Merge Alphabet Food Battle


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Merge Alphabet Food Battle is a strategic and friendly game for everyone.
The world with its alphabets and foods is waiting for you! Do your best to become a strategist, collector and merge master. Is your army powerful or not? It’s your decision.
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. Make our foodies even stronger by connecting them together. You need the same food to combine, so you get bigger! Are you ready for amazing battles in the world of Merge Alphabet Food?
How to play Merge Alphabet food battle:
– Manage your army, improve your food and alphabet to make them stronger
– Conquer more and more powerful enemies and create the strongest army.
– Draw and grow your food friends easily
– The same food and alphabet can be combined and get an incredible new shape.
– Come to the battles with our friends and become the winner
Match the alphabet food fights:
– Various foods for happy parties
– Simple and friendly game for all ages.
– Earn gems from battles and upgrade your army
– Fusion function helps you get a better form of food
– Aimless fusion game
– Exciting art style
Unlock new foods and upgrade them. Choose your strategy carefully. Enjoy the exciting matching battle and let your stress melt away.
Let’s have a colorful party with food lovers Connect the alphabet in a food fight!

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File size: 66 MB
Update time: 2022-12-23T07:59:57.000Z
Current version: 1.01
Require Android: 5.1
Price: $Free
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