MatchVentures: Match 3 Mystery

Author: Tamalaki

100K+ install


Our latest addition to new free match 3 games!

Explore the mystery dungeons of Cliffmont Castle in this RPG fantasy match-3 adventure story! Traverse huge levels, collect jewels and gems and overcome dozens of obstacles. Enjoy our fantasy games free. Puzzle your way through the depths of this spooky adventure for valuable items to help rebuild the castle that was ravaged by the dark dragon master Dragor.

Battle with enemies, explore caves, and solve RPG puzzles, all with the aid of your one ally Finlea the Leprechaun and her company of dwarves. Perfect for lovers of match 3 adventure quest games. Fulfill an ancient legend that would rid the land of darkness.

Do you enjoy match 3 building games? Then you’ll love our jewel castle mystery adventure!
You get to live your own RPG castle story. Puzzle through match 3 building games: Build three majestic castles!

This story has many rpg puzzles. Collect numerous precious treasures like gems and jewels. Encounter a myriad of environmental obstacles to overcome. Battle enemies in the castle and use boosters to blast your way through puzzles.

Explore huge castle levels and play this story at your own pace.

★ Play fantasy RPG games free
★ Traverse enormous levels
★ Solve dozens of quests from the townsfolk and hear their story
★ Gorgeous fantasy soundtrack
★ Enjoy fantasy adventure games offline

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 25, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Tamalaki
Price: Free
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Customer review

Roleen Phielix

This game constantly freeze. Get message 'game stopped' I enjoyed the game, but not progressing, frustrating, have to delete it. Cannot play a game like this. Very disappointed

Crystal Haws

Love this game. Can't stop playing.

Ella Carlson

good game so far! Awesome

susanne lewis

Was not bad, but there aren't any castles left for me.

Julie Demais

you can actually play this game so far

Gene Boodt

Fun game, lots of puzzle variety, challenging but not too frustrating. Just wish the ads didn't freeze up my tablet so often.

Remi Webster

I love this game. It's challenging enough to keep my interest without being too frustrating. Best of all, it isn't punitive. If you run out of moves, you can watch an ad. If you run out of moves again, you can watch *another* ad. Same with battles. You lost... would you like to try again? And again? No lives, no timers, no pay-to-win. I can just relax and enjoy some very clever puzzles.

Noemi Martinez

Great game like the graphics on it. l🤗👍

Lisa B

Beautiful graphics, but it's way too small to play on phone. It froze on me as well.

Flora Zuideveld

Wow. Much better match game than most except for being so tiny! Pretty high likelihood of damaging players' eyes, I'd bet. Do you have a "larger print" version on laptop or tablet?!

Kathi Gill

Not too bad. Lots of ads though. Some are helpful. Some are not.

Don Kemp

Your fired.

Ron Pascarella

Reached level 499 and cannot finish it or continue due to a serious flaw in the game.......

Sheila Gadsby

The game kept freezing and shutting down and too many ads.

Fae Rita Wardle

lot's of fun and so much to do!

Chris Harbin

this game is deceivingly hard It may look simple but it's not I'm really enjoying this role playing games it's really fun and easy to pick up on

Stephen Rogers

Brilliant love it

Susan Hiltz

Its a good game. Keeps you playing without any purchases. I'm on level 684, and lately every time I get to the gears, the game won't advance. It stops and freezes. Please fix, or I'll delete.

tanya cook

I like that you have different types of games in 1 game

jason collins

Loaded game and just kept crashing after first level

kay vy

So good and easy going you can't stop playing!! Funny and nice

Carrie Denson

great game, some of the puzzles difficult.

Ruth Pyle

love the same played it all day today

Teresa Eaton

Addicting... love it... can't put it down!

Gwen Vickers

I am on level 1050 and the game is frozen. Checked several time over a week or so and still stuck/unplayable. Also some locks freeze, after unlocking I cannot enter until I restart the game. Otherwise, I have enjoyed playing this game


3 stars for now because the only problem I have with it is that is so small. I already wear glasses and it's hard to see being so small. Need to make the match game bigger and easier to see for people with bad eyesight

Kathy Jackson

I like it

Rina Strydom

Got to level 34 and all of a sudden I'm not able to watch ads to get more moves 😱🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️🤷actually a very nice game but now I'm stuck......pity....

Neil F. Shearman

This got great reviews but who are they. This game is boring, very boring.

