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Meeerge – Fun Merge Puzzle Game

Detailed info

File size: 57M
Update time: September 8, 2021
Current version: 1.1.20
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Betta Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

L Google

It's a bit annoying that items auto merge. So you can't gather everything together. As soon as 3 are close by, they disappear, leaving random single items on the board

Virginia Constien

Disapointing! Woman bashing! Take it down!

meleisa dixon

Newbies have to pay for items if they want them- I didn't and I very much like the game

Sindee Fell

Cute and fun

Evanescent Echo

Interesting game, neat art style, but very confusing! I've never seen anything quite like it. I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing. I especially don't understand the torches. There's a number by the torch, but when I try to play I have no torches. And they take forever to recharge. Am I only supposed to play 1 level per hour? Cuz that's all the torches I get!

Annie Todd

Have tried to download . No good. It looks cute but can't even get to try it

Jenderflux SciFi

DO NOT DO TAPJOY OFFER FOR THIS GAME, YOU WILL NOT GET ANY REWARDS! Crashes every 3 to 5 minutes, losses 1 to 2 minutes of progress every time it crashes. Crashed before link to TapJoy offer established, wasted time playing game and didn't get any rewards. When making purchases it crashes after taking your money, before giving you your purchase.

mysticstarling luna


Janie Hoff

Awesome 👌

Janet Ibarra

So far not good, i uninstalled and will try a second time. The game kept freezing.

Rebecca Thomas


Venessa Allen

Gets a little confusing


Best ever

Wendy Goicochea

Fun merge game.

Donna Neville

Fun game

David Fligor

Hooked instantly

mz queen b promo

I'd love to play this, but it won't boot up. It downloaded just fine, but all I get after 5 minutes of waiting is a blue screen. Very disappointed. I've downloaded this game a couple times now. But NOTHING!!! HOW CAN YOU PLAY A GAME IF IT DOESN'T LOAD??? STILL ONLY GETTING A BLUE SCREEN AFTER SEVERAL ATTEMPTS....I GIVE UP!

Vicky Hinds

Love this game.

wendy barney


Jim Siter

Fun on a bun

Paul Tunbridge

Just started , difficult to figure out.

Rebecca Robbins

Very engaging!

Brittany Habermehl

I just downloaded the game for the first time. It says I need to update it to play, but there's no updates available. Lame.

Jocelyn Pfeif

It is great and all, but the offers for cash purchases taking a lot of the screen are annoying. I wish I could disable them the go almost 1/4 across the screen. And I keep accidentally tapping on them when I am trying to do other things :/

Adrian Ago

It gets really laggy after you open up more than 70 box of spaces on the homeland. Not to mentioned the incessant ads, however you can play the game normally with your internet off. With your mobile data off the game can't save to cloud services. That's one of the gripe I have with this game is that it saves at random intervals and not when you tap exit. It should have 2 types of saves one from local and the other in the cloud.


I LOVE THIS GAME! but the reason for the 2 stars is because I tried loading it and it keeps telling me to update through Google play store, but there's no update. All the hard work and time I've spent on this game and now I can't play. I'm quite irate.

Claude Nortier

Small lag spikes, but it's a very addictive and entertaining game

Grace Cwilich

Its a cool game

Andrew May

Really good game

Lorriane Kay


Wincie Willis

See for yourself

Samantha Coton

Love the game but keeps freezing and closing down.

Gail Black

Lovely game

B. Wargo

Keeps me busy

Xeinz Jr

This game is suck

Lady S

Loving it so far

Charice Vinyard

Very buggy can not update ( 9 20.21)

Shefali Mungee

Nice game

Kimberly Norton

Just purchased the 6.99 land and closed the app 2 mins later reopened it, it shows that I never purchased it. I have screen shots of my purchase as well please fix it. This is the second time. Just purchased rubies in the middle of the toss as my payment went through it froze and no rubies and it charged me. On the 6.99 I had to repurchase so I have to payment on my bank account for 6.99 and no refund. Now it is telling me to update and when I click update there is nothing to update.

Megan Gale

Is there or is there not an update? With an event going on this is not a great time to break the game. While I do enjoy it, it can be laggy and freeze at times. Frustrating sure but it's easy to wait out. I do enjoy how fast we can level up. And how the events do not feel impossible like other merge games