Marble Master: Match 3 & Shoot

Author: Teewee Games

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The brand-new match 3 bubble shooter game! Shoot balls, solve puzzles, decorate the ship and earn coins.

Marble Master is a match-3 bubble shoot game, which breaks the border of the traditional marble game, a creative fusion of marble game and dramatic adventure experience. Using the power of marble to defeat the monsters that guard the treasures, and achieve the title of the greatest adventurer and the Marble Master.

✔ Classic gameplay. Beat interesting levels by matching marble balls, relive the classic Zumba gameplay.
✔ Dramatic plot design. See the interaction between Esther and Mr. Mask — their chemistry makes you laugh.
✔ Novel treasure puzzle. Numerous magic treasures with different solutions for unlocking them. You can exhibit them in your private museum.
✔ Ship Decoration. Dress up your deck and cabin with beautiful furniture. A handsome ship is always a good travel partner.
✔ Uncover fantastic events. Save the birds or begin a desert tour, enrich your journey.

• Tap the screen and shoot marbles! Easy peasy!
• Match at least three marbles to blast them, to stop them from the suction of the vortex.
• Complete various level targets! Don’t worry! Not a big deal for a marble game fan!
• Complete the level and collect treasures from the jungle, desert, Iceland, and volcano; fill your museum collection!



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File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 23, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Teewee Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sirk Bryant


James Aviles

it's addictive, I love it

julia greene

this game is alot of fun I love it

Linda A. Novak

I tried this for the first time and I like it. you have to think fast of which balls you want to eliminate. you have to be fast.

Dianne Kaplan

this is similar to an old school game I played as a kid! really enjoying it.

Ferio Bioiop

Seems like a fun game but didn't get too far into it as it didn't seem colour blind friendly..

Barbara Kirk

It's a fun game to play and challenging

Gaurav Panchal



а можно ещё более долгое и нужное обучение сделать? а то так хорошо без кнопки пропустить... оч долго картиночки сменяются и куча лишней анимации. убивалка времени? да. большую часть вы будете просто ждать

Yousaf Ertugrul

wow this amazing game i'm enjoyed

Cel ē

really nice game

Nitin Baviskar Shirpur

Lovely 😍

Jainul Abedin

good game

Rohan Campbell

just started but it's great so far,love these types of games

Beth Ewers

I love it

yamin memon


Nisar Ahmad


Harmony Hannivan

Not to bad just started the game

Dadra 140

Trace released game

Shakeela banu

I thought it be show how many seconds we play just started now level 5

Roosyvelt Rusimo

awesome am enjoying it

jam jam


Khairi Azhar

amazing game

Rocheno Fonceca

Yeah 💪💯

Vangie Maurin

marble master

Grace Nyambosi

Yhhfukb Ki

Anita Hasan

good and back

Tommy Walk

It's really good game

mandy bond

Great game follower of the original Zumba only problem the game has started to crash after every level so now really disappointed

Emily Michelle Pounds

easy great game for my 7 year old

Vaibhav Goel

Nice game... I Liked it very much.. Only problem is we can't replay levels..

Paula Randels

really fun game. where are the new animals you keep promoting in?

Quitisha Scott

I should not be seeing ads when I paid for no ads. I can't even see the bottom of my screen while playing the game. When it is fix I will change my review.

Amber Andrews

Pay to have no ads, get an ad bar at the bottom that doesn't allow you to use your boosts or see your tool bar. LAF.


I haven't been playing this game very long but was enjoying it, but I have no new missions or new events and it was suppose to have been updated in September. When will new missions or events come

w miller

I Love It! Lots of Fun!

indah ndanda

Please update the level. I already got level 650.

Nisarg Kapadiya

Good concept of shooter + decor, graphics are good as well good job guys:)

Morgan Potter

love it so much!

Saiqa Naz

is very nice 👍

Sreeramulu Sreeramulu

Hi super gaming

M. Diane Thetford

easy for anyone to play and learn how to learn.


It's cool for me.

