Make It Fly!

Author: TapNice

10,000,000+ install


Make It Fly! – Let your imagination and creativity fly wild! Construct amazing flying machines!

Detailed info

File size: 93M
Update time: August 23, 2021
Current version: 1.4.4
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: TapNice
Price: Free
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Customer review

Aditya Singh


Sandeep Thakur

There is a game in your ads.

Devesh Raigar

I will not give any star to this game as this game has so many ads that I am not able to play the game .😠😠😠😠

Tanin Fox

Too much adds

Steven Gibbons

First two seconds of game then unavoidable ads. No thanks. Not even compelling enough game to wait through the ad.

Koushik Raha

We can't skip some of the adds

erica Taylor

Perfect game

Rossy fuerte


Adrian Kritzinger

Ad factory....just too much ads

Mason Skee

Ads were overwhelming. It's hard to enjoy the game when videos pop up every time you do anything.


Please don't download this game This app is only for ad..... So please don't waste your data ....this app definitely make you uninstall

naresh k. verma

Worst ad ad ad

Yeriyah Shem

Very interesting and entertaining.

mandar borhade

Nice game

Jason Hale

Very fun to play but it does take a while to build your first plane

Nick Ley

$3 for no ads? 100% worth it! I love the hard difficulty and being able to place components where I want. Funnest game I've ever played on my phone by FAR!!

David Dyer


Frank Avi Gaming

Ads ads ads ads.....repeat


Fun way to play with time

Hrutej Gulwade

WORST GAME EVER!! THE ONLY WAY TO MOVE FORWARD IN THE GAME IS BY WATCHING ADS!! Without watching at least 7 ads per level, it is almost impossible for you to progress. UNINSTALLED WITHIN 1 DAY OF PLAYING!

Israel Brambila

Repetitive and boring. You have to replay the same level a few times to move on to the next.

Eric Gainer

Every round, watch an ad. The ads are longer than the gameplay... No exaggeration. Uninstalled

Xavier D'Souza

Ad trap.

Aditya Bhatkar

Nice game

Kenneth Scislo

From the promotional video on Instagram this sucks completely different didn't like it waste of time downloading it 😑

Andrew Mersch




Daniel Hutson

3 seconds of play and then a 30 second advert and then after another 3 seconds another 30 seconds of adverts. There is more advertisment in the first 10 mins of the game than there is content in the whole thing. Games and Apps like this should be removed from the store. Absolute junk

Gaurav Makwana

Game he ya Ad ki dukan . Disgusting game . Jo bhi install kre ga wo pachtayega.

sihab patel

Don't download full ad

Anthony Watkins

It's okay so far

Cole Chancellor

Enjoyable, Wish for more! Perhaps more building aspect and possibly a steering option.


This is a Boombit AD factory game, upgrade constantly or go nowhere. Upgrades cost go up every time, rewards stay low. You can watch an AD for a chance get up to x6 coins that only stops on x2. If you choose not to watch an AD, it forces you to watch one anyway at x1 coins. To make enough coins to afford an upgrade you need to do the same level (on average) 10 times landing in the same spot over and over. All Boombit games are designed to show you as many AD's as possible before you uninstall.

Charles Czeznick

Finally! A design game where you can test proof of concept.

Craig Ruddy

Ads ads ads every level every build and redesign ads

Video Sharer

Ads based, don't download!

Anurag Chatterjee

Too many ads!!!!!!

Vishal Prajapati

Not like the game.

David Westfall


Yash Krishnan

Bad UI

Awang Kenit

Good game.. it's so fun..but there's a lot of ads...

samson vang

Cool game, ad after every run.

Marvin Warren

Fun so far

Ahmad Akmar Ahmad rabuan

to many ads.. stupid.. uninstall now

Sheila Odom

It's fun and time consuming


Not like the ads and too much ads on it

Keegan Talbott

Crazy ads... Every 1 game have to go thru an ads.

Sapna Mandyal

I realy love this game but the game is so hard you need to fix that

Cikgu Firdaus Pauzi


Chase Leim

Too many adds



Akib Jebon

a lot of ads..better dont play this game..

gabriel devan


Ramkumar S

Full of ads. Don't think customer as your prey! I won't recommend this game to anyone

Christopher Schoenaar

Good game almost no ads

vrushabh patil


Leon Mills

Adds are much but at least it's cheap to remove. Good game otherwise

Daniel Chin

Not worth the time

lewis graham


Tahirkhan Pathan

This game is sucks


Forced ads, (20 SECONDS GAME AND 30 SECONDS ADS), you can't skip some ads and some ads video include fake skip button leading to the game. Don't waste your time unless you bother to buy this game.

Azharul Hisham

Too many ads, time more spent on ads than playing game itself.

Thomas Smith

It's fun

Shiela grace Ancajas


Ur gay wifu#623

Fun, progressive, adds are accurate

Moe Ramahi

Had the game for a full two minutes... Involuntary advertisements.

konz ziz

Too much ads...

Lakhan Sharma

Game was good but every 1 min game gives a 30 sec advertisement which spoils game

Keran Lau

Tooo much ads, build and play for 10sec then the ads is 30sec

Tuan Shakir

Too much ads !!!! Nearly every round have ads, its fun game but the ads just kill my enjoyment. I know u need money but not this way. Very lame

Nathan Dias

There is a game in your ads

Erik Helms

Simple and entertaining

Jeff Connelly

Ok terrible the game could be decent but if only if you chill out with the ads and make it a bit easier if anybody gives you more than two stars they are probably a small child I'm sorry but you lost me after 3 total game play minutes

John Whitney

Exploitive junk. Don't get me wrong it's not like this is the only game that throws ads at you every level and hinders progress unless you watch extra ads for additional rewards but I've never come across one thst crosses that line so brazenly and so quickly.

Jim Serrano

Too many ads

Rafał K.

This is an ad watching platform, with some short moments where you can play the game.


Ekstremt kjedelig og repetetivt. Full av reklame.

sembel reinaldo

Just another bad game

william walsh

You can't free build. Don't bother with this one, just get bad piggies. Same game, simpler graphics, and better by a landslide

Red Devil

This game to many ads. Sorry

Bob Dog

I love it is the best game evey

jennifer jones


bonehealer66 Jean

Haven't played long, but so far so good!

Garry Pitcher


Helmi Ahmad

stuck at level 9-4 for too long, seems there's no solution. even after i watched youtube to make it through, still failed. i follow 100% that youtube guy did, but failed. maybe about more than 1000 times i spent on 9-4 and still counting.

Jose Alvarado Menendez


Amina Chowdhri

Good good good good 😊😊😊😊👌😊

Mamoni Jamadar

100 learn more

Sebastian Shmans

It's rubbish 🗑 😒

TJ Hoeta

I like the game

mario ascencio

It like you building

Faridz Effendy

too much ads, anoying

Grant Shields

It is a really funny game and you can build a home car in place

Boon Teh

No ads will be better

Shital Panchal


Lil Zham X

Too many ads. Boring !

Sasikanth Amara

This is a good game

Vescan Eduard

Its ok , but it doesnt deserve 3 stars because it has glitches and gets boring quickly as progress is slow

Loo Marcus

Game with potential but the ads are too much.

che faris amirul

Terlalu banyak iklan. Membuang masa dengan menonton iklan. Too many ads. Wasting time by watching ads.