Merge City: match game – Merge buildings to upgrade your town into a city! Idle tycoon, merge games!

Detailed info

File size: 17M
Update time: July 22, 2021
Current version: 1.23
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Sphere Game Studios - City Building Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

stuart Graham

This has the potential of being my all time favourite game.

Grunt Gaming

I am a pro😎

vishal nagda

Hey devs, sorry but I felt bored after playing it for a few minutes.

Rafael Donkey

It was 3 city

Chen Seng Chew

Very soothing game

Kathleen Gabriel

So far, this is pretty fun! I'm just messing around with it. If there's any straegy, I don't know what it is. But I like it.

Ravindra Singh

Best mearge game

Paula Crowther


Edward Busan

I love it, but, I want to restart (cuz I love it so much) but when I uninstall and install it, it doesn't. I erase the storage of it, still, no. I think this will change so if you didn't plan on changing that (restart when uninstall) do it cuz I love it, and if I can play it again, 5 star.

Tyler McCall

I don't like this game

Renee Rebarcak1


Jen P

I think that if the layout of the field was different, it would be a better fit for me. I don't like working at an angle like that and I especially don't like how I can't move the buildings to be in chronological order. You can only move them to where they can be merged.

Maryann Prieto

very interesting,I like it..👍

Aiden Jeffery

I love this game I have been looking for this game for ages but know I have ot you shude mack shorr you like this game it is the best city game I have ever seen I my live well not in Mt holl live but it is soo good you need it

Kionyce Ely

I've played this game before Ive enjoyed it because I loved Playing it☠️👍 recommend for people with stress,who like architecture, people who like building etc

Donald Sawyer

Love the chill feeling of merging new buildings.

Haden Pare

Infinite stars Yeah Bubba haha oh s|-|¡t

Bonito Agustin

Change The Game Inside And Put It To Like Designer City Merge Expand And Build Roads

Top 10

This game is really good

Patrick Logan

Have to be quick, good game

Donna Kwon

Incredibly repetitive. There's nothing to this game beyond literally just merging over and over and over and over again. There are no special features or quests or rewards or anything whatsoever. The graphics are cute and you don't need to watch ads to advance, but that's all it has going for it. If you like repeating the same task 10,000 times in a row this game is for you. If not, find something else. Edit: I understand it's a merge game. I've played a dozen merge games and the vast majority of the other ones had extra elements beyond simply merging. Some merge games are relaxing. This one felt like a waste of my time.

Mary Anne Coleman


tanya severin


Marry Hashish

very nice and relax game

michael b

Addicting, in a good way.

Michael Keith Matias

kinda boring

Natasha Hurston

Another way to build your way to the top. See how much of merging your home you can get.

Thaabit Martin

Awe leka game man

Big Max

Game is OK repetitive it is good time water and it can burn into your eyes and see numbers and letters takes 2 days to get the burn out. Stopped playing may delete

Just be you

It's a casual and relaxing game with minimal ads. Good gameplay. Enjoyable so far.

Chris Sir

Its awesome i love it keep it up guys

Surya Bhan


Ann Foxgold

I like the game. Snag 1 being that you don't get the option to restart it. And snag 2, there are too many different types.

Tina Acock

Superfast and superfun

Dany Ngy

Greatest game EVER!

Brid'gettee Sadler

This is a beautiful game. I love the graphics and music.

Sandi Keefer

Great time killer

Sherry Wooley

Ok first of all i abosolutely hate asking for help. BUt in this case im afraid i must please would someone tell me how to play merge city i got my city full of buildings but from there im lost i pushed all my options and the help button was useless because it only took me to a small box where it showed you about sharing absolutely not what i was looking for. For future reference would you be ever so kind as to put the help option in plain view, and .ake absolutely for certain that it takes us to

The 3 khans

Nice games 👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Pancho Windwillow

Fun and easy to learn. Yet difficult to master. You only pay to play if you are impatient. I recommend this to anyone.

Natalia Aguilar

mega amsome


When I merge a massive building its glitchs and I dont have it :(

Daniel LaMarche

So fun and relaxing. Sphere game studios did an excellent job.

Johnny Ballistic

Sorry, boring, ho hum


Overall is a great time waster with the most relaxing music. I dot one star off because the game can't keep up with my quick merging so I have to constantly re swipe while trying merge one after another, and also the sound effects for picking up a building and when it merges only works sometimes. There's a solid 3-4 minutes where no sound happens (music is still playing) then kicks back on for a few seconds then gone again. I'm on a galaxy s20 ultra 5g.