Shane T

If I could give this app minus stars, I would. Since the most recent update, this game has been utterly ruined. There have always been ads, that intrude in the game, but now there is barely any game at all, just ad after ad. We are given ten seconds of game time to thirty seconds of ads. If we coud turn the ads off, after five seconds, and get back to the game, it would be worth giving this game a higher rating. Thank you so much for destroying this game.

James Quittenton

Got to feeding the donkey and it froze up and that's at the start waste

Karen Dutton

I like this game. It is challenging without being too frustrating, EXCEPT, some of the in game ads freeze my tablet. The only way to get out of the ad when the ads freeze is to exit the game. The Boars Head ad does this every time. When this happens in the middle of a level, or a Bingo game, it takes away a turn. VERY frustrating. Perhaps those buying ads in the game need to make their ads more user friendly. I am certainly not going to buy a product that kills the game.

Dawn Towe

I played another one of your match 3 games along time ago on wild tangent I loved it the actual adventure is all the matching, it's great. when I started this one I was expecting to collect stuff from the boulders and other decorative objects on the board but nothing happened. the other game I played I collected resorces from like, food.

Lorraine Russell

I think this game is awesome

christina berk

I absolutely love castles I wish I could live in one! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Paul Turner

One of the worst games I've ever played! BORING!

Ivy Hogsed

too hard

Diana Sims

Having to watch ads to move to next level is annoying! Also forcing them to use an in game booster and then forcing them to use hard to get gems to replace it is wrong. If you make them use it, it should be a freebie. Also gameboard is hard to see with those backgrounds! LOTS TO IMPROVE!!!

Brenda Brown

great game

T om Dunbar

good combo,yeah theirs a few ads

Vicki Wittmann

Great until level 17 whete you need 2 silver keys to open the chests. You don't get told how ir where to find them and when you do fluke it you only get one. You will never pass this level. HOW ABOUT DOME PROPER INSTRUCTIONS.

Joanie Kraeger

Well ..going to reinstall and see if the game works without freezing great game, it's great graphics and story line ..BUT ...I got to level 253 I think that was the number I was finishing building my second castle , and the entire game Froze on me just froze up. Had to go completely out of game and go back in , then it froze again. I have deleted ..uninstalled the game . It was fun up to that point , but it keeps freezing, and don't feel like playing anymore. It's ashame's a great game .

matilda mayes

Could you fix this game so I can play it

gorgette motyka

Fun game, but not enough explanations on where to find items, sorry uninstalling. This game is like being put in a locked room with a blindfold.

Susan Watson


Brenda Napier

It locked me out at level60 the game sucks

Julie Leatherbury

Absolutely loveed this game up until level 294. It will not let me open anything. I kept it, updated it and still nothing. Thinking about uninstalling!! I really don't want to but I don't care to start from scratch again!!! I even updated it and it still did'nt work.

Cynthia Reidy

On Level 919 & stuck??? Can only move between portals???Say I have 57 moves but the game won't play???

Dawg 69

I like the game it's better than all the games I tried but everything is so small you have to strain to see your moves to make .

Catherine Shepard

It's a Wonderful game but it gets harder to see the germs on the board it gets smaller and smaller as the level goes up I tried play both of them I suck at every game that's on this Google Play games nice work detail on it I did try though that's why I give you two stars

Robert Koppman

Great gaming experience

Patricia Koenig

This is great game !!! Thanks

Joanne Beard

love this game

Lynn Lisica

This is a dumb game.

Dona Walker

Just too much going on for me. Kept getting confused and frustrated the more I played.

Paul Baker

game frozen

Имхотеп Озирис

First I love this game. But after the last update today April 1-st the game kinda froze. I can't load the castle, I can't transfer the gold from the mine, I can't see what kind of quest I have. I can't even start the new level (413).

Peter Bates

Very enjoyable experience game

Jacqueline Meldrum

New problem this morning 1st April The New castle won't load at the bottom that allows you to build sections and can't transfer gold won on each game to total PLEASE fix as this is a good game

Rich Moore


Zuzi t

Exceptional, relaxing, not pushing any level, adds are very short and rare Finally a great game great graphic, just different. A pleasure to play.

Daniel R Simmons

It is a 7 ✨ ratting I liked it.

amy cooling

The game is really fun, and it has bingo, soduko, and other challenging side games. You can easily get extra life attempts to finish games by watching adds.


