Merge Cats : Land of Adventures

Author: Other Kind Games Limited

100,000+ install


Merge Cats : Land of Adventures – Merge cute cats on an exciting journey. Match 3 similar objects to Merge them!

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File size: 143M
Update time: September 2, 2021
Current version:
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Other Kind Games Limited
Price: Free
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Customer review

Kathy Rissel

Never downloaded I tried to play the game but it wouldn't install into my phone it looks cute but it just won't work

Maggie O'Connor

Cute game, but there's a VERY Sinophobic cat in the game. Not cool at all!

Sophie Prior

Very laggy.

Robyn DeLarue

Was enjoying the game, and had got pretty far. Than one day I open my game and I have everything but my cats. All my cats had disappeared. Emailed the company did everything they said too but still never got my cats back. What's cat power without the cats🤬🤬🤬. The glitches are numerous, and bad internet means bad game play. Do not even try this game, it isn't worth it.

Donna holmes

Hi i love this game cant seem to put it down and am finding it very relaxing after a stressful day and the cats are very cute and lovely.

Amin Sandooni

Very good 👍

maegan Morrison

It was fun until the update. Now the cats just sit there forever and will randomly harvest something then back to idling.. **Yay you fixed it! Thank you ☺️

Bobbi Stecklein

Fun to play. Little glitchy

Jennifer Hughes

Frozen since last update. Cannot play at all.

Terri Henry

Fun game until the last update. Some unicorn castle showed up, my cats all froze. Went in and out of game twice. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Bad choice. LOST EVERYTHING!! I spent a lot of time and money on this stupid game, I even put up with the annoying bugs because I was having fun. Now I have to frigging start over. NOT happening! I can't remember how many cats, trees, gems, etc. This is the last merge 3 game I will ever play. This is the 2nd game that's screwed me over. Uninstalling.

Monica G

Cute game, bad customer support. The game itself is fine. It's a merge game with kittens. Maybe a little bit underdeveloped, but a cute time killer. The latest update has been horrible. Parts of it don't work. In an attempt to force an update I tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I've lost all progress and purchases. After an initial response saying that they would fix it when developers returned from holiday I haven't heard another word. Tried emailing again and received no response.

Gerri Lynn Baxter

Merge Cats is adorable, but rather buggy. Game play is standard merge 3, and the art is cute. However, glitches abound, especially when trying to get harvesting done by clicking on a harvest node of any type. Also, major bugs such as cats getting stuck and not updating progress is a huge issue. Until some of the programming is fixed, might want to approach with caution.

Brianna Blankenship

I loved this game, but the newest update caused many features to completely stop working with no way to fix them. I had to delete the app & re-download it to get anything to work, but now I've lost all of my progress. I spent a decent amount of money on this game & now everything I worked and paid for is is gone 😭

Anastasia Krasavina

I like this game, it's cute and funny)) I just starting to explore it and have much fun, this is my first merge game and I liked it, thanks!:)

Akash Ahire

Great game , wonderful for kids to keep them engaged

M. Muthu Murali

It's amazing👍

Jessi Ellis

This newest update has been the worst one so far. The cats no longer auto harvest, you have to keep dragging them back to the item you want to harvest, the "encyclopedia" keeps saying that there are 3 "newly discovered things" but I've gone through the entire thing and the notification number still won't go away, AND level 145 is literally IMPOSSIBLE to pass with all 3 stars because to get one of the stars you have to defeat 7 slimes but there is only enough caves and statues to make 6 slimes.

Alex Brain

Nice and Fun!

Dasha Samsonova

Beautiful game, can play for hours

Alison Ravey

Wish I could give it 0 stars. All of my progress is gone because I had to uninstall and reinstall to get *anything* to work. I've spent a significant amount of money on this game. I should get a refund or to have it fixed

Evie M

Is there any longer than usual and customary

Craig Hamlet

Jesus Saves.

Loren Deagro

Im still new, but so far I like it.

Lela G.

Was enjoying this game until it suddenly erased all of my progress and the money I've spent on it. Zero stars.

Wise Acres

\o/ Cute Kitties \o/

Md Absar

gams dan

Alecia Holiskey

Exceptional game play, hours of fun and tons of cats!! Games has plenty of different things to keep busy!

