Makeup Battle

Author: Spark Games Studio

500,000+ install


Makeup Battle – Big Head fashion challenge!

Detailed info

File size: 98M
Update time: November 20, 2021
Current version: 1.3.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Spark Games Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Joanne Seabrook

i dont now

FaiqBaihaqqi MohdFazdilah

beautiful head



Meredith Clark

It was fun but I'm deleting it. Seriously the ads are annoying right in the middle of game play. Then having to tap 3 times to get out of the ads, it's really pathetic that the games creators think it's OK to spam it's player with 3 ads during the game. STOP THE ADS

Ramzi Roslan

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Nadia Humaira

I love this game this is so fun! But too much ads... And sometimes its lagging

Molly Yeo

I am the best ✨✨✨

Melissa Ayon

I swear everything has ads

Obse Gelte

This game is so annoying and disturbing it always has a glitch like bruh I can't even play for like FREAKING ONE/1 MINUTE!!!

Francis Yoo

So beautiful ❤️ game

Cris Kawaii

wow lang

Ashfaq Rahman


lalramnghaki Manghaki


Wendy Center

It's so good of a game it's like a fantasy game

Maria Landry

I am just obsessed with all the styles and different hair colors I love it!!!

nadiya tg


Aaron Lloyd

It's so fun!

Kastura Devi

This is a interesting game but it is very glitchy and there are a billion ads.... Please repair this and then it will be hitting top charts for games ......

Emily Miller

I would give no stars but I cant so... My child got night mares just from watching the add so if you will pleases ⚠️STOP⚠️ showing this add on every single game not only is it annoying but its awful quality. I'm not trying to be a karen either its just bad. STOP putting this add on all my kids games.

Afril syaradya

Bnyak bgt iklan nya sabar bgt sy anj

Himangshu Das


Nazrul Islam



Leve it

Rein Abejuro

I can't even enjoy this makeup battle, too many ads, i regret installing it, waste of time, not worth it! Can't even play offline.

utube utube


Freya Francisco

It is not appear in my home screen

R Sharma

I like this game

Richgirl Gabon

OMG it's so beautiful but it's have adds but it's perfect 😍😍

Elizabeth Burnsed

I love it so much

Angelia Diaz

I love it 👍👍

Paula Zoran


Maylo Soris

It was ok I guess

Sarah Rennie

It's a pretty uniquely fun game, but getting an ad in the middle of creating themed looks is enough for me to write this game off forever. An ad after every level is fine, but one in the literal middle of a look? No.

Nur Kasih


Rita Alday


K.N Islam


Zharmaine jai Garcia

not Bad

Leslie Harris

I this is a bad example for kids teaching them that beauty is the only way to have a girl boy for Any gender love you

Josephine Pajarillo

너무 좋아요 정말 좋더라구요 그래서 제가 너무 많이 먹어서.ㅗㅅㄸㄴㅅ


Game constantly freezes. Only could play one round before it froze. Now I can't play cuz it freezes every time I open it

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