Mahjong Magic Islands No WiFi

Author: Rainbow Games LLc

100K+ install


The wonderful world of the Magic Islands is in desparate need of magic to help restore the waning natural beauty of their ancient cities with a new wild energy. Tons of mythical creatures await your help throughout these scattered island. You are their only hope to be saved, fix these wonderful magic lands back to their former beauty!

Mahjong: Tile Match features classic mahjong solitaire in a uniquely original visual format. Collecting components for magic spells adds a fun layer to the gameplay, and meeting cute magical creatures to help out gives the varied levels of the game more significant depth.

* The mysterious worlds of the Magic Islands await discovery.
* Journey through the Mahjong Magic Islands solving fun brain teasers.
* Meet mysterious and mythical creatures, and help them on their way!
* Hunt down magic ingredients and make magic spells.
* Search and connect tiles.
* Offline solitaire

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: May 12, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Rainbow Games LLc
Price: Free
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Customer review

Rochelle Baxter

I love this game as it help you to relaxs

Theresa Sasin


gan chee tak

Keep crashing, can't even launch the game.

Kehli Armstrong


Patricia Hayes

It's a fun game.

حسن جعفری

very good

Hansani Hansani


Lisa Vines

Love the game but it has no more levels

elke okeefe


Denise Schell

Fun and addictive

Marsha Mason

Lots of fun even when I mess up!

Helen Hamdan

So far i really enjoy this game. I love it. Great job guys.

Patricia Wears

It is fun to play

Wendy King

Mahjong. These graphics for the game are cute. Like it for the levels can be completed in little time to get different scenery. I have always loved Mahjong since first time i played it. Always have Mahjong on all my devices so any one i pu i can play.

Elaine McPherson

Relaxing game

Lena Taitague

Awesome game!!

Ivonne Tolledo

Perfect game


Awesome game

Shelli Mclane

Fun so far and a lil challenging

Lanie Bezuidenhout

Luv the game...very relaxing

phaythphul always

Are you not updating the game at all? It's the same "bonus" game over and over and over. It's getting old.

Jan Durette

A little hard can't hardly get 3 keys

Dee Foushi

Awesome 👍💯😎

Angel Howard

Fun and has cute characters You have to play!!

Susan Fair

Super game

Hollie Stalker

It's not letting me into my game! I've been trying to play for a few days and it's not loading properly.

janette bawden

Not challenging enough yet

Va Rs

Really good game makes you remember where you saw things

Tamara Marie

The game was fun. But it needs to be updated. It say coming soon for more levels.

Judith Nelson

Cape town, level 6 is off grid. Not centered. Impossible to get 3 stars!! Can't see tiles to right. Help fix this!!


a mahjong with a typically engaging singular (but often oddly vague) "storyline", standard tile dynamics and VERY intriguingly soothing music (dunno if its OG to game/"canned stock" but it has a soothing lightly/cartoonishly mystical vibe similar to musically magic franchises like HP, Disney, etc. If original, they should make what little soundtrack MMI has available as audio to appreciate away from the game). I dont think I'm many levels in but for where I am, its a great game

Sharon Riley


Dani Jackson

Love this game finished all levels please add new levels. Also, add new tiles to buy. The only that's great is the Halloween. Maybe use tiles that are road signs. That would be amazing!!!

alex grubb

It is very good 👍

Teresa Eaton

Loving it! ❤️

Sue Earley


Charlene Menard

Great game

Sheron Combee

I enjoy playing,I find it to be very relaxing

Beryldene Blows


Sandra Wince

Great mind game

Shawna Sahagian

I love this game I been play for 2 years

Troy Gill

It's a lot of fun.

Kim Tippitt

Just got started seems fairly fun,we shall see

Jacky Wibberley

Very enthralling. Not very good on timed play.

Lori jay Johnson

Love mahjohn games!

Beverly Pokorny

I enjoy the challenge.

bev fox


tammy scibetta

Fun and challenges your minf

Karen Voncripps

Fine until one day it loads half on the page.

Sharese Sheppard

I love the game its very relaxing

Heather Hardy


Karen Rosenberg

Impossible to advance after 20 levels. Sorry This game not helping me it is too frustrating. Rewards not enough to try again.☹😡

Mary Weaver

It keeps me from being board

Carmen Carrasco

Very engaging I love the new character they are modern and colorful

Sandy Clark

Fun game to play luv it

Jessie Brannon

I just love this game

Simon Carnell

This Company is Russian and part of the unprovoked war on Ukraine. Boycott all their games because of Russian invasion of Ukraine. Every Russian has blood on their hands following crimes against humanity. Do not support this company by letting them fund Putins war machine. I will no longer play any of their games, watch adds or buy in app purchases.

Christine Wilson

I am getting a message saying the app has a bug in it. It says to update it when y'all provide a fix for it.

Sherry Mcconnell

Love it

Sandy Stiles


Robin Powers

Love it, very entertaining

Kitten Leeusekind

Too many adds

Julie-Anne Hayter

Downloaded this and then it wouldn't even open..... tried several times and the uninstalled. NO STARS is the reality

Rita Glen

Good game luv to play the game

Holly Thomas

Great graphics different puzzles you don't have ads popping in. You can watch them for extra coins

sehar tabassum

Awesome game.I loved it😊❣️

Georgia Hubbard


DeeShannon Garrison

Unwinnable levels make for an uninstalled game


Challenging and fun to play.

Penny H

Great so far.

Ganeshan Maruthapillai

Just awwwwwsome

Larry Page

Fun game, good for the mind, will play it every day,

Eleanor Johnson

Very good please clean

Daniel Stevens


Ladawna Cuzick

I like it

Carol Trice

I'm loving it very fun

Maryna Venter

Enjoying game

Sharon Sharp

Nice game wish tiles were a bit large R rv

Missty Rhodes

It's ok so far ... I mahjon

Brian Parrish

It's a fun game

Donna Frontzak

Just started playing the game but so far it's a lot of fun and challenging. Can't wait to play more!

Heaven Rain5197


Jane Eckman

This game is a joke, I have played a lot of mahjong games, thus is the worst one I have ever played, would not recommend

Thapelo Mosikili

But how can we play it if it can't install

Peter Buxton

Cool game

Devin Brown

Pretty cool so far

Tammy Bockstanz

Fun l, relaxing, visually stimulating.

Phyllis Marceaux

Very enjoyabl3


Love the game and the colour looks good and go to different country it awesome

Erma Bowen

Fun Game


It's cute, HOWEVER, it's kind of a nightmare to play. It's only goal is to get you to BUY coins in order to keep playing. They make almost every game impossible to finish thereby forcing you to use tools to clear them in order to move on. You earn precious few as you play, but you will ALWAYS be VERY short of tools you need and/or money with which to buy them, so it will pester you incessantly once you get a few games in to PURCHASE coins. Also, it's convoluted & hard to follow, it needs work.

Beverley Warren

I quite enjoy this game. I like that it progresses forward.

Carol Fort

A fun game

Debora Mcneff

So far fun level 3rd Island , enjoy the graphics also...

Vicky Jacques

I love this game.

Linda Simpson

Just started the game so far it's been ok

Sue-z Tobey

I love this!

Marie Diane Bulger

I enjoy this game

judy harvey

So far I like it

Joseph Moore

Game won't open anymore. Response to dev. I did update. I even deleted and reinstalled. Still won't open.