Amanda Murphy

Looking forward to more levels. I'm was seriously surprised at how few there are. You should consider making a redesign where we can go back and redo levels we got less then 3 stars on.

Tatjana M.

It gets stuck all the time, too many adds, I'm afraid I'll have to uninstall it.

priyadarshini dakshinamurthy

Gets stuck after each game, u need to restart the game to play next level...disappointed....

Abdallah Zahran


Marsha Shorts

Fun Zumba type of game. End level animation gets frustrating because it slows things down but overall what I wanted and expected from the game based on ads and as a long time Zumba and Luxor (yeah I'm that old) game player. My main complaint is there's no way to get rid if the ads that pop up between levels. I'd happily pay for the game or purchase an upgrade package if it would get rid of the ads.

Tawon Ar

ภาพสวยดี สีสันสดใส เฟอร์นิเจอร์เป็นแบบตกแต่งอนุมัติไม่มีให้เลือก ตอนนี้เล่นถึงด่านที่ 8 มีโฆษณาเด้งมา 1 อัน ด่านที่ 11 อีก 1 อัน ไม่รู้ว่าถ้าปิดเน็ตเล่นจะได้ไหมนะ

Aqmar Aziz

nice and peaceful

Jenafor 1wash

I didn't like the graphics at all.

Jacquie Robinson

This game makes ME VERY HAPPY!!!!!!!! If I'm a little Stressed, when I play Marble Master my Stress level comes down! I feel RELAXED & CALM!!!! TRY IT!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!! 😚😍🥰

Edith Stoveken


Raymond Mathiesen

fast fun game

Andrew Bartlam

very fast paced game with good game play and great graphics



jessy workman

Best game of this type since original Zuma. Sadly I'm about ready to delete because it crashes every other level.

Vaishali sanap


Soe Myanmar


Paula Arthur


Craig Horner

Gets entirely too fast too soon makes the game unplayable.

Batumbula Paul


Sandy Sanchez

love the game

rohit gupta


C Aa

Only way to play & progress is ads, ads, ads, spend, spend, spend. That = uninstall

Marelize Crouse


Faruk Zuwaira

it's a good game

Divya Velu


Mardi Wells

Got to level 630 and no more to play. Really disappointed now. Says I need to wait for more levels to come soon. Thumbs down 👎

Michael Cuff

They want a 5 star rating before the 6th board, why not give me a chance to play the game for awhile?

Official Starfish

So fun! Very addictive

Reziny Johnny

great game

Luka 2000


Muddam Prasad


Shilpa Guleria

Good game

Firoz Khan


Rhonda Hayes

This game is cool

Hareem Abro

It's a great game but after 630 levels there is nothing. Haven't got a quest in a while either and the ship is complete too. Not sure what to do about it now.

Mamatha Dinesh



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syahrendy ric


Suhas Gorhe

Good game

Robin Chapman

I like the game but adds after every round violets my annoyance code. I understand why you have them but way way to many.

Sponge Rainbow

Brings back memories

Anila Mansoor

best game

Maricor Valle

239 level is not working


I am stuck at level 630. Now is there any more levels or not? Also I am stuck in a loop with Mission Please update

Jennifer Garant

Love this game

Albe Ati

It stops in the middle of playing . Jst downloaded it last night & played this morning; crashed 3x already.. it's fun though but it jst crashes so i really can't enjoy it..

Tayyab Mushtaq

Not fb login

Jasmine Padilla

I like it but am honestly expecting more levels because at some point the stars are useless because you'll spend it again and again in one room and it'll start all over again. It would also just show the sea and no other buttons after a level. I have to exit because there's no next one.

Rachel Brundidge

Game keep kicking me out

Muhammad Yousuf

Amazing game 🤩

nisha jain


Ahsan Khan

very slow game😡

Farhan Aziz


Gwendolyn McKnight


Teresa P

Love these games. Good excuse to chill out while on a break at work.

Yolanda Crystal Wedlow

beautiful game

Sharolyn Watson

good game