Max DTR – Max DTR: the Maximum Dirt Track Racing game.

Detailed info

File size: 99M
Update time: January 13, 2021
Current version: 1.0.81
Require Android: 4.3 and up
Developer: Screaming Games LLC
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rusty Edward

Excellent short track game. Very realistic. Love the in car view

Jason Maguire

Games fun Lebanon Valley needs work on it because it does not look like the track

Gary Jansen

Great game I think more detail when it comes to customization could be way better also I think that they need to do a rehaul into a higher resolution mind you I'm playing at low visual

Jonathan Trim

Love the game it's the best dirt track racing game ever would like to see more sponsors or more graphics and options to color the rims

Jamey Dellinger

Minute this is a very good game often One of the best dirt track games I've ever played and it's really up-to-date and it sounds so good is a great game if you enjoyed dirt track play this game I bet you keep coming back I got it it's good it's a great good game five stars

Daniel Vandevender

Ok this game is fun. But It needs some work it really ate that realistic but it still fun

Jeremy Hedrick

I like the game. Love the fact my local track is shown. But not quite the right configuration to be honest.

Cory McDaniel

Goes Black when I enter event ....

Corey Bagwell

Cool game


Fantastic game. I grew up on these dirt tracks. Love it. So realistic!

Vain Brown III

The game needs caution flags and pitstops including alot of laps. The game said "Talladega" it's not really Talladega and besides if it was then add Nascar tracks to it. Add more racecars.

Tyler Luckett

Fun game although it takes a long time to earn for upgrades.

Michael Pacheco

Will this game ever have an update?

Austin Wroblewski

Best dirt track game I've played on a mobile

Louise Moss


Jace Posten

Used to be a great game but it keeps crashing during the 3rd lap of a sprint car career race.


I'd give it five stars if the developers were more involved in the game. The only issues I have is I don't get credit for some of my world DTR races. I've been playing this game off and on since 2020 and I've had that problem since I've started

Domenic Shick

Good game 👍

Ryan Pearson

It's a very challenging but fun game. One major problem though is after winning a quick race the game crashes while going back to garage and i don't receive my cash so upgrading my car is impossible.

Mojarro Mojarro

Its a hard to steer and grahics is bad

Shane Mosbach

Fun game with good game play

Tim Leopard

It's a fun game. The braking should've been more like an actual dirt track race car.

Jeff Coats

Game is good but the one class I want to race the hobby stock every time try to start a race right before green flag game closes it self. Every other class works just fine give it a 2 just because of that.

Dan Guthrie

Best racing game ever. Very realistic. Great that you work your way up to better cars. A really good dirt racing game.

Jeffrey Jenkins

The game world be more fun if you could use the outside and keep pace with the leader and make passed on the outside but other than that the game is good

Los Stearns

It would be nice to add some dents

drone yyy

Horrible engine sounds, very unrealistic

Kaidan Schott

Hard to get used to but overall amazing


GOOD !! Satisfying with seat time. Many ways to adjust car($), tracks (many), go solo -24... 0-100 laps. Set up close, hard to catch competition or pass everyone and win by a mile !! Plentyof adjustability. Neon bomber to learn & start a career with. Watch ads & get seat time against faster cars on many different 1/4, 1/3, & 3/8mi bullrings to 1/2mi tracks. 7 car types to Race the World with. 🤞midgets & Calistoga incl'd. I'm 70 yrs 💙 dirt KWS & USAC Update comments & 5th⭐011022👍

Thanos Mentertzis

Very nice game u can even customise ur pits and fun driving physics

Anthony Martin

I played it enough I should have it mastered by now but I can only place last...the tracks are to hard and to slick..its to hard to win PERIOD let alone win enough money to progress through the game..IF THESE ISSUES WERE FIXED IT WOULD BE 5 STARS FOR SURE👎👎👎👎

Mystir'Ayrous Jesus 1776

Is a nice game indeed, only one thing for me , I most certainly wish thee cars would physical react with more realistitcness. Such as Dirt Track racing two , an dirt track sprint cars! Ps, best thing about the game so far is with out the SELECTION of tracks!!!!! :)

lance throckmorton

Looks like th bugs have been fixed! Awesome game! .......again!

Stephen Wessling

Awesome game tho slow to build money up for upgrades and new cars

Bob Bob

The game is decent, graphics are good, AI is good. The controls make it impossible to play though. Hitting the brakes, or tear off button locks steering straight so you cannot brake in a turn or you'll go straight into the wall.

Jeremy Subasic

Pretty decent game. Physics are OK. AI are much better than the other 3D dirt track game where they run into you constantly to wreck you; they actually race. Game is a bit ad heavy but they aren't really forced on you. Also a HUGE selection of tracks right out of the gate, no spending required, even some you wouldn't think to see. I could see it being worth it to spend a bit of money in this one, that being said progress is EXTREMELY slow. Makes it hard to play when you're stuck in a 4cyl

who cares

I like it. it is fun to play but now it is starting to mess up and keeps going back to my home screen. I hope u can fix it.

Jonathan Burger

best dirt track racing game ever by game play just wished it was more realistic like with damage wished ya actually seen the damage an had to pay to fix just like in real life but other than that good game

Matt Rosier


John Abbott

Much better after some bug fixes. Enjoy the game much. Reply would be nice.

