Medieval Merge: Epic RPG Games

Author: Pixodust Games

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Medieval Merge: Epic RPG Games
This farm has a story to tell. A land full of mystery awaits! In every corner lies a new discovery in this world of epic adventure as you help our heroine fulfill her quest.

Fight exciting battles in amazing role-playing adventures, with familiar merge puzzle mechanics, diverse gameplay, and unique graphic style.

Your task is to solve all troubles of your village, fight monsters, repair the damage, and protect the people from the enemy.

Tools and weapons will be required to tackle those challenges, such as knives, hammers, gloves, swords, axes.

Craft tools and merge them together, ready your sword and let magic guide you through this RPG fantasy where the way of dungeons of old may lead you to a gold-filled castle… or to the red dragon’s own lair.


★ Discover
Medieval Merge leads you through a magical land where you will find incredible missions with plenty of mysteries to solve.

★ Explore
You will be the master of the middle ages in this journey, writing your own path while exploring a world of wizards and monsters!

★ Merge
Combine items into useful tools to help the villagers to rebuild and manage the farm after the destruction caused by an evil sorcerer.

★ Conquer
Be the hero, a mighty warrior, and craft the right weapons to use in the next battle.

★ Earn
Renovate the place, unlock treasure chests, and collect valuable items like gems and gold coins.

Are you ready to become a knight? Start now with this merge game – An epic RPG adventure awaits you!

Have a problem? Want to suggest a cool new feature? Send your feedback to Pixodust Games. We love to hear from our players!

Be sure to check for updates. We’re always working on ways of improving gameplay and adding new content!

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File size: 83M
Update time: March 8, 2022
Current version: 1.2.1
Require Android: 4.4W and up
Developer: Pixodust Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Cathy Bryan


Chris Hartman

Challenging and fun.

Jared Rickert


Stephen Bacheldor

Great game!

Laura Kindle

This is a very fun merge game. I never had a time where I ran out of generators before enegry, there's always something else to do.


It's fun I enjoy it waiting the timers down on the stuff's not too much of a hassle you can always watch ads

Matthew Clements

The game keeps bugging out saying I don't have the items for the quest and also when I do will take them from my inventory and not complete the quest making me re do what I've been working on for a few days. Just really frustrating making all that progress just for the game to take it and say f*** you. Been happening ever since the new update was released not really a good bug fixing update if it makes them.

Alex Ludlow

Been playing for about a year, just finished the big gold statue that took at least 50 stones, not sure if I leveled up or there was an update but literally every challenge now is wood or stones. Wood or stones. Bunch of stones. Bunch of wood. One musical instrument you'll never make bc your board is full of wood and stones, and you need at least 8 free squares to get those fkn eggs. Game has become an absolute drag. Dropping it until the next update.

Kawper Lacayo

The game holds your hand the entire time, you can't even inspect your inventory without an obnoxious hand telling you what to do. You're also on a railroad, meaning you have to follow the quest, there isn't anything besides the quest. You can't lose, because you'll always have what you need to win, no strengthening your character to become stronger, just merge and win. Very disappointing.


You must wait hours for resources to replenish. Once fully replenished, you get a few minutes of gameplay before needing to wait again. Nice art, but generic game with poor user experience.

Charles Knight

Super chill, fantastic art, satisfying story and gameplay :)

Szabolcs Fehervari

Cool game, intrestin idea

vince mccann

Fun little game but after you get to level 4 everything ether makes you watch a add or pay for the thing u need it's really disappointing

Alex Salazar (Alexcrz)


Mark Dixon

Great. Game. To. Play

Boris Ćuković

App doesnt work

Anthony Lewis

Love the game but have been having a ton of issues where I will click on a task that I have completed, and it glitches and uses the resources but doesn't complete the task

Diego Rosario

It so coool, and addictive!!!

Ben Norwood

The last 4 times I've logged in it has undone the last 5-10 minutes worth of play from the previous time I logged on.

Michael “Auxz” Leung

Lost my progress due to reinatalling the game, seems like the game cloud save is not working. BEWARE OF THAT.

Amirul Akmal

Good graphic, easy to play

mochammad iqbal

Dont bother my comment, u guys have plenty user to play this game, it just annoy me when the bubble timer reach 01, the countdown stop, i have to wait another 15-30 sec to wait the bubble popup, soo what's the point you show the countdown timer??

Kam H

Fun story with merge game. Could get boring but it seems to build into more and more....sonwe will see


Can we change the bag from holding item of same level and rank to hold an item regardless of rank? Aka Mine, or Farm, or any other items. I imagine you guys have a class for each item with an ID identifier so it should be easy to implement. It really would be amazing and ease things a lot without making the whole experience so slow and neck-bottling. Also I don't know if this is intentional or not but hour glass no longer speeds up generators for me.

Mind Nik

Playing the game for 25 min and already need to watch ton of ads or pay gems to restock bags... Expected more from it

Derek Cadigan

Good fun.

