Merge Car Monster Truck Fusion

Author: Rocket Game Studio

100K+ install


Merge Car Master is a superb strategy game. You need to set position and choose the right kind of car to beat opponents

Be quick and smart while summoning your troops and place them in the right position to focus firepower on the weakest enemy. The higher the level of the car, the stronger its attack and defense abilities.

Each car has a different price and attributes that can help you win easily only if you know how to use it. React and think quickly, use tactics to win the battle, and move to the next level.

Game Feature:
– Combining cars to merge them into higher vehicle forms: Motorbike, four-wheels, trucks, Firetruck, Tank, helicopter
– Addictive gameplay and 3D graphs
– Easy to play, conquer different levels, and win an enormous prize
– Amazing background music
– Multiple Maps and obstacles to challenge. Each map has different kinds of enemies

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jun 7, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Rocket Game Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ok Ok

good game pls get it

Carlos Williams

Yama yama du yama yadu lamagagadu rims bet bucks Lol

Dylan Braley


Madhvi Upadhyay


Myrtle Leslie

emilnorman Leslie



Gaurav Noob

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Huy Mai

Win fast

farzaneh samadi


Dada Mogas

verry happy

Kristine Lopez


Mike Hluska

Need to update this game so there is a way to voluntarily tag trash units so we can buy a different type if unit. All spots are filled and i can't merge any more making it so i can't pass a level.

Sunita Sharma


Mar-joan Aguilos

Bugs, That's the only thing we hate, I call it a 3 because I cant merge some sometimes so please fix this game!!

Czendrick Isaac Cortes

it has bug. game keep shutting down

Christopher Zenger

I have a truck better than the garbage truck! It's soon good!

Mizanur Rahman


Yanshu R

This was no 1 game in lacking this game has many problems like I reach 80 level and next day my levels are 20 automatically and I open helicopter and next day it was not in my game so this game was very bad and the winning prize was very low from that prize no vehicles was open so fix it

Zaldy Ramirez


Tracy jones

little bats day Andrew

Jymal Lumacang

I like car game thank you

Rosemarie Dugaduga


Kyimar Htun

beat game car fianl boss battle map all

Ali MV

Love this game i finished to the last car level please add new car and challenge

Lucas Elijah

good game

Rajni Mittal

Gayab game hai yaar

Manjit Kaur

This game gliches

Natividad Lopez

super fun

Myreen Darwisha Mohd Rozi


Sumitra Shahi

Wow Gcv

Justin Kiddy

It is the best game

Matt Steven Pongco

Maybe Later For Ratings?

Jayson Macer

You are gggggggggaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy

Diana & Ken Trojan

Fun game

Austin Surya

Nice game and I have been able to play the whole day but still 4 ⭐⭐⭐⭐

John C. Kemur

war vehicle

Lena Hall

♥️ Qq

Srijeet Bagdi

This game is best in the play Store!!!!!!

Satyanarayana Reddy Veppulapadu

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Khan Khan


Malcolm Cotie


Ankush Tiwari

Divyanshu tiwari