Again, Tamalaki outdid themselves. This is SUCH a unique and fun match 3 game. You get through levels quickly, & there are plenty of opportunities to keep playing when out of moves by viewing ads - that are not long. I really like the Bingo game - great rewards. Also, customer support is still as fantastic & caring as ever, and quick to respond. I haven't found a better gaming company, and plan to look into more games they offer. Runefall is great.

Anya woodcock

I love this game

Diane Flynn

This would be a good game if it didnt take forever to load or constantly freeze up .I have installed and uninstalled 3 times to see a diffrence and its always the same results.

Laura Davis

Love it! Beautiful graphics!

Latiaha Roberts

like this game could minus dome ads

Janet Dear

Another addictive game love it 👍💖😁

Beverly Mae Pickett

I like the challenges of the games. At about level I stumbled on how to build the castles, feed Princess and use the bombs and lightening to advance in the game. The game was more exciting after my discovery. I was about to remove the game. Please give more instructions to future players on how to actually build and maintain the castles and keep Princess happy. I think that will give new players a happier game to play. Thank you. bmp

Fran Mitch

it's ok just alot of ads but that's understandable with free games. a few of the mini games are glitchy though

Neil Gregory

Stop me if you've read this review before... An excellent game but FAR too many ads. I'd like to continue with this but I'm uninstalling. What incentive do people have to play when there are ads for 30 seconds every five minutes? 98% of games here suffer from the same problem.

Bella Spirit

Not your average Match3 game. Great game play if you like to think a little.


As much as I love this game I will delete it just as I have Runefall because unfortunately this company has recently become more interested in money than anything else. While they do have a few ads, you end up having to spend money no matter what. Very disappointed with this company.

teddi Kopcha

not enough directions

Jon Carpenter

It is Irish matching fun!

Kathy Schweiger

Toooooo many adds. Uninstall

abha agrawal

It's Magic😍😍

Phyllis Anderson

good game keeps you on your toes.

Vivienne Bell

great game nice change from run of the mill match 3

Alice Hall

I ❤ this game u have too try it

Cheri carpenter-silva

nowhere that you can get any real help. sometimes you get stuck on board and you can't figure out how to get off of it! if this was not the case I would have given it more stars

Dana Straker

Just installed this game again and the commercials for double coins does not work! And had to uninstall and reinstall because it froze again!!! WILL DO!

M Ethridge


Vanessa Göransson

I love it

Early Onion

A simple yet wonderful game. I like having a donkey. I like the mini games (especially the estate one) and the puzzle inside the levels. Pipes and cogwheels are my fave. Character illustrations are also lovely. And it is an interesting concept to maintain castles for extra moves.

Greg Potter

Ripped off for 4.99 payment. Bought the special 3 package. Have the receipt. Got no gems or anything. No way to contact company.

Zaida Mercado

love it !! it's addictive.

Rude Gyal

very good for stress

echo lux

I just spent $15 to remove ads since this is one of the only match threes I've ever liked. I am at level 100 and it just glitches out and crashes every single time. I've tried clearing cache and data and reinstalling. please fix

Diana Hecht

So far a thoroughly enjoyable game.

Bess Samantha

OH WOW well done this game is brilliant and the game play is brilliant a lot of work,time and thought has gone into this game so Thank You you have ensured my sleepless nights will be filled with something to do. Match 3 added with extra puzzles thrown in what more can we ask for nothing this is the best match 3 I have played in a very long time.

Elise Mawbey

Fun & intetesting. Different maps attribute to keeping things fresh, not mundane by any means. Couple glitches around level 350 but easy enough to figure out & work thru. LOVING the "side puzzles" which break up any monotony. Am very pleased.

Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc

Cute game, but I don't care about building/repairing/feed, etc.

katarina söderberg


Angela Ball

I really liked the game but it kept stopping on me and I'd have to go out and come back in.

chrishawna dillard

great game

Laura Kennedy

I love this game (I even play the PC versions.) But the app doesn't seem to work with the Samsung SPen. I have to use a separate soft tip stylus, which doesn't work all the time. I chose a stylus device for its accuracy- much better than my fingers! Runefall works just fine with the SPen - will there be an update that will help this?

Miss Mary

I love it I can play for hours lot of fun and very relaxing I forget that I'm playing

Colby Miles

I just started but just out of curiosity why would a king wanna play tennis in the freezing cold?