Mahjong Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Author: Jam City, Inc.

10M+ install


Mