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As a cute cat meow, cash your lines, reach to the depths and catch as many candies as you can on your way! Upgrade your gear to catch more candies and dive even deeper, make rare finds and discovering new species! Upgrade and buy more items, participate in many other minigames and experience an exciting candy fishing trip.

Let’s go candy fishing!
Features and characteristics:

– Simple and addictive gameplay: only tap, cast down and catch as many candies as you can!
– Upgrade your net to catch more candies and reach deeper depths

Can you discover the mysteries that lie in the ocean? Go Fishing!

Detailed info

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Update time: May 20, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ilona Lipski


shilla aurel malela

Hello I just want to say this but this game is just a like of sailor cats and fishing food let's look at the facts [this is just my opinion] fishing food and sailor cats are the same look at the game they were both made about a cat fishing they fish food they find other cats and if you think they are new just look at the games yourself maybe this game was inspired? I'm just saying my opinion

Kitty Cat

Very bad,i opend the game it doesn't load

La Ba

i king fish

Rosa Aparicio

What's wrong with you this game is so fun how did you do it

Shivam Gupta


Dillon Long

Decent game, except the achievements section doesn't work, I've made it to the 2nd level but somehow the game thinks I haven't caught anything fishing in the water...hmm..i will change star status once this is fixed..

herson reyes


Nabeeha Asim

I just luuvv it sooo muccch i dont luv cats i hate cats and im also scared of cats but i luv this cat game beautiful game tho and its amazing. It is also very very cutest game in the hole world. This game is no.1 fab and bravo game in all the cats games just cant stob plying this game im having so much fun it is awesome,amazing,bravo,fab,fantastic,crazy gamee luuv it soo much.And if this game would not made in this world no fun in other cats games.I luv u guys and thank u falcon games💜



Stefan-Dieter Knuff

Ads but no fun