Mana Monsters: Free Epic Match 3 Game

Author: Outerdawn Limited

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Mana Monsters is a completely new take on match 3 puzzle games! Combining RPG elements, immersive story, world exploration, and monster collection – topped with epic PvP battles.

Start your fantasy adventure today!

Lead your monsters to the victory by matching colorful gems and creating epic combos!

Experience detailed monsters, unique special skills, epic loot, powerful combos, and visual effects in a majestic fantasy world!

Rebuild your Camp, where you can Hatch, Craft, Join Factions or Engage in Drafts!

Summon tons of mighty legendary monsters!

Build the perfect monster team and discover their special powers!

Clash in intense match-3 RPG battles in Epic PVP and Boss Fights!

Unlock powerful skills, runes, and boosters to blast your way to the top!

Craft legendary runes to help your monsters in battle!

Engaging story full of mystery and intrigue. Collect stars and unlock secret levels!

Be the HERO of the story in this QUEST to COLLECT all the LEGENDARY Mana Monsters! Join players from around the WORLD in this epic puzzle RPG adventure! Master colorful match-3 battles.

Do you have what it takes to hatch tons of cute monsters and beat the bad guys as you uncover the hidden secrets of the mysterious Underland?

Download today and start your adventure!

Mana Monsters is completely free to download and play, some game items may be purchased for real money. To disable this, turn off the in-app purchases in your device settings.

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Detailed info

File size: 126M
Update time: July 22, 2021
Current version: 3.11.8
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Outerdawn Limited
Price: Free
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Customer review



Samantha Nolan

Brilliant game

maizatul1993 maizatul1993


edward chee

Good and fun to play game. Could be improved even further by adding more coop features such as weekly boss, event stage,, guild system, friend list and so on to improve interaction between players!

Diego basierto


Joshua Stephens

I love it its fun i have uninstallded it a cople of times but always get it back ps crunchy crunchy but it dont fly it folds ma mana mana dont jiggle jiggle it folds

Gavin Gaskins

Because it good

crunchy crunchy

Good game so far, however whenever I watch an ad or go off the app for a second, the sound stops playing completely, until I reboot the game.

Apila Sangtam

Actually its a great game but it takes a lot of time to load plus Monsters r so cute ,it is super Love this game ❤


Overall, not bad. I like how they handle ads. They are optional and the benefits are a nice addition but not necessarily needed. This game is good if you have several minutes to kill here or there, so I don't mind the key limit. Daily rewards are nice too. I do wish though there was a way to upgrade rank one monsters. Right now they're pretty much basic upgrade fodder only. Even if their perks would be limited compared to other ranks, they would be more useful to have.

Daniel De La Rosa

Winning !!!

Edd Simoun Poblete

Four maybe because of maybe of coins problem and it's maybe a year to have a mythic if using 2700 gems in daily and weekly quest

Shaik Shahid un Nawaz


Harihara Sudhan

Fun and entertainment

Regina Kilton

I really enjoy this game. Collecting monsters, match 3 game play, and pvp. Happy, happy, joy,joy.

Theara Norton

I whounta play

Robin Nikki Baker-WeeDon

Fun game to pass the time, enjoy the cute characters. Only reason for a 4star is, since you have to use a key to open your chest, you use them up fast, & then it cost 75 diamonds for just 3 keys. Should be more like 5 keys for 50 diamonds. Getting more XP pts for each level would be good too.


It's a good game but too many S class monsters and I can't even get my monsters to that class which is a shame as I've been playing this game for a very long time.

Billy Hammock

Love it. Best game I played this year

Ed Edwards

I don't understand how to play the game

Mamie Sawyer Brewer

Best game ever

david brazier

Very good

Stephen Rae

Really good - I love it


Terrible hate it

Green Fox Wind

Fun so far

Jeff Beltran

Not progressing at 70% on the loading page,this game is unique and fun to play,hope that this will be fixed,already have plenty of mythic monster.

Bank Chak

The game is very good but hte gems are very hard to find and to summon it cost too much gems

Elijah Rodriguez

It is a great 3 block puzzle game

Jack Blanchard IV

The downloading is long but a fun game Its really cool it ispires me to make my own monsters 👻. THIS APP IS AWSOME

N.krishna kishore


Latanya Timmonds

This game is awwwwwesome! Keep up the good awwwwesome work u r doing to this very well brought out game! U all rock!😁

Lorda Cajimat

I don't know what to type

Jonathan Williams

Not sure if the monsters evolve yet but they should. Monster bosses shouldn't cost keys just to enter that seems a bit much. Also not sure if there is an option to not use keys to open a chest after every level but this is something that should be optional considering it cost keys to access boss levels. Aside from that a decent game. Almost an excellent balance of strategic puzzle play and battle style. Not bad at all. This game has the makings of being more than good


Awesome game but it's missing the feature too make guild's/team's!! Would love it if you added this, thank you :))

arvin agullana

Very little movement of tiles. But, very impressive game.

Jill Bulloch

I have had several issues but they are taking a lot of time to deal w me and fix it so that i can still have fun w this game xxoo

Bee Bee

I don't like mythical creatures because they are weak.

Niti Sharma

It is updating now I have deleted the game and download again however this is one of the favorite game for me he has a place in my heart

Arpidi Domingo

Hoping someday make evolving this monster it's great.