Wes Steele

Max Dirt Racing

Richard Armstrong

Closest to real

lol pop

Little rough on controls

Robert Barnes

This dirt track racing game is great good graphics good challenges I've been racing this game 6 mo.lstill enjoy the game I

Tan Mamba

Accurate and very fun 👍

Wayne Cummings

Good 👍

Travis McLaughlin

Great game fun just wish the pay out was a little higher

Bobby Bryant

Very tough lifelike racing.Im still in front wheel drive.Getting ahead in this game very difficult but enjoy able!

Earl Bowers

Offline not sure about that needs to be signed in bye

Kentucky _Roads

It was great but could be better by adding more tracks like Willard speedway is a 1/4 mile red clay dirt oval track in eastern Kentucky

Brian Schliep

It lagges so much

Brian Phillips

Best game ever


It would be nice if there were yellow flags and better bumping

George Plunk

Fun game.

Chris Glidewell

I love this game it so fun and so many realistic changes can be made to your car. The only reason for the low rating is since I've moved up to the stock car I can not complete races anymore. It will let me start but about half way through a race it boots me out of the game. I hope there is a fix to this soon because i would love to be able to keep playing this game and I will definitely up my ratings when I can. Thank you for the great game.

Dan Doxtador

Love the graphics the game play just love the game altogether

Topher Johnson

Fun game to play

Jay Childress

You should show more details on the cars! Examples should include visual damage!

gabe keeter


Anthony Harper

Love it

Michael Yoder

Reason for 3 stars is that i got my second car and now the game does a glitch and while im raceing the second car and literaly sends me out of the game back to my normal screen ive tryed shuting off my phone and turn back on nitn idk what to do

The Dude Gaming

The undisputed G.O.A.T of mobile dirt racing games the best I have ever played

Lindsay Burley

This game sucks

Brandon Dack

The last update took my cars, career progress and money..... Damn it's like Rona hit video games too 😞

Travis Mizell

Really like almost everything about this game!!! I'd like to see 50 to 100 lap BIG MONEY RACES!!!

Scott Therrian


Jonathan Laidley

It's an awesome game need to be able to make more money quick

Tina Louise

5 star game, I've tried similar games and nothing comes close. I spent a small amount of money and I now am very competitive. It's not your usual money grabbing game. If you love dirt track racing, this is the game for you.

Iwan Appel

Good game

James Mays


Ricky Narramore

Definitely on the right track

Erick Ng'ang'a

I we could give it 💯 stars ,the game is nice like one of the nicest games in play store I haved liked it very very much ,Make more games if you can, you can also add graphics on your best games I wish all the best in work as a great teams

Brian Johnson

Enjoy being able to race different types of cars

Patrick Wyte

Game games but it doesn't tell you when the races in real world are

Goblin robotics

Its great! But I would love to see damage, topless dirt truck car things! Game is great! Recommend it for all race fan's, also How do I earn money In this game? its confusing lol and that kinda ruins the game

Troy Salmin

Would give this game 5 stars all day long, but I keep loosing over 2000 gold after the world dtr events finish, really getting annoying when you have to work so hard to make the top 5

Chasen Pierre

Good job on this game but the one thing that you have to change is the races. I wish you added money when we win. can you please do that for me.

Rogue Hail Jumper

Would be great but theres a bug with the FWDs, if your laping other cars and they hit the front of your car, its like the throttle gets stuck to the idle speed before the race starts until you have a car hit you in the back. Does it on multiplayer when you tap a wall. Doesn't mater if throttle is set to automatic or not in controls. Lost a lot of races because of this.

Random 4400

If you don't steer enough you'll hit the Wall and If you steer too much the car loses traction and spins out no way to steer without spinning out car keeps spinning out

Karen Molner

I dont like how it would take like 10+ hours to just get to late modle i would play more if you could useany car for quick race

Kipton Spann

U have to keep racing the same races over and over until u beat all the races before u can advance to the next class

Evan Garriott

This game is amazing my only complaint is now that I have a new Galaxy a32 it crashes constantly on the last lap every race on it so I can't complete any more races in career or online

David Troit

Game in general is okay but the physics are absolutely trash can't even win cause I get hit and bounce off the other car

Brock Guyer

Nise game

randy morris


A Google user


Doris Duvivier

The car turns where ever it wants you can't control the car is goes in its own direction

Weekly Racing

If it had buttons

Arlene Fish

Lucas oil speedway does not work cuts out every time please delete track or fix

jake peterman

Its great. Cars roll like real life. Can actually tune your car in depth. Only problem is that i cant finish my A main races in the stock car. Now its frustrating because i spent money on this game. So until this is fixed i guess its a one star game.

Leslie King

I think it is good and everything but I think u should be able to have someone wrecks there's yellow flag comes out but other than that it's good

kailash Koonjah


Joey Hebert

A good dirt racing game very good compared to others I've played

Russell Drew

This is by far the best oval track multi car division racing game today. Love the customizable options, upgrades and different racing games. As a asphalt short track driver I would love for this developers to make a asphalt game same as this one

Micheal Wood

Good dirt racing game. Great way to pass the time.

Keith Crane


Brandon Leary

Everytime i race my A-Main for my street stock or Modified i get half way through the feature and the game freezes and closes out!!! I can only race my 4 cylinder and have zero problems! Come on. Whats going on? I'd done everything to try and fix it and its not working.

Josh Black

Great game. 100

Kimberly Andrews

The game is good one of my favorites just like to see some changes like maybe some special events with more laps and bigger payouts and add cautions

Lane Ickes

Hated this game my car was so wobbly and I could not do anything about it