Paul D Stover

It's very Mergeical full of such adorable, stylish and cute cats!!!!

Tamanda Guyton

Love it

زينب محمد البدري

It is an excellent game

Samantha Scarberry

Love it

Hermadine Jenkins

Eh' just couldn't get into it. Just wasn't my thing.

Marybeth Fell

Tapping rain clouds doesn't produce puddles as the caption claims. Now the game will not load at all. This was a fun distraction, but there are other merge games that work, so I might as well play one of those.

Isabella Rice

I had this on my old phone great game but ummmm after a while it stopped working 😭all my progress gone pop out the window plz fix this

Jennifer Paniagua

I'm loving it

Amanda Bartels


Michael Foskett

No way am I sitting while the game checks for updates. After fifteen minutes I uninstalled it because it was not worth the wait. No other game does this, this is aggregating when someone wants to play. Will not be using any other of your games. Just stupid. Goodby and thanks for nothing

Sarah Krings

Chest disappeared. Can't tap tress and can't even contact support cause the keyboard won't stay up in game. Just too many glitches and issues to actually enjoy the game.

kl voshall

Very fun

Sally Burch

Very intertaning

Sherry Edwards

Great 😃👍

Maria Falero Zicafoose

Love this game but it says spend coins well when you try. Nothing shows up to buy please fix the shop 😫 I will put the stars 🌟 up once u fix it thank you

April D

Update: I still have lost everything. These guys have tried some convoluted way to get it back for me and that didn't work. Now they want me to have some custom file manager. I have since uninstalled. I have given up. Shame it used to be a favorite but I can't play it anymore without being mad. I love this game but I lost everything this morning. My save and all my in app purchases are gone. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and installing the update but nothing works.

Kaci Norton

When I select something is it possible for the game to highlight all of that object so it's easier to locate. Also when I move something it seems to float around the island idk what the deal is.

Demetra Cosindas

For anyone who loves cats

Ariel Metzger


Debby Griffiths

Cute, easy so far. Not begging for money all the time a big plus

Lupe Roth

Fairly easy. Still. Learning. Cute.

Stevee Roy

Its a well made cute game.

Lex Pike

Fun. A good way to pass the time.


Good but needs fixed, recently can't watch any videos it just freezes and force closes, getting kicked off the game quite a lot having reload constantly, hopefully gets fixed I don't want to have to Uninstall it, recent update has fixed nothing really buggy force closing more than it was, security asking if I want to Uninstall as to many errors being recorded with game force closing constantly

Tammy Willis


Brittany Daughety

Deleted all my progress. I want a refund for any in app purchases I made.

Melissa Rodriguez

Love it

Jennifer Kuhn

Love it!

smc caldwell

Love it.

Sherry Howard

Love this game!!

Erin Adams


Emma Sykera

Merge Cats VS Merge Dragons. The layout is the same. The pedestal idea is the same. 3 v 5 Merge is the same. Same storyline concept except tweaked only a little to make more sense with cats than with Dragons. This is not a unique idea. This is a classic knockoff of a popular game. Also the statues, the dead land, hearts from plants to revive dead land...

Kerry Greenhalgh

Great 👍 game I love ❤ 😍 💖 ❣ it

Angela Spink

Wish the best 👌 👍 😍

Anita Slack

Glitchy, laggy, and tedious.

Melanie Hartung

I am 7 and I love this game!!!!!!! I am having fun. 】 Lala

Amanda Folabi

So far so good

Pippi Hoagy

This is truly one of the best merge games out there, and what makes it even more awesome is that it's cats! I mean come on, two of the greatest things ever in one game! The gameplay and music are fantastic, lots of events always going on, and the developers are very communicative and supportive. Join their discord server to get daily bonuses and contests. One thing I would suggest is to make it easier to get gemstones, either by watching ads or something like that.


