Merge Detective mystery story


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Merge Detective Story is a detective game that involves you into the secrets of a small town Mapletown. You need to reveal all the town secrets, find clues to solve the crime & find a missing girl.

Key features:
⭐️ Merge – combine different tools & objects to find all the hidden evidence in the story.
🔎 Enjoy a twisted story plot of an interesting detective story – Nancy will find all the answers to solve the crime!
📂 Interact with different characters & objects, make choices that will affect storyline!
🧩Solve puzzles to find hidden clues!
⭐️Follow the story!
⭐️Make your choices!

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Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 5, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Price: Free
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Customer review

Angela Mathena

I liked the game though the wait time for charging is a bit long at times. I was level 12 and my board reset to the beginning with the last update ugh same missions, beginning board is a nope. I uninstalled and reinstalled but now it won't let you turn in items for missions. I'm done


The new update decided to delete all my items like its a new game. I am not impressed with this. Angry that I wasted my time.

Linda Harrington

Fun with my friend and your mom 😜🤣

sharon tucci

no wheres to save game progress. lost all the parts Icollected, when I returned to game.

Ruth Glazier

Just started play.

Aurora Lopez

Really like playing the game

IMVU Fans only

This is the best game ever, I can't stop playing.

Stephanie samora

Good game but takes to long to recharge, makes the game really boring after a while. Giving something else to do while waiting would be more fun.

anna clark

An very exciting game to play.

Suzie Larson

I'm waiting for my next mission and all it's saying is part 999 / 999 locate . Its been like that for 3 days

Tina Whitworth

After 5 days of trying to merge items to create one thing I gave up. The story line is not that good and it takes WAY too long to make any progress. Not worth it.

Josh Borden

I really wanted to like this game but things that I would merge together would disappear when I would get back on causing me to have to work even longer at achieving the goals. Sorry I'm not about that.

amber moon

Too cumbersome to combine items and you don't have much spaces and the item out random so it fills the space too much but can't throw them away cause you'll need it later. Got some items plastered too but can't remove since you haven't got the item producing it.

Terri Callaway

The game is very nice

Lila Lynne

Pitiful. Locks up after merging first item

Em Clay

Loved this game, though recharge time is slow & number of items is limited, especially frustrating when trying to get a high level merged item. But need another chapter ASAP, just made my 1st purchased, but now stuck, just doing daily 7 items every day, whilst waiting for more story lines. If there had been more chapters available already, I would have given 5 stars!!!

Becky Burch

The game is ok but even earlier on the items that I use to create other items run out of items before my energy does and then I'm forced to wait 3 to 4 hours for those items to recharge! This is not a way to keep me interested for long! Uninstalling this will end my boredom!

Marion Woods

This is a fun game to play by your self

Jasmine Trembush

The game is really fun and I got obessed with the story line, however, the wait for items to recharge is exhausting and sure you can use your doughnuts but the game does not give you enough to do anything with meaning I have to wait for a couple hours just to merge items and move on with the story. I am a broke college student and I won't pay for games if I get frustrated with them. For now I am uninstalling it.

Rubi Bouvier

Fun and easy to play game

marie edwards

Good game

Philip Allen

Con have to spend money before you even start to merge uninstalled to start you need 64 doughnuts and have not had a chance to collect them so have to buy

Manoj Sigh


Tracy Humes

All I have to say about this game is this game sucks majorly I will never play this game again and if anybody ever asked me if this game is good to play I'm going to tell him the truth no it's not stay away from it it is a worthless piece of garbage I'm sorry that I sound so mean but it's the truth you can't do nothing with this game because I start playing it and it starts me from beginning again tired of it

Claire Zilinskas

You can only purchase energy with real money, not the in game currency and the max energy object merge is for 40 energy not 100 like most other games like this. This game is a cash grab

Leanne Candy

Didn't work most the time. Takes ages to regenerate, and then your stuff goes missing. Emailed them no joy.

Russell Friesen

Fun game, interesting story concept. But takes way too long to recharge energy and items, which makes progression through the story very slow and gets boring very quickly.

Rhonda Back

I really like merging games.

Skylynn Thompson

Love it

angel chadwick


Mona F.

Very fun and relaxed game. I like the story line and merging. The only thing I didn't care for was how quickly you run out of energy from merging items. I would have to play several times in a day just to get one item. It's fine if you like merging games but I don't like it that I'm uninstalling.

