Merge Anything – Mutant Battle

Author: SayGames Ltd

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Merge Anything – Mutant Battle

What makes a real champion fighter? Natural talent and innate strength? Dedication and hours of training in the gym? The answer is no and no in this wild and crazy casual fighting game where you can put just about anything – including the kitchen sink – into the mixing pot, merge components 🥣 animal and mineral into fearsomely cute mutant fighters, then send them out into the ring to do battle with other equally freaky cartoon monsters to see which blend of unlikely elements comes out on top.

Have you got the recipe of a real champion? Maybe it needs an extra dash of cola or some added shark fins? Only time and tough battle will tell in this fun, freaky, action-packed fighting game.

🦈 If you’ve got it, merge it: From fierce wild animals to ordinary household appliances, computer components to soda pop, garden implements to creatures of the deep, the range of ingredients you can match and blend to create a fearsome fighter is endless and unpredictable. How effective will toaster arms and a giraffe’s neck be in the heat of battle? There’s only one way to find out – merge them in the lab and send them off to wreak merry mayhem on the battlefield!

🦓 Build a freaking army:
🐙 Freaking adorable: Your fighters may be patched together from the most disparate of junk elements, but they’re still by far the cutest mutants on the block thanks to Merge Anything’s fun and stylish cartoon graphics, which give each hero a uniquely adorable appearance. Plus there’s a really funky soundtrack to keep them dancing around the ring and ensure all the action is always spectacular.


If you’ve been looking for a fighting game ⚡️ that brings something really new and unusual to the mix, that’s fast and frantic but also heaps of fun, that’s unpredictable and exciting but also adorably cute, then Merge Anything could be just the game you’ve been waiting for. Download Merge Anything right now, unleash your inner mad scientist, throw everything into the pot and head into battle for hours of crazy action and adventure.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 23, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: SayGames Ltd
Price: Free
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Customer review

Mike Perez

There are ads to support a game then there are ads to just outright ruin a game. although the game can be fun it has an insane amount of ads. Merge get an ad, finish a fight get an ad. you spend more time watching ads then you do playing the game.

sarah jasmi

joe mama is fat vbhbchhvyfgjgfghjcggb

Solomon Flowerdew

It's good recomend

Ashutosh Singh

Is this a very happy game to play


As you open the game you get an add and in the first minute already 3 forced adds. Uninsalled.

Neamujdei Alex

too many ads jeez

Natasha Holm

it's funny 😄😆🤣😂😁😀😄😆🤣😂

Sanjay Rayal


Kenny Smiley

ads ads ads


good game

Serkis Garren

Trash their shovelware for ads. You can't always skip the ads even. Genuinely garbage. Would give negative stars if possible

Aaron Badding

to many adds

Boner Johnston

meh. way to many adds

Louise Hogg

Best game ever

Maverick Ingram

too many ads

Matt Knudson

way too many fugging ads

Michael Peat

too many fooking adds with everything I do. I even get adds when my phone is on airplane mode

Joshua Rose


Sherlyn Ortizo


Rem Francis

first time I merged got an advert straight away. seems fun otherwise.

Ady Lim


Joshua Ludwig

Ads after everything.



Durgesh singh

I got very bad experience because in 1s you get big ad how you devloper make this game bad you are a eritater game devloper on time your will be closed

Astig To


ivann aguilar

Too cool

Carver Pigeon

It sucks when you play two player it gives me a same level one and a top level one. And its way to hard to get new items. So i say never get it. -1,000,000 stars.

Ben Davies

The number of ads is absurd, and the lack of an ad-free pass is shocking. Without these issues this could easily be a fantastic game. Right now, though, it's just okay.


Games a 5 star but had a few issues. Fun game but since I got the burger item my fights are playing up. There's no background and the characters just run forever unless I use my specials. Now got to a point in the weekly challenge where the fight doesn't end (even after I win) and I can't do anything other than to shut and force close... The update seems to have fixed the problem but I lost out on the panda weekly tasks because I wasn't able to complete due to the issues

Phillip King

they do not allow you to remove ads. while making you watch ads after every action

Shahimran Alkhan


The Mind Lab ID


corinne h

The game is ok itself but the octopus is a octo from splatoon 2 :/

gali perl

טוב רצח זה כיף ליצור מפלצות

Storm Wright

fun concept, too many ads

Jamie Whittle

boring I'm deleting it 😴 😒 😪 🙄


It's ok I guess but I hate ads so F4 ads

Paul West

ADS, ADS ,ADS. There is WAAAAAY too much ads. The game is potensially UNPLAYABLE. Im very accurate and ads EVERY 5 SECONDS!!!!!!!!!!

hailey wood

I wasn't

Gage white

bunches of adds 😩


love it

Sumathi VEMURI

play this game

Keith Gillespie


Xa Xa

forced ads

Nikesh Sinha

Not that interesting.

Mona Ahuja

I like this game👍👍👍

Creeper09 Creeper09

Me: 'turns off wifi'

John Odom

The game is a fun concept but there's a couple of changes that could be done to make it better: 1. Add an option for purchasing the game so we don't get bombarded by ads. 2. Fix the issue with phones (especially Galaxy S10) heating up quickly from playing the game.

Debbie Procter

I just like the game.

Brittany Lehr

Game is absolutely flooded with ads. Other than that mildly entertaining.

Brian Lo


Maeve McCann

I've been really enjoying this game but since the last update, after I unlocked the burger the fight scene isn't loading, characters are just running in mid air and don't meet in the middle, and now my weekly mission is doing the same and not acknowledging that I've won, which means I can't complete my weekly mission, hopefully I'm not the only one and this can be fixed in an update.


quite fun game and cute🥺


Another adbased game with no option to remove

Afsha Shahnaz

very good app

Hafizi Azahari


Cyril Adam Addun

you suck!!

Lia RezvanNaya DRW Batam

I love it so, when I get it, I don't remember what is the things are.

The Winry Show

Turn your wifi off you will have no adds but with your wifi there are way to many adds its hard to play.

Kenneth Niman

It is a fun game but has issues. 1- Ive had Mythological Monsters vanish. 2- Not really a competition as everytime you log in to fight you are always in second place. I was in first place by more than 3,000 points. Logged off and right back in and was in second place by like 200 points and totally different named players. Logged off and back on again and same thing. Would be nice to merge mythological monsters with mythological monsters to add hit points or to at least delete the ones not used

James McGuinness

This is a kind of cool game, but the attack cool down takes too long


it's amazing I love it it's super fun

Benny Smith

F he vb

Spencer Shearer

Ridiculous amount of adds

Matthew Sberna


Shaun Austen

It's meh


The best game in the whole universe

Jennifer Shirts

maybe I like it 🙄

Max Anderson

Like the creativity, few too many adds but for a FTP game it's good for killing 20 mins or so

Nico Castro

I don't like the game too many ads and my phone gets hot I try again and the same Don't download this game I don't recommend it at all


Full of adverts, and the daily quest thing doesn't even show on my phone... Well done!

Liza Rock

the adds kinda mess up the game you get in to it then they just pop up and mess up your vibe

norain dahlan

This game is soooooooooo cool

HABIB Alshouif

If you don't like ads try to turn internet off

Ching Valte


mentality marco


Spider Fang

This game takes making creatures on a whole new level

Howdy Property Management

The game concept technically is fun and it could be enjoyable. But what the game is: fight - let's play an ad - you win, get 2 items (need 3 to merge fyi) - let's play an ad - do you want 3 more items? - let's play an ad - merge items - let's play an ad before you get the result. And I didn't even see an option to pay to get rid of the ads. It's sad when developers are too greedy and ruin their own enjoyable creation

Charles Hardeman

Lots of ads but ok game. Not sure how to go above bronze League been number 1 a while would like to move up or get new things

Yvette Castaneda

Honestly the one of the worst games I have ever played I do not recommend.

nina labonte

my name backwards is weird

Exige Khan

non stop ad trash

Trina Mcburnett


Finris Wolf

Not very fun. The textures are jammed together. Apparently only one other person here knows that the head for the unsettling octopus character is from a nintendo game called Splatoon 2.

Mafaki (Mafaki)

less ads please

Blake Bronner

‼️🐮🦄🐮🐆🐂mearg now

Elliott Blackburn

Pretty good game in airplane mode, idk what all the complaints about the ads

Aksel Brosi Eysturskarđ


Jalen Stranger things man


Lil Sonya Young

My Little Pony download you and I don't feel like it I don't know what he tries to play but he told me to listen to so here you go


es el mejor juego del mundo

Sean Finley

just goofy fun

Eric Sutter


Caleb Brooks

Eeeeeeee IDK 😐?

Nick Sweatt

way to many ads

Kwamais Mann

I think it was that called Megas XLR

Zach Gerez

I like how ever you should make like ultra level or mythic but my problem is it's no sounds it's kind of boring a game with out sounds so please fix it and then it's laggy when I go offline

Danish Hakeem

Augsburg gr8 g

Henri Gaspri


Nathan Hartman