Matchday Football Manager Game

Author: Playsport Games

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Become a football manager. Assemble a squad of football superstars and climb to the top of the soccer manager world.

This is a new and fresh football manager game. This is a football management game unlike any other.

Take charge of your own club built around you. Play matches when YOU want. Test your football manager credentials against players from around the world in exclusive live competitions.

Assemble a squad of real-world football superstars, pick the tactics and make match-winning substitutions as you attempt to climb to the top of the soccer manager pyramid.

You’ll design the kit, build the stadium, and nurture your players. There are so many ways to improve your team and become the best soccer manager!

You’ll be matched against a real opponent in every game! Fight your way to the top of the league and try to win promotion. You’ll need to master your tactics if you want to be the best footballer manager!

Qualify for the top competitions and make split-second soccer manager decisions as you go head-to-head in exciting live PvP matches!

Procedurally-generated landscapes mean your stadium is completely unique to you, and that no two away matches will ever be alike!

Come out on top, eleven players on the pitch and one football manager. Be the best in this awesome football management game.

This football management game features:
– Multiplayer matches.
– Unique stadium locations for every team.
– Train your players like a professional soccer manager.
– Test your football management skills.

Now the time to improve your football management skills in this exciting new football game.

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Customer review

Jon Egan

So fixed i can win the league but when it comes to cup match you always loose every time sorry but this needs to be a bit more fair

leslie goller

Not bad

Jamie Pearce

I really enjoy this game and id give it 3.5 if i could but there is so much you can do to this game to make it far better. I just dont understand how when your playing a match a ST is running up the pitch, no defenders around him its a 1 on 1 with the GK and the ST passes it back towards his own goal! Nonsense and it happens in EVERY match. I could offer so much to this game.

Philopateer Sameh

Add worldc

Andrew Clark

Only one thing wrong with this game. Neither of my phones can add friends to my friend list from the links they send in Facebook. Otherwise, a fun, challenging game.


the gameplay is too random. the ball physics looks like I'm playing snooker

Pete Schupbach

Total joke. Scripted from A to Z. You win when the Script says you win. Same with Loss or Draw. There is absolutely nothing you can do to change the outcome of the game. 1 Star. Rubbish.

Amirul Firdaus

Have good experience but not for long. You will get lose and lose if you do not use any money into the game. The rewards take to much time and it so miniscule. Pay2win all the if you want to compete with other players or whalers. It just sad.

U Ko Lay


Cameron Webb

One of the worst games. Do NOT play it. LEVEL 1 is full of teams that cheats. VERY POOR MATCHMAKING ESPECIALLY IN THE LEVEL 1. CUP is better. Super cup and Champion Cup both could still be better. Level 1 needs a huge mountain of work. Super league probably needs even more work like 3 times as much as Level 1.

Parker Stephenson

After updated it yesterday, got crashed before next match. Please fix it. TQ. Good job!

Roselle Eremoje

love it

sebulon mukenge


Marcus Thompson

Not sure why but all of a sudden it crashes after every match .disappointing as its a great game

Pop d


Eko Rambitan

Such a laggy app. Too many forced log out and freeze screen. Never had any issue with my other bigger sized games.

Josef Karuhongue

is nice gamr

trt ertugrul by mistake

Bad game

Mohd Amir

it's a good game however playing against the same opponents is making it boring. need to be more dynamic.


I love d game , Pls add few more formation and tactics.

ahmad faishol

Kinda boring, does not have depth whatsoever

Ben Sasi

I really like the game. I've been playing for less than a month and it's well made! Like the Mix of live games and the leagues. The only reason I gave u 4 stars it's the high prices for PRO pass and the store... I think better deals needed. Besides that I really enjoy it. And thank you with the support ticket. Got fixed in no time

Puni Yuvaa


Abdelrahman Ahmed

The game is fun and it's simple but after the lastest update it's extremely extremely lagging now after the update a hate the game

Hamid Soltanpoor


Si Thomas

Pretty decent game overall for casual play. However latest update is riddled with bugs. Game crashing during matches, gets stuck on loading screen after matches, cannot access Stadium as wants to download and install new locations but just hangs. Left installation of locations for 10 mins and still stuck there. Hope they fix asap

Faisal radi

great , need players store

Tim Swindall

Love this game,easy to play and great the stadium build option.