Tommy Raj Sanjaya

Great game

Yu Yu

nice and casual

Lucky A.

it's an ok merge game but the ad unlocks are ridiculous. watch an ad for something you'll never download and get 1 item from the recharge. 🙄 not getting my money. insulting.

Joshua Diaz

The game is good but there is so little space it is like putting your self in a lock because you can afford to delete anything but you have to make more to progress. I'm just stuck now


Very crash prone


It's a good game and the artstyle is nice, but wish there were times stamps on the item generators. Also after a couple updates my game doesn't want to process that I'm connected to the internet. I missed out on so many free gems, because of this and it's annoying.

Eric Ruffin II

good murge game. decent storyline altho I didn't pay that much attention to it. but for it not have an counter on anything you don't know how long you are waiting for stuff to reset and then you want to give hourglasses that count for so much time and you don't know if you're wasting them or not because there's no timers. change that and I'll give it a better rating

Krista Leslie

Been playing this game for months now and have really enjoyed it. But was playing this morning working on the house in the graveyard area. Was working on merging necessary items for a few days as they are not that easy like ropes and bolts. I go to work then come home and open it and some of the items have now changed. As it was now easier I appreciated that. But I've also noticed my higher level generators don't give out as many items at full charge. Not happy about that.

Kevin McMenemy


Nathan Jennings

it's fun no ads yet so cool

Johan de Kock

The graphics looks so cool, but I spend like 5 to 10 minutes in the game then I run out of things to do. Ads help for cool downs but then you can only generate a few and not use ads again?? Why?? Then I have little inventory space with items I can't use to finish the goal. I just started playing so it makes me worried when I'm already hitting a wall now. How's it going to be when I advance in the game?



Fear Mask

Waiting for everything isn't fun. I spend most of the time not really doing anything because everything has to recharge and thats boring, I actually fell asleep last night while waiting. Its a shame too because the game looks great and the story is great but the waiting just slows everything down to a standstill I can hardly do anything. The board fills up with a ton of stuff you don't need because the rewards you get are tons of things you don't need yet

Jason Petersen

The game pretty good game to play

Eric Hartmann

Great game. Cute graphics that I feel like I've seen in another game but I can't place it.

Tewa Wongsawad

From awesome table become awful table

Finjana Firdaus

Seem dev got lazy to give you some update by slowing your progress. They make u choose to pay or dying wait for spawner cooldown with their mission that requires u to consecutive make level 12 item without other option (mission). It will more and more painfull after u reach harbor, u wont see any progress even u complete a mission, because u'll need 10-15 mission until u restore just 1 house. It even worse, with small workplace u need to findout how to,from where and for what the item really is.

Lauren Rens

Medievel merge is a perfect game for you to play during your free time. A game where you can restore mythical places to their true selves. I would recommend this game to ages 8+.I enjoyed this game and I hope you will to.

Dan Reed

Gets kinda boring fairly quick...

Eóin McCann (Eoin86)

So far so good... But only started so will see as the game progresses

H29 delilrious

Great game but no security on spending gems as I would like a "are you sure?" When spending a lot of gems when I accidently hit the full recharge button on the generator. Which costs a lot of gems to recharge. Other than that it great I always load it up on my down time.

Olusia Kociusia

I love this game, tho there is one problem with it. U can only play for 10 minutes than u have timers and u cant do anything.

John LaRoche II


Mussa Jawara

This is a Payday win game because of the diamonds and it won't let you use ads to refill your item charge and the item charges take 1 hour and after they charge they die instantly fix the game and I'll give you a more star of you

Sin Adris

Poor energy/time investment. Just kinda boring

Worgablorg Dorgnorg

just read the others about the forced ads and long waits and energy system built specifically for ad revenue. they know what they're doing.

Clay Rushton

The game is fun but it crashes all the time, especially when I watch an ad to get a reward. Often I watch the whole ad only to have the game crash at the end without giving me the reward.

Mochammad Fathurohman

Good game!

Ronald Chase

Unexpectedly enjoyable

Alex wong

nice and interesting but it would be great if there's mini puzzle or game to play while waiting for the item to generate. if not the game will be boring

Dusky Dergun

Please add an option to stop the hints, i hate not being able to look at the board and think bc if i dont do something for less than a second items start shaking at me. If there is and option its jot clear.

ashley scrymgeour

Love the art style. So far just a typical merge game but I love these types of games.


It's a fun merger, but the grid is far too small for later game play and cannot be increased, the inventory slots are too expensive after a while, and they recently made bad changes such as hourglasses not speeding up the reward chests, which they did just a few weeks ago when I started playing this game (this one in particular irks me because it's clearly just to get you to spend money on gems). Would be much more fun if the devs weren't so shamelessly greedy.

Andrew Barry

If you view it as an idle game and play a couple of times per day, for a short time, it is quite fun. It still requires paying for quick progression and the way they let you speed up a generator, makes it far too easy to waste a large amount of gems too easily. They also seem to now change game mechanics with every update! Generators that were fast are now slow and vice-versa. They've also introduced many new items but no extra bag space so you end up selling things you need.

