The chef needs your help to become famous. Overcome the obstacles and combine amazing power-ups to complete fun and challenging levels! Unlock wonderful restaurants over and over again by playing fun match-3 levels! Join in now and enjoy the fun!

Plan your moves by matching 3 or more objects in a row and use boosters wisely to solve these amazing puzzles! Make delicious pudding and collect avocados in thousands of levels guaranteed to leave you wanting more!

You’ll encounter incredible obstacles: an oven, crispy cookies, ripe avocado, and even a kitten! Hurry up and cut the baguette, make delicious pudding and create a rice panda!

Features of Match Cafe:

Collect your own collections, get delicious bonuses and incredible rewards!

Log in daily to win new challenges! Get boosters to help you complete the levels!

Crush cookies, burst avocados, collect ingredients and more!

Get stars for completing levels to build your own restaurant!

Collect coins and special treasures!

Get to the top of the leaderboard and compare your score with friends and competitors!

Match Cafe can be played for free, but some items can be purchased for real money.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Aug 4, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Price: Free
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Customer review

Helen Taylor

love this game best one by far

Helen Cutting

fabulous game

Deedra Towns


Marie Nichol


Susan m Sterle

love the game

Deryck john Campbell


julia greene

I love this game its alot of fun

Patricia Henson

You stole my money. $9.99 to be exact for the extra prizes and now you want another $9.99 for it. You are a bunch of thieves!!! Anyone thinking about playing this game or games from this company, beware. Do Not buy anything as they pocket the money but you dont get the thing you paid for. I paid $9.99 plus tax for a chefs pass. They kept the money but I received no pass. I have written them several times to request my money back or the pass but they just ignore me with no response. They are thie


Love this game but is there a way to pay for ad-free?? I made a purchase and the ads seemed to go away but now they're back.

Ather Mirza

The Game Is Perfect And I Enjoyed It , But It Contain Lod Of Advertisements Which Is Not Good Indeed I Like To Give 5 Stars Ratting Because Of Lod Of Ad's I'm Giving Only 1... Now I'm Deleting This Game

Christina Shaw


Demetria Hawkins

Game quit at lev. 514. I wá enjoying it

Michelle Agron

like it

kay baker

Don't pay for the 1 month pass. You will never get extra moves or spins even after the pass is over.

A Google user

Really cool game, love it.

Chad S

Uninstalled lv 256 pay to play.

Lea Nissen

nice and relaxing game


Not Bad

Josie Mason

It's just like all the other games, lots and lots of ads! It gets impossible too win unless you go out and come back then it lets you win. But only for one game because it guess back to not letting you win. Ugh!! Close to deleting it!!! Just like the rest!!

Yvette neal

smooth gameplay. love the graphics

Linda lindawilkinson5664


Terence Agnew

Great exciting game with good graphics and good gameplay skills very addictive game once started 👌

Petie Ussery Jr

great game

Aaran Bye

This Magical Perfect Top Addictive Game I am playing is so Cool to Play it. I am so A ddicted to it already

Philip Dacles Lama


Yvonne Crawford

fun game

Mara Robbins Couch

fun, relaxing, concentrating

Jamie Cavana

it's a fun game gives me something to do on my days off from work.. I love it

Charles Parker

Fun game!

Loraine Roets

like it so far

Cynthia Degerlund

Absolutely kid friendly! You don't need to spend a lot of money on this game to have fun! I have no complaints about this match 3 game!

Tawon Ar

ภาพสวยสดใสดี เกมลื่นไหล เล่นได้เพลินๆเรื่อยๆ ถ้าเปิดเน็ตเล่นจะมีโฆษณาเด้งมาบ่อยๆ ถ้าปิดเน็ตก็คงไม่มีแล้วมั้ง ปล.สร้างกลุ่มไม่ได้ ไม่รู้ทำไม แอปชองค้างอะ เล่นผ่านด่านละ แต่ค้างอยู่อย่างนั้น เซ็ง

Sheila Clark

Love this, not too difficult for us oldies!


Fun, great game to pass the time

George Westfall

fun game

Coaching with Cheri

Can't stand all the instruction. Uninstalled almost immediately.

Laurie Lewis

Fun and relaxing game.

Joy Joy

just like all the other games. It's not challenging for awhile and just like the others, it's boring.