Very cute game

Christina Marie

Cute game! I gave it 3* because the game could be more developed. Abit choppy, needs to be smoother. Lots of options to spend $$ if you want. There's no proper game exit & no Cloud save. Update: The recent update didn't fix anything like having a proper exit when leaving the game, no Cloud save still, and merging things from one area to another is frustrating and tedious! You have to move that object a little at a time because the screen doesn't move to where you want to go. :(


It is so much fun I want to play it forever but I can sadly😭

Heather Hansen

It's fun to play


ENERGY SYSTEM! That is all you need to know about this game. You get 12 energy, which replenishes at a snail's pace. One hour of game play after download and then constant "paid pack" spamming thereafter. Could be fun, but they are greedy. Save yourself the trouble, unless you like to throw your money away. (Edit) After a passive aggressive answer from the developer, i stand by my review. The merge function they say you can still play relies on cats which nap. Play. Don't play. Your choice.

Natsu Serenity-Joy

Cute and magical :) It's like it says on the tin. Cat lovers that want something simple and like other merge games will like it. It is a little glitchy with moving items, so you need to pay attention to the yellow square. Also sometimes items will move in response to other items you're moving.

Nia Rose

Randomly restarted my entire game 🤬

Soenam zukzang

They are to cute, I most of the time like to merge, it's really amazing, I love it, whoever made it I want to say that I like no I mean it's an absolute blast amazing game 🥰😍🤩🥰🤗

Laura HD

Cute but very very very buggy. Items keep moving on their own, keep returning to their old place. Merges between 5 suddenly are merges with just 3 because 1 item refuses to merge. It's also a clone of Merge Dragons, but with cats, not in any form new or original.

Laura Peterson

Its fun and cute.

Nikki Zychal

So fun

Ruth Rouse

This game is fun and I especially love the extra games every couple of days that last about 3 days. It is hard to get all the levels but it is worth it when you do.

Peter Benes

Great game

Nicole Kilmurray

Having fun

Shaimaa Hussein

¡♡🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱 it reset me twice fix this now

Sarawaj FM

Anuar Zain Keabadian Cunta Thursday Amira Kota Kinabalu Pantai Jerudong Specialist Centre

Diane Bajorinas

Fun game but the cats on my home tire out too fast

A Google user


Clay She

Ok first I loved the details that is y I'm not giving it a 1 star but I had almost gotten a legendary basket because I used 500 harts but I needed2more so I logged out and a while later I logged back in to see that I had NONE on the basket fix.this.glich.

sarah nelson

It pretty much requires in app purchases to get anywhere near the top players

tabitha beck

It's a really fun game I like the kittens

Ashley Martin

Cute game but glitches a lot. Sometime I'll move things to one location and then it'll move back and then back to the location I tried to put it. I turned off the auto merge and yet things still merge without me trying. When I sell things if it fills my coins up its just gets rid of the rest, doesn't leave me any extra. There are a lot of down falls for such a cute game, I'm really disappointed because I needed a new merge game.

Dissanayake mudiyanselage Schandra

Accepted your opinion on this one app permitions and manag to get a few minutes to late my mistake can get it done thanks again for your help

Nancy Hendrickson

That's for now just started this game. But the cats do run out of energy quick an I can't afford to spend any money on games so could use alot more ways to get gems an energy

Reggie Charnoski

This game has cute graphics, but the glitches make the game not worth playing. Hard to control the cats. Always says they are sleeping when they are floating around. I will try this game again later on. Hopefully you have fixed it and I can give higher rating.

Sean P

I love cats and I just love this game it's so fun everybody you should get it everybody that got it I hope you love it as much as I do

Kaos Cat

Super fun merging stuff and getting kitties. Joining the discord has certainly been fun too. 🙂

Mandi Bobbitt

UPDATE: the issue has cleared up. As promised I have changed my review!!! I love the game but it started freezing up while playing the game and now it's freezing on the loading screen. please fix the issue and I will adjust my review.

Angelina Bell

So fun I would love this game to have events like new years, valentines day, st. Patrick's day, Easter, birthdays, summer, 4th of July, halloween, thanks giving, and Christmas and all of that stuff and events I would really appreciate that Thank you

shamique watson

I luth kitten. 🐱😻😺😎🤑🐈😍🤩

Suraya Lubin

its very fun game

Rhonda Adels

Cute merging game

Sandy Sellnow

I don't like having to spend money on games to get areas unlocked! Why do the makers of the game need so much money!

April Molkentine

Very cute and addictive, can keep you busy.

Pallabi Sain

The game is very good but one problem is that I play in my phone so the using screen is small so I get problem so I uninstall the game