Faizan Fazal

Recharging very very irritating.. Take to much time to recharge.

Ryan Sanchez

Good for the elderly but there's better games. Graphics are beautiful tho

Jesse Knipp

nice match game.

Kameron Stephenson

Fun but too many ads, and constantly getting the broken State of Survival ad that crashes and doesn't give rewards. Also please move the gem speed up option on some objects or at least add a confirmation so that I'm not speeding up a patch of grass when I wanna sell it.


Quite fun, but a few bugs here and there such as chests not letting you open them or quests not completing, other then that fun game

Mark Dailey

The waiting for charges makes the game unplayable for more than a few minutes.

Sherry Bush

Love it

Kitsune Miko

Was going great until I could no longer get my rewards. I was at level 21 and I uninstalled and reinstalled to see if that would fix the no ad rewards issue, but it reset my progress to LEVEL 17. Permanently uninstalled- I've spent hundreds in this game I can never get back!

Corey C

I would give this 5 stars if it wasn't for those damn bubbles getting in my way. Sometimes I get so frustrated because they will take the last space and I just close the app.

Emil Chen Zerong

I am unable to update the game to the latest version. Upon uninstalling the game and reinstalling, there was no option for me to choose my saved cloud data and to my dismay, I lost my progress and was reverted back to level 18 when I was already level 27. Really upsetting, as I have been grinding for the past 2 months, hope the developers get back to me on this. Really enjoyed the game but this is really devastating.

Matt Barnes

It's a fun game

Leaf_ _Ninja

Game plays just fine however it keeps offering for free items and other items that are daily free but says watch video but video never loads so I'm missing out on all these items especially the store items that are special items because I can't watch any videos.

Josh Arenstam

Terribly timegated to just milk as much money out of you as they can

Andrean Miracle

fun game

Dominick Fowler

I give 5 stars because I genuinely enjoy the game but I'd give it almost down to 1 star because I can literally only play for like 3 minutes and im not even that far in every actions just consumes way to much energy

Crysta Williams

Fun at the start, but annoying later on. You are constantly out of space for everything!!! I could easily be progressing if I had the spave to make all the necessary merges!!! Give us an additional board! Or even chests that we can only place a single type of item in (it can cost like 40-50 gems each)

John Palmer

Tells you what to tap every step of the way until you have to pay I assume. Every tap brings you closer to your limit even if you don't get the one thing its planned for you to Couldn't get that far.

Fran S

The game is nice, but you have to wait too much time for the recharges

Jason Mefferd

Really like the look and the story so far. However playing for a couple of minutes then having to wait an hour or more for generators to recharge or energy to recharge is quickly eroding the entertainment value. Not to mention there is nothing else to do in the game. Can't even run around and fight monsters because of course anytime you use a weapon it disappears rather than being able to level it up and use it again. Nevermind. It's not worth it. Deleting.

Paolo D.

Bella grafica ma da rivedere completamente il resto


Best merge game I've play, really enjoy seeing things get fixed up

Clayton Plocki

Actually quite enjoyable. Not too many ads, nice art style, and pretty straight forward

tracy lion-cachet

It would help alot if there was more space in the merging table

Roxanne Cleveland

Good game

Kiran Goossens

Art style is perfect, same with the storyline. But the waiting for energy and the buildings to regenerate is too ridiculous. I hate when you have a game that's so much fun but you can never go far enough in the game without paying. smh.


Really fun little merge game but like so many other mobile games it forces the player to either wait a ridiculous amount of time for an energy meter to refill or let's you pay gems to continue the game for all of 5 minutes. It's also yet another game that requires an internet connection no reason.

Casey McCabe

Fun, this is the first merge game I kindof understand and the graphics are so cutie!!

masoud wafaie

Won't download >:(


It's a good game, the start is quite fast, and there's a pretty slow part when working on the town area, but it does speed up. There is energy and timers, which are quite annoying at the beginning, but you can merge your producers that this is almost not a problem with energy you can usually get from potions that are suprisingly plentiful.

Kevin Thomas

So fun I started over to replay.

Adam Schmidt (Brute)

This game is unfortunate, because as something simple with in game purchasing it has a fixed waiting period for everyone.

Frederique Harding


kaycee Tokarsky

This game is really great but the only bad thing about it is inventory keep everything the same just give make the inventory the same size as the merging screen

Cory Rowley

Way cool! Nice Graphic Style

David Jackson

Just started but pretty fun so far

Lenalee Lee

Awesome! Lots of fun. Lots of tools.

Evangeline Martell

5 star game but at like level 26 it just stopped loading at all.

Lisandro Romero

A game that is just right for people it's relaxing,and fun so if your stress out, this is a game for you.

Tápai Márk

It is an excellent merge type game and it is fun to play. The atmosphere of the game is also exceptionally good. I really love the game.

Chase Hunter

A little repetitive and time consuming if you don't pay to play but otherwise a very enjoyable game