Burrell Hill

The best match 3 available. Very generous with power-ups and coins. Not a $$ grab like every other game today.

phyllis dednam

Enjoying the game so far. Experiencing no problems whatsoever..no glitching or lagging

Michael Bittner

there needs to be a skip button to skip tutorials

Dan Crossan


Patrick Hughes

this game is ok l spots

Ivelisse Alvarez

me gusta el juego


relaxing game

Jay Chawda

This game is about matching food and learning about coming home to cook and how to cook and clean everything that you need to bring and buy groceries from the store to get

Michael Barfield

I like this game but you have to spend s lot of money why???

Joseph Brooker

Great Cafe.

Patty Spangler

love these, so much fun.

Nieshea Willams


Heather Jennix


Latonya Williamson

a long ways away from home tonight ❤️‍🔥💯💥

Samantha Jayne Millward

I've lost all my progress and I'd been playing the game for a couple of weeks now why did it do that

James Proctor

so far it's been pretty decent. I don't get bored because it's two games wrapped up into one. I Love it 👍 👍Ooooops, I got it mixed up with another game. this one is Great also 👌 and I Love it too 👍👍✌✌

John Williamson

a1 great game thanks

Lillian Caraballo

just started playing..graphics really cute n fun

Dolores Mccomber

very cut game and fun to play

Bijay Das

Excellent Game for time pass. Thank you.

Kasandra Hursey

Game keeps freezing or slowing down.. uid 158363

Wendy Norton

I downloaded match chef the other day and I love playing the matching game it's so much fun

Sue Short

great game!

Gwendolyn McKnight


Cynthia Lemmo

Its a cooking game

Crystal Novak

this game is really awesome. I would recommend it to friends and family!

DoYour Research

Uninstalled, absolutely fed up of it crashing, especially when I've spent all my boosters and about to win! End up starting Iver with nothing. Absolute joke!

Arlene Mitchell

Great Graphics &Game Design! As the chef in the game says "Perfecto" 👌Love it So far So Good Game is still constantly freezing Very Sad

Joy Kitchens

I loved the game until i got to level 514 then the screen turned black and now i cant play...sad do better

Jay Tait

love it

Jasmine Haywood


Dan Beardsworth (Beadsy)

Hunger games is a con won 4 on a row lost then won 5 in a row and lost its impossible

Kelly Jordan

Top game graphics are good fun to play

Faye Moyer

Love the game. Got to level 808 and it says to break the plates. There are no plates.

tracy james

Takes to long to load after each level,is fine now but not a happy camper with no choice for decorating so its still a bad game----------when player gets to pick what design then i will be back

hridoy khan


Dolores Johnson

Didn't play

Judith Carreon

Derulo venas

Cecilia primera

it and cool

Jacqueline Payton

love it's

Gail Mellish

I love this game its great and fun to play

Kamanchi Enyong

I love playing the game but I'm now blocked on level 514 due to an error in the game my game shows nothing but the color blocks no plates no shelves I cannot proceed to level 515

Dawn Greenhill

If it wasn't for the game lagging every couple of levels it have a whole lot better rating

Andy Meza

tel sa CoOkin

Rhodes2 Rio

Worst game I have ever played.

maram al-rjoub

لعبه رائعه ☺️😍

Santi Pudin

very good

Carolyn Williams

Error logging in with Facebook connect want connect with Facebook saying error it's not my phone thanks developers for fixing Facebook connect but i wish we could choose the decor designer it would be much better but it's interesting it's good right now but if it starts putting ads in I'm going to uninstall it right away it's fine the way it is without ads but if the ads starts I'm out of here

Lori McFarland

it freezes some tybit but all and all it's a a good game

Judy Martin

In 16 levels, game froze three times. Uninstalling.

Robert “Robie” Beatty

Love this game. It's relaxing n fun. I just wonder why my game is freezing up on most levels

daksha malkari


Susan Williams

At first I love it until Level 534, start not working , u need check it out ☹☹☹

Allison Moreno

Fun little matching game, I love it, no errors, just love matching and renovating the little cafe

Caroline Idele

A very cute interesting game.. Ty. God Bless..

Philip Davies

Was enjoying game but after I purchased no ads, suddenly became a lot more difficult with a lot less rewards. No longer option to watch ads for extra moves also. Disappointed. Update : Can't find anywhere to update advertisement Id

Renee Jordan

great game 👍

Denice Jones

It's fun to play

Christopher Gates

pretty fun game

Diana Rosamond

Love this game it's fun to play keep up the great work. 🙂🙂😇

Smriti Chettri


Charlie Bertie

Good hame