Lizzie Hooker

this game is perfect ❤

Rose Hames


Mutiara Probokawuryan

So fun

Gabrielle Williams

Not my kind of game


I love city buildings!!! This is the best game ever!!

DarkX masta

The music brings me back to the past 😊😇

Kay Duhon

love it

Amy Ogren-Bedford

Fun and good music.

Michael Jecks

Well quick game

محمد صدرا کریمی


Adarsh Jain

Easy way to nice game keeping you on alert

Ahsan Abir

The game is very good but why i can't find designer city😭😭 i got addicted to it please help me

Diane Edmund

I really love this game. The music are amazing and relaxing. The game graphics was also great. I can play this game everyday cuz it so addictive and fun.

Garima Bisht

I liked this game. Good job 👍

Altamas Husain

Majak ho raha hai ye game bhi hai itna bura game 🎮 ha 🤮🤮💩💩bohot bura isse acha game bhejke dikho

john king

I love this game

Muhammad Fajar

Relaxing experience. The music, the gameplay, are intended to make us relax.

Jon Del

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Donna Tribbett

Very easy to play


It is rather boring I merged the buildings it says I get an expansion to my city but my city does not seem to be getting bigger

Jordan Hall


Cindy Lalla

This is a very cute game. I was full of stress and playing this helped me to relax. All the crazy stuff happening in the world today...I even got my husband to play and he's just as hooked. 😄


I CAN LISTEN TO THIS MUSIC ALL DAY and this game is my favorite merge game plus it doesn't have any ads except for the ads that you can decide you want to watch it to get a reward! And this game looks really cool i love it! And it's background fits very well with the music but last this game is kinda based of merge town one of my favorite merge games! I've played another game from the merge town developers called merge gems 💎 I think its the first merge game I played

Grace Lawe

I love this game so much♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

nigel farage

Its good because its not only 1 island there are like 1k islands

sufyan sehrish

Very good game

Rita Webb

Don't undersyand it and i don't like it.

Neddy Mccoy

Good game

Eric Kwarteng

It's sweet

Zaara Khan

I simply love this game mainly because it is a merge game and it's pretty exciting to see the new buildings you get. All the buildings are quite beautiful even the simplest ones. It is easy to play cause you never get stuck in it with no spaces left for buildings to merge. I really love the way that it is set out with different cities and how you get the boxes in 5 seconds so it never gets boring just waiting around for buildings to merge. And how you can get a million coins from the purple box.

anithaapathu123 anithaapathu 123

Good luck

Anil Varghese

The most good game i ever liked.

Richard Bankes

I left comment before now it's gone

Selçuk Korkusuz

Great game!

Chris2 gimnast



I use to play this game a lot on my Tablet but now it is super laggy when trying to merge a building. Can you please fix this. This is annoying.

nathan sherman

Not good

Louise Allard


Rayyan Official


Kimberly Loughran

I like merge games

Lexus Brannam


Mudassar Iqbal

When is empire building coming

Zet Edw

I like this game its just that when i move the buildings so fast it lags but the phone doesnt plz fix this idk if its my phone or the game. And the game looks like a old place. I really thought this would be more fun but i think maybe. UwU and some games like this dont get me a lot of coins when im "away from keyboard" A. F. K. But its good enough. Maybe one day i might uninstall it OwO

Heather B

Got boring too fast. I like merge games with something too them. This has nothing to it. So boring I lasted about 10 minutes then I uninstalled. Sorry, but you have to make it interesting. Add something to make it a game!

A Google user

Game speed become slow after lvl 18, prices of building become high and income is less. Building construction (game speed) is not in my control!

A Google user


A Google user


A Google user

This game is very satisfying. I am loving it. Everyone should try this at least one time. Believe me it's awesome

A Google user

Easy until more boxes are opened, thank you.

A Google user

I love it

A Google user

Game itself is a lot of fun. Low score is due to the constant lights going around the squares. There is no way to turn it off so I'm unable to play as they are migraine triggering for me.

A Google user

This game is awesome but it took me about five days to get to ultra upgrade its I lost interest in about a month

A Google user

Best game ever

A Google user

I love this game I would love it if the game had more buildings to make and more worlds!

A Google user

Perfect. Nice. Smooth