Merge Clash: TD Battles 2

Author: Puzzle Cats

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Merge Clash – TD Battles 2

The ULTIMATE online TD game awaits! Build and deploy your defense in Merge Clash! Feel the rush of BTD battles and defend your castle against endless waves of enemies in competitive multiplayer base tower defense games!

Discover Unique Towers
Each TD tower possess unique strategy – craft a deck with 5 heros to use in PVP TD games. With 40+ addicting towers to collect and upgrade there’s countless ways to win the war!

Competitive TD Battles
Fight off balloons using towers, build and upgrade your tower defense. Destroying rush of enemies rewards more resources so the more you kill the stronger you become!

Random Tower Defense Games
Merge matching towers to level them up and deal extra damage BUT be careful – merging is random and may change your tower type!! (not always for the better). Idle while you collect resources, use tactics to defeat a royale of opponents.

Defeat Challenging Bosses
Each Boss has their own special ability that may catch you off guard if you’re not careful. Adjust your defense strategy accordingly or you’ll lose the defense game!

Friend Up – Play Together
Team up with friends online to defend the kingdom in Coop Tower Defense or prove yourself in PvP TD games. Join the Draft to try new towers and face strangers in challenging TD Battles 2!

What are you waiting for? Let’s play Merge Clash! ✨🔨

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 5, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Puzzle Cats
Price: Free
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Customer review

Viktorija Laksa

🥰perfect game

Jordan Hardy

Mirror battle really halped me realize how much I dislike RNG lol. Kept getting 6-7 wins then 3 losses in a row. Sucked the fun out for me


So good

Clinton barrie

Amazing 👏 I have been on this week's and already got nearly the last prestige

harry23 Williams

It always does not want me to have a update 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😦😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


Play this game regularly, it's kinda fun but too much RNG to be enjoyable. Also just noticed a bug against the dragon. Switch the intended target of the meteor with a swap tower at the last second. It won't destroy the swap tower but the space is still considered empty and you can build on that space as well. You can no longer use the swap tower until you move the new tower but it's still usable. Both towers in the same space will attack as normal.


good atticting but they should chang the fact that clone tower is so hard to get

Devon Carter

Simple and easy, also love that there aren't ads.

lee m

Full of cheaters and hackers don't download save your time and money

panda man

Really good game👌



Cohen Eberle

This game is fun I play it time to time and then I win and I get off and play it later

Michael Dimko

Unless they fix every bug with this game DO NOT DOWNLOAD. It's essentially random dice, however there's a chance that when you start the game back up you won't have any of your towers, that you unlocked. The developer is slow to respond to issues. If I could 0 star I would.

Elizabeth Williams

"TD" usually means "tower defense" not an online battle against another player. I didn't read the"about" section like most people don't.

Grytviken No Pressure

wow nice

Ryan Snyder

I definitely enjoy the game, but for some reason I purchased a new phone and seem to have lost progress of my other account. LOL

Iulia Castravet

Good game overall

Sze-Ching LU

Today starts a new round of Balloons TD special event, but it shows I have already completed. 🤔😒

David Torres

Syou forgot to have more than 2 cards in the gold chest blue already contains only 2

Mason Beattie

This is a blatant RIP off of random dice. Everything is exactly the same but with lower quality and more greed. Check out Random Dice instead it's actually a good game


Good game

Wyatt Tolle

It's good

T-jay on youtube

Decent pvp and pve game

zac verducci

Strategy"@÷¢€¢€B.T.OGSimple stratagy's 🤩😃🤩😃😂😁🤣🥳😙🥳😃🤩😂😘😘😍😘😍😙🤩🤗😘😁😘😘😋🥰LOVE $@#@Stratahgy Empire Games-Sacjh23932©®ury V. (:.Better than chess N.S :) Be Happy (:Bob Marley $ings that (: lol.Good 4Multiplayer pretty sure 💓🤣😋😋🥰🥰🥰💓💓💕🤗😁😘😍😙😋😋💕😆🥰😋🥳💕😆.

