Merge Dinosaurs: Rainbow IO

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🎮 Merge Dinosaurs: Rainbow IO – Think you’re sharp enough to train an army of dinosaurs strong enough to fight your enemies? 🎮
Merge Dinosaurs: Rainbow IO is a real fighting game for everyone who loves dinosaur games!
Your task is to quickly attack smaller dinosaurs and eat them to grow into larger creatures.
👉To win this battle, you must quickly control your dinosaur to attack the enemy while avoiding the attack of more advanced creatures. Enemies can appear anywhere, both in front of you and behind you. Sometimes there are mass attacks that prevent you from moving in time. Always stay focused because you can crash at any time.
Ĉu vi pensas, ke vi povas gajni ĉi tiun batalon, kiam viaj malamikoj estas ekstreme ferocaj antikvaj estaĵoj:

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⚔️ When the game starts, move quickly and attack dinosaurs of lower or equal level by sliding the screen easily. This allows you to collect enough exp to evolve into a more advanced dinosaur.
⚔️ Strategize your army in a dinosaur battle. Remember that if you don’t attack and develop them fast enough, your enemies will beat you in the last round.
⚔️ Eat random items to prolong the dinosaur evolution
👉Jurassic world is now in your hands. Be brave and face the battle of dinosaurs Dino Evolution: eat and grow like a real legendary dinosaur 👑👑👑

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File size: 73 MB
Update time: 2023-01-11T06:38:06.000Z
Current version: 1.0.6
Require Android: 5.1
Developer: LightRain Global
Price: $Free
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