Amoako Stephen Junior

3d please

Guta Taffarr

Great game

Craig Evans

Amazing game five out of five stars definitely 10 out of 10 if you want to play you loads of football⚽⚽⚽⚽

king zack

Very annoying game I's baad....I don't found where strategy where rate player better... always lose...and win with my players all injury...sure? Come on fix this game... don't be like game broken

Boy Abdullah



This game has lots of bugs, the world rankings doesn't pay out the coins. I'm done.

Michael Gould

I wish they would have made a 3dgameplay would have gave 5n star

Dominic Pilling

Was fun, just impossible to win when get to super league, team chemistry means nothing and neither does playing style. All a little bit pointless after the first few seasons

Damian Smith

Game says that to connect to playstore which I am but it keep crashing So I'm lost to what I have to do......

Sean M

Uninstalled this game, absolutely shocking, you could have a team way higher and lose in 5 games in a row, the system is rigged, heading towards goal and the team decide to pass it all the way back to the keeper, worst game on the app store

Zelder Rogers

what a good game to play I would recommend it to anyone



Saju Ah

Good buzz

Abner Joel

good game

Moua 95

Cest simple. Facile à jouer. Peut encore mieu faire en proposant peut etre plus d'option comme dire aux joueurs quoi faire.

Andy Cartwright

Good game but could be better no point in ratings or cohesion mean nothing keeper will either advance when opposition attack or standstill when they shoot.You start the first half of a season great and then after halfway point your team suddenly become useless forwards forget how to shoot and team will not do anything even ypur defenders will pass the ball to an opposition forward and it will say it was his teammate!!

George C

Great management game

Alex Plenty

The game is basically pay to win, even if you have the better team statically you'll lose if you haven't put any money into the game. This is unfortunate as I liked the game to begin with

Alexander Williams

This game is awesome. A really playable game. Not the sort of game where you have to pay for it, you can play for free if you want and still have a lot of fun.

Fritz Maluleke

Game is fun at start, till you realize that it's designed to make you spend serious real cash. Game play is fairly easy to understand and build a proper team but it's design to make you lose and spend money

Muhd Nas

it nice from now

Inon Hadad

I cant even load


This game is so stupid they keep giving you the same low level players you already sold and you won't win the championship against high level players

simon kaye

Top quality game but would be better if you could play friendly's against other teams and no injuries or tired players after the game

Nana Kwesi Forson

Soo nice to play

mun maria

i ilike this game but it is west my time as i bild


Pay to win.

Adi Purwono

Bad simulations

Syed Hameed

So nice 😍

ali al moussawy

Make it 3D it will be nice more than now and make online game only 1 game on day at any time

Benjamin Appiah

Nice game

Craig Verrall


Stephen Holdsworth

This game is absolutely useless there is no relevance to the results when you start moving up the leagues you can't sign the player's you need and when you're playing your matches live the results are nothing less than shocking the graphics are like something from 1980 don't waste your money

Muhamad Syafiq Nasir

Good idea, very poor executions. The programmer doesn't have the basic knowledge about football and how it is played. - Goalkeeper do not chase the ball when striker attacks - Players keep passing to each other in front of goal - What is the use of cohesion and overall rating, when you can lose to a mediocre team with score 3-0 with 3 goals in the last 15 minutes.