Vivian Correia

I like the game

Debbie Passmore

Love it

Sara Andre

Very lovely game I love it


Interesting concept but tedious gameplay. I like how the produced items complements the story very well but this game has generators that produce maybe 10-30 items with cooldowns of 10-20 minutes. Believe it or not, having a timer go off every few minutes is more annoying than generators with 10-hour cooldowns that only produce 6 items.


Forced ADs edit: optional ADs and purchases could also do the same without choking your players and ruining the desire to play the game, along with other types of monetisation that can work for both players and developers instead of predatory tactics.

Harpreet Singh

bad game uninstalled...

Sabrina Rivera


T Callahan

I don't understand the point of this game. There isn't anything to DO. You spill a bunch of items on the board and merge them until you get items that trigger the next piece of the story, but that's it -- no variation, no risk, no skill, no challenge, no excitement. I had never played a merge game before and I had thought maybe it would get more interesting as I went, but no. I guess some people like it, but if you actually want to engage, this is not for you.

Andrea Tolbert

Fun so far. Trying to get to figure it out

Jenny S

Poorly designed

Kimberley Chamberlin

Some difficulty in figuring out what to do. Not enough directions.

Menta Tadesse

Good game

Big poppa Stoner

Damn good game

Dionrico Magno

the game good but as the game progresses the data is annoying it always resets the progress back

Harsh Chandera

More than ad's and promotion in game😶‍🌫️💩💩💩

Lyn Mills

Help I am stuck it says, part 999/999 location. Progress 999

Brandy Blackwidow

I like the game except for the fact I end up redoing the same tasks a good 4 times before continuing further into the game and story. I've never had a game continue to undo tasks and whatever I do in the game like this but it's something that needs to be fixed.

Quan Tran

Game is not balanced

Sarah Hansley

You cant even play this game or move on because you have to keep spending tons of money just to be able to buy things to even pass a level to get what you need no thank you im not wasting money just to be able to play this game to get items

Christopher Rios

Game started off well just too lighten up the merging up bord

Deborah Orr

Too new at it

cleoni nel

It's fun to play

steven ginnever

This game is so wonderful play with

linda smith

I'm still learning how to play

Tammy Carkeek

Ok so far

Kristina Richards

It takes a long time for things to recharge. I purchased doughnuts and coffee to get some of the higher level merges. It also didn't save all of my merges. I would go play another game while waiting, and if I was away for to long, or closed the game I would have to redo some of my merges. It is an okay game, but I wouldn't spend money on it again.

Hanna Kennedy

The game is SUPER slow and everytime I leave the game and come back I loose progress.

Megan Gustafson

The game looked promising but I won't play ganes with invasive ads. There are plenty of other good games that don't have them.

Patti Young

I have just started not sure.

ria fine


Dawn Albone

Gets my head thinking

Vicki Hall

Merge Items disappear. Then you have to remerge and wait for refresh. Won't play again.

Hayden Siravo


K LaDayis Johnson


sue ann

I like the game but each object that gives you the merge items take too long to recharge so I'll go play another game and forget all about this one. I would like to have more than 3-4 minutes of game time please because sometimes there is only 1 task on the clipboard and the item needs to recharge so I can merge to complete the task so it doesn't make sense to merge random items and fill up the board. So please can you change the recharge times in the game?

Dana Falwasser

It's a good game

samantha demonicblade

Love it

Mary Atkinson

Great game

Tami McCarty

Is the game still fun and rewarding experience for me and I think 🤔😅😄isn't a big thing about itself why/issues are so much more than a great idea to give me a little ❤ no more is needed the game is getting to me so much more than I thought it would be

Mentouhi Lawrence

Game does not provide any hints. How are you to know which direction to go?

Cheryl Esler

I like it so far

Lexi Schwartztrauber

Slow af and could barely load

Adi Kur

The game its good and entertain. The story about nancy also excited to see. the puzzle its not hard to solve. so, ist easy to play. however, I'm still in chapter 1.5. hehehe


I immediately dislike this game.

Kelly Buchanan

I love it

nikora hurinui


Shy Jones

It is fun

Ekaterina Shchadina

Cool detective game, can't wait for chapter 2 🥰