم بازی را ادامه بدهم به همین دلیل یکبار بازی را پاک کردم و بعد از مدتی دوبلره نصب کردم و دوباره از مرحله اول شروع به بازی کردن نمودم. تا شاید مشکل بازی برای اندروید ۹ حل شده باشد. با تمام این حرفها از زحمات شما دوستان عزیز بسیار سپاس‌گذارم 🙏🙏🙏🙏💕💕💕

debby mcclure

Love the game!!!!

Dewansu Kumar

Nice game

C Conley

Can you do a Christmas theme ?

Shaifali Sharma


Amanda Berlasty

Mostly is the best game ever so that's why I love it

مژگان بلوک یزدی


Nadine Watts

I love it no regretes

zahra hajian


Masume Salimi

Really good for unemployed

Tammy St Pierre

Thanks for lastest update, it fixed the problems.

Codi Lacroix

So much fun, can't stop playing.

Anita Ogbogbo

Nice game.

Lisa Stacy

Love it!!!

Shedonna Heathmon

Love it

Tessa Juliano

Your update lost my progress! Thank you so much!

Battry Low

رائعة لكنكم لا تردون على الشكاوى التي ترسل اليكم

M yousaf M yousaf

Nice game🤭🤭

Yvette Crawford

The Game it's so fun to play


Not a fan of these merge games that force you to use landscape.

The Walkers

I played and completed the game and loved it so much that I deleted and started it over!

Puteri Princess

The problem still not resolved.. I still can't open the game because I don't have button play.. I already complaining but it's still same and not resolved..

Denise galarraga

Good job good games

Evelyn Sevack

I loved this game until it made some of my best moves simply disappear. Now I have no tasks on the mainboard, and only red velvet (the most difficult) cakes in the bakery. I've emailed your customer service for answers/help. UPDATE: I'm done. Once again I have ONE task to fulfill that includes the painting from colored boxes that I have to make cakes to get. That takes 72 hours, so for at least 3 days all I can do is make cakes. Over and over and over. It defies reason. Decorate, not bake. Done


Definitely one of my favorite Merge 2 games!

Lucy Afton

Love it

Sarah Irvin

Too many ads in the game. Can't get to the main playboard without an unskippable ad popping up. Other than that, it seems to be decently balanced on energy and tasks required.

Lisa Helene May Kelley

I love games like these. They keep me going

Linda Theobald

I absolutely love this game. So nice to have a merge game that didn't fill the screen with generators!!!

Honeybell P. Argarin

I Like it

Shanitah Bridgette

This game is good and easy i enjoyed it no adds and it is steady

LoLa Harizi

Fun game I enjoy it Thank you 😀👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Adam Wain

I like playing this type of game.

Zeina Nabouch


ramin amiri

very good

Roopesh Gowda

Spr game

Angela Defer

Fun & helps pass time.

Annie Higginson


Alvilou Alexander

I always liked this game, it is great,

Kiran Imran

Addicted game but too many adds

James Yap


merrilee pesta

Awesome game thanks a lot