Jason Glenn

Good at the start but it's now so frustrating. Player skills & cohesion mean nothing, it's simply pot luck

Martyn Gore

This is a really fun game to start and easy to learn, however big improvements needed in the match engine as some of the play is totally random like free kicks on half way line and your players just pass the ball to nk mans land and out of play for a throw in , also and the main point is I'm now in league 1 and now have noting to spend my cash on I now have half million cash, where as at the start I could use this for training n scouting now can only be done with coins so forcing me to pay

Freshey Chea

real gud

Isaac Dudulia

I love it

Cows Are Cool

I find it very fun just sittig around and watching fake soccer players

Faisal Shiddiq

Bad football game ever

Ali Davari

This game is so great


Superb concept and poor game. Game is predicted, i think goal keeper is a sticker 🤣🤣 what ever goalkeeper u have , opponent can simply score. Game is totally waste,


Good game but they should add the youth option and official football players

John Low

good aspect and easy to follow play but live games keep crashing or losing connection. should bring changable position traits etc but does get bring after so long playing

Denes Trestyanszki

If you stop paying you stop winning. Full pay to win game. Has lots of bugs, now i just got a goal from behind the all started nice, but since I do not put there money, I am loosing even against much worse teams constantly

Frimpong Yawnana

Very nice App

Thomas Sempurai

Every player no matter how you build them is just bunch of Harry Maguire(s), terrible defensively. And strikers never shoots.

Dar Wil

good game

Mohamed Metwaly


Chevi Ho-Asjoe

The update has literally ruined the editing of the stadium. Why should i pay again and wait days just to change my stadium from "curve" to "straight"?? Fix this

Alan Mellor

Good game but freezes and don't show most of the content of the game

Kn4cka (Kn4cka)

I love this game but there seems to be a major bug, how can I be in the final of the champions Cup waiting for the result because, you know, no one likes to accept the challenge of playing you live! then I log in the next day to see if I won, only to find out that I'm back in the group stage with no games played and no points on the board, this needs looking at. and one more thing, can we have an option to pick the colour of our stadium, not based on the strip we pick

Amin Rouh


David Price

pay to win but fun if you don't mind spending a little. UI is attractive but if you can't buy a few packs you won't make it outta the fourth tier or be able to upgrade your stadium 🏟️ I think the game is well done and I don't mind paying. 5 bucks here or there for extra packs but the vip is too expensive, like more than a basic Netflix or Hulu account monthly?? That's just a bit much. Still glad the game was created it's a lot of fun!

Imran Khan


Leigh Pogmore

Boring. This is just a click game. No matter how much better your team is than the opposition. It's just luck if you win or not. Barely any tactics to the game. Continues to give you the same low standard of players so you have to spend money to improve them or get better ones through packs. That still don't always give you good players. You can have the best squad in the league but still be relegated as you continue to lose. Also when building your ground you can't see the pitch in match.

Nino V

Why cant i get connected to the game i was playing no i cant for some it keeps telling me i have problem with google and too check my playstore it all looks awrigth with me on my side .maybe there is a problem with the game on your side or you servers..

300 men Ug

Nice nice game

Jadin Singh

Best game ever

Tafara Vincent Mhundwa

Pls add an offline league

Yenenesh Muluken

It is so cool

Andy Mustin

Fun game but the rewards required to train players is stupid especially when I can go from league 5 to super league In a week and then coming up against teams better then me and I have no way to improve my players

Francisco Molina

Pay to play

ruhallah Ashouri


Aiman andra


Md nahid Hosen


Chris McEntaggart

I have a problem i was in a live super league game i was winning 3-0 and the screen says waiting on opponent I've been waiting a good few minutes at this stage and i can't progress with the game i am only playing a day and have put €15 into it already. Can someone please help what can i do?

Muhammad Azri Bin Saharudin

This game is good but I would like to give some suggestion. 1. Costum colors for jerseys and logos 2. Set home and away kits 3. Set city and stadium name 4. Set jersey number

Hairyatie Taman Bukit Pasir

Nice and simple.. Santai2...

Craig Kinlan

Really awful unrealistic game.

Shimotsuki Nikushimi

boring game ever

Nicholas Gehrt

Pretty cool footy manager, wish there was options to change cohesion arrows for players or a way to train it.