August Coguangco

Try this cool promise

Derek Powell

Gameplay is a lot of fun, most monster designs are extremely unique, but needing THREE keys to battle bosses is a little steep. The level up system is nice, but i wish it were easier to make monsters stronger

Jody Dickens

I Love Playing Mana Monsters

Matthew Dale

A fantastic original game with awesome art and story and a great balance of upgrades, fighting and rewards. Thank you for this, a great fun and inspirational experience.

michael reinard

I think this game is simply addictive. It doesn't have many unnecessary complexity but gives the feeling of owning and raising the monster. It's a fast paced game with constantly raising bar of challenges. I really love this game. I'd really love it if the faction store has the multibuy function though, it's quite time-consuming to buy one token each times when you really have a lot of token. Appreciate it if you could add that function.

Widia Ariawan


Theomana Mcallister

This game is really good I just hate it when it keeps on loading forever when I have 4-5 bars of wifi that's really unfortunate for your game.

Gladys Pardosi

Ini game enak

Jonathan Villacorta

Mana Monsters: Free pi_

Eric Capdevila

Really good so far! I love the monster animations all so unique for each one of them, it is nice for once to see this amount of detail. The battle concept is a refreshing take of the match three, it's really fun!

Mohammed asad khan


Nathan Allison

Great game! Perfect combination of Merge meets Match.

Chei Eusebio

Is there a possibility to evolve a monster like Clankjaw into a strong one like Rambotron? Are those kind of monsters are only enemies??

Valerie Kuntschik

Just by looking at it it looks amazing the starters of it look amazing the monsters look like amazing the launcher's left amazing everything looks amazing who looks better then pokemon and digimon well not really but you get the point.

7Q7 Respect

Very insignificant but necessary functions, when opening eggs by clicking on the screen, quickly skip the preview, and also when activating monster tokens, you need to activate each time not one at a time, but immediately as many as the number of tokens allows! P.S. There are so many nuances in the game, I have described only a couple of them!

kieran lee-murphy

The game is very addictive but they need lower the cost of the items in the shop but its very fun and i recommend it

Peter Parker

Peeps don't buy 600 crystal x5 they not worth that's only scamming I used 1800 and what I got only rares so do not spend money on it btw on any pack they totally not worth and the paywall just going and going up devs starting to be money canibals

Chum TP

I opened this game and load to 90 percent, then why it is stop loading? I think it will working successfully soon and what I should use, email or Gmail. I already send to you.

Md Tariqul Islam Tushar

I give 4star because I need 2 things No 1 - i need sticker option when each other battle No 2 - Play with friends Then game will totally suitable to take 5 stars 😇😇

Karl Baratheon

Pretty fun and engaging

Soelwin Lwin

Like it

Steven Barlow

This is a very fun game👍👍


I love this game

Matthew Erceg

It would be a 5 but I can't open app anymore. Kept saying I'm not on the internet when opening app. Really did like this game, hopefully it can be fixed

Sile Vasile

Excellent game, I really enjoy playing it! I recommend you try it out, you will get addicted!!!

Parable Codex

This is one of the most fun puzzle games I've played. The more I play, the more I learn, the more I improve, and the more fun it becomes. 5 stars all the way!

Azhar Khan


Andrew Mamdouh

I can't battle in the arena always say waiting and nothing happened after that

Scorbunny Channel

Scorbunny loves Mana monsters

Brielle Black

All of the monsters are so Awesome!

Junior Volatabu

Only one stars..

Subham Sinha

Good game🤗

jati sasmito

Fun game



Matt Williams

Great game! Lots to do and this game is only a few in the last few years that i have enjoyed playing

Ashraful Islam

Mana monster is like pokemon and I love this game!

lala diablo

Loving it


This game is awesome for real.


Ey did you not realize people like me can see many rip offs this game is literally rip offs of 3 games slug it out 2 pokemon glaze and angry birds puzzle(if anyone remembers this delted game that has no trace) the 2 main character the girl and boy looks like the pokemon glaze players and the gameplay is like slug it out 2 but is somehow also giving md angry birds puzzle vibes

Zakaria Sakata

Enjoy this game..

Teng Vang

The game is fun but in the arena, you're only fighting bots and not real players

Takye Kerry

Its an amazing game but when you go into the transition screen it wont stop so it just softlocks you



jaiden hooper

It didn't duonlod in a 7 minits

Mokshaw Pasupuleti

I am really excited for this game i wonder it's gonna be! :) 👍😎😎😍😳But when I read comments it was a bit bad a and good so I wonder what my opinion is! :) 💖👀🙄🤔

Peter Fullerd

Great so far been playing a week

Sothea Thy

Good game

Yesy Barrios

Trash i cant even press collect it doesnt work on the daily rewards fix this please

Hezyl Lucob

This game is awesome!!! Its very fun and adictive but i wish i started with 150 crystals or whatever we called To hatch da eggs others are too expensive to buy or hatch and well its maybe my problem and could you update the shop because there are not that much to buy there even the shop took so long to refresh so yeah thats it

Brian Lulzington

Art and style is pretty unique. Combat is okay. Gem matching needs more interaction The grind is tedious and unfun. Even if you spend money it still feels bad.

Vicky Smih


Caezar Jules

I love this game so much and I would like to have more mana monsters soon, because I like collecting them all. 💖💛KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK💛💖

Luc Poitras

Love it

Sal Martirano

Can't even download it

Colleen Berg

Extrue fun

Henry&mikey Alvarez


Olive Pickles

Its a fun relaxing game, enjoy it

Carolyn Williams

Seems okay but i don't like the effect it has with the tapping can't hit where you really want to hit should have been swiping instead of tapping i don't like it why when you tap it's not that effective dose nothing i don't understand how make the tap have better power uninstalling

Sayantan Baral


Arpidi Domingo

More monster ang go0d sound effect added it

Sapna Kalra

Yes its awesome