Kian Lyman

Love this game, it always keeps me entertained it's my most played game😁

Sarah G

total rip off of a much better game, random dice.

Moe Lester

A quite enjoyable game.

Sadeq Ali

Give it a new name


It's not bad

Derek McMaster

Awesome game, downloaded it on all my devices!!!


Vs fights only, has nothing to do with classic tower defense

Chuck Miller

terrible lag on 5G network

The Fluffy Gamer

only qualm I have is these games you guys make are still too hyper focused on the pvp aspect when some of us just wanna kick it with others and have some fun in co op but other wise, good game

Steven Szpekowski

Another pay china to win game.

PorusIN Purushoth

Very Good Game. Easy to play.

Shawn Wallace

Good all round game👍✌

Bobby Cargill

Good game.

Daw Ni Ni Aung

is good game

Scott Valesky

This is the best game ever downlaod it now you are very weird and I hate u and everything

Gregory Leach

I'm loving it!!!


Cool game to pass the time, very good strategy game to

Carte Dyk

I love it so much

What Da Dog Doin?

Very cool game without ads :)

Daniel Cook

Updated 27 April. Really liked the game. Rigged at about 4900 trophies, sharp change in quality. A card later in the game, wolf, creates an unbalanced experience. Even when you have it, you dont want to use it because it takes the fun out of the game. Until they can fix the cheating, this game is not worthwhile. People with max everything means they spent 1000s of dollars on this or its hacked. Matching with cheaters and no way to report makes for a terrible game. Do not support this nonsense.

Arthur Waller

Its been over half a year and this game still has only one boss, the golem, and has a limit to how much you can improve per day...... this game might as well be taken off the store and marked as abandoned despite the recent update. Nearly a hundred other games of the exact same style and gameplay that actually improved and do not put a daily limit on your "pass". Refuse to play or change my rating after this revelation.


is not pay to win of you k ow how to save your money and spend them wisely. so far im enjoying the game at fullest even tho sometimes i do get players with much higher ranks, i guess it happens sometimes, that doesnt mean the game is bad or pay to win.

Icy Drift

You litreally cant play the game its just stuck on the name screen.

Roland Nailo

Fun concept, but constantly crashes after playing two or three matches, attempting to watch an add, or when on the app for longer than 3 or 4 minutes. I know it's not my device cause I've had this same issue across multiple devices. If this was fixed, I'm sure this'd be a fun app.

Talon Barrett

It's a rip off version of random dice I don't like rip off's

MM Nelson


Be n

Extremly addictive and thats not exactly a good thing.


There's handholdy tutorials and then there's Merge Clash, which might as well chop your hand off and keep it in their pockets with their tutorial.

Serp InYourCloset

Awful. If you don't have the hurricane card, don't expect to get past arena 6, especially because you only get a mere 18 trophies every win, and you lose 8 TROPHIES EVERY LOSS, and you constantly lose if you dont have hurricane. Please either nerf hurricane, or buff other towers.

C. Scott Baecker

Mirror match is garbage. How can you call it a mirror match if you don't get the exact same cards as your opponent? Only maybe 30% of matches played in this mode are true mirrors. The rest are trash hands vs the opponents top cards. Like I said, it's garbage.



Andre Silva

I rather break my leg and try and walk then play this trash game.


It's alright I guess.


It's a very obvious pay to win dime a dozen battle merge game. After yet get high enough in the rankings your win lose ratio drastically changes to 70-30 unless you want to pay for ridiculous pricing. Unless manage to save 40,000 coins to get a single epic skill you're stuck with rare. You get maybe 150-250 coins per win.


No way to retrieve progress

person mcperson

play "Random Dice pvp Defence, the og game. this game is great! if it wasnt a direct copy"

Dovile Adomaviciute

I like this game but the thing that made me put 3 stars is that in the rooster draft you get 0 wins and 3 loses you get just 25 coins it's such a scam please fix this and if someone gets those stats pls gives the ticket back but I like the game.

Felipe Palma

Im not happy about the dragon skill it always destroy my max level tower which is hard to get.


Not at all as ad shown

Ahcna Mahbub

nice bogar app

Riki Spanish

This game has the worst RNG of any game this type!

Michael Ferguson

I like merge clash. It's simplicity is actually appealing. Rush royale Is a similar more popular game just like this but it has way too many upgradable features and it puts f2p players at a disadvantage really quick. Though there are a few things that merge can take from rush to make their game better( same could be said for rush to look to merge for improvement) and I think would bode well in doing so, it's still my favorite of the two. Need to have mirror matches more often please!!!! Thx

Ben Dubois

Rate Yes

Kaboom sihal

About as fun as any other of the hundreds of clones of this game. Don't expect progress without paying after the first 10 minutes. And for some reason all the art is quite polished expect for the loading screens, they look like they were done by a 5 year old on a caffeine rush with a 2 minute deadline. Not even clean line art.

RitzyClappxdU 365

It would be a great game for others but I find it as a rip-off of Clash Royale.

Bakhrom Zubkov

Honestly fun game, there are ads only if you want them there. After playing this game a lot I got very good at it. Would recommend

Brenda Palao

Cool u suck

Kris Orourke

Fun exiting different still of game

Neo Freecash

This game was great until I got my first new tower. Now my game is endlessly stuck in a prompt that tells me to press a button which doesn't exist. Waste of time.

Matthew Mondonedo

Poorly optimized the game freezes up constantly and Drainded 20% of my phones battery in 5mins.

Kim Possible

It's actually a decent game to play and my daughter likes playing it

Errrpy Hojeij

I got it it was a amazing game

Chrystabelle Arissa

Nice game 👍

Michael Collins

the game is not portrayed correctly in the video ad

Matthew Williams

new creative way for a merge game

Adam Alton

gameplay is on point, only 3 stars because there's no clans yet! as soon as clans drop and I'm able to play with other clan mates I'll glady change my rating! good work to the dev team!

danielle patterson

The update messed up my game big time now my game closes all the time or won't let me open it and closes

Hamza G

Good game

King Waihape

Great game, I've had no problems with this game and it's really fun to play as well as the updates not being big. I would definitely reccomend it and if I could I would rate it a 10/10

Ayla Vavrecka

I enjoy this game, however it's telling me I need to update the game, yet it's not giving me an option to update when I open the play store... Edit: everything is working fine now, thank you!

Shaun Meserole

Very addicting game

Souven Ir

"update required" but no update available so can't play. Put a lot of hours into this and now I can't even do an uninstall and reinstall since I can't be sure there's even a backup of my data to restore since I can't get into the game to check.

Rihari tame Tamihana


Dakota Travelstead

The game is just good in general and I've spent almost 50% of my life playing it lol.

Rosalina Vekene

I like playing this game and I've bought things on here aswell but when I try open the app today it says to update but there is no update option.

Memes LOL

To get money

Liammatthew Chu

Very bad it doesn't let me play on the name part fix it and I'll play it



Jesse Campbell

Awesome game

yoe hla

you have so much update please do not do that much you game is nomale fine and nice

Nastasja Taueki-rogers

HAD an issue and honestly, the support team have THE BEST customer service and resolved the issue, the game is super fun, love spending my free time on it (even my non free time lol) Thank you team! I appreciate you and your game xx

Mark Polissaint

Update still Fun game

the bros paul


Evan Villa

Good game but the recent update wont let me play unless im connected to wifi. I never had to connect to wifi before. * Update * I can connect without wifi after the update....thank you to whomever took my review seriously. You are the savior of my boredom.

- Sir Ronald Pump -

Yay, much fun

Gold trail Exploration

Update fixed main issues :)