Mega Monster

Author: RedFox Network

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Departing from the peaceful Small Town, your goal is to conquer all kinds of Poke monsters!
Mega Monster  – Mega Pocket Evolution is the ultimate reinterpretation of the original Anime, join the Trainer Alliance, challenge the forces of evil, and embark on a journey to conquer the Master Trainer!

The game has special effects, and thrilling battles that are activated at the touch of a button; Train your monsters, collect diverse developments, and match positions with more than 400 types of Pockets with comprehensive systems, ultimately helping your monsters achieve massive body breakthrough evolution!

You will have the opportunity to transform into Ash and collect as many Pockets for yourself along the way.
Start the adventure and conquer different towns/gyms across the wide map.
Join the real-time battle in the Alliance, build your own strategy to defeat the enemy

Monster I chose you, together we write about the journey to conquer the position of the master trainer of monster


➢ Enter the game to get free VIP 3
An outstanding offer for Trainer monsters is that just entering the game will be applied VIP3
Login to get 3,000 diamonds and 100 summoner ticket

➢ Rich Skills – Beautiful Moves
– Each Pocket mon has its own beautiful set of skills
– When Evolution both form and skill level up accordingly
– The trainer can command his monsters to perform the specified skill in accordance with the match

➢ Log in daily to receive the Legendary Pocket of your choice 1 out of 3 (Moltres – Articuno -Zapdos)
Just login Trainer every day to receive the gift of the Legendary Pocket gift pack

➢ Daily Quest
– Complete daily quests to get many valuable rewards
– Along with many other valuable gifts

➢Unique Union/Guild System
– Meet new people who share your interests and form a powerful guild of honor partnership.
– Join a unified community, and you will earn appropriate incentives.
➢ Friendship Feature
➢ Lucky Cat event get a lot of diamonds back
➢ Let’s defeat the World Boss together to receive many valuable gifts
– The game has a rich World Boss system
– Trainers can participate together and get a lot of valuable rewards

➢ Fighting arena to receive many diamonds every day
– Trainers can join the monster’s arena every day
– A lot of diamonds will be for the winner.

➢ Competition between servers for the mighty throne of the game
– The inter-server battle system opens up the world of Trainer competition more strongly and the event rewards are also extremely appealing.

Are you bold enough to take on the role of Monster Master? And a never-ending desire to get to the pinnacle of the monster empire!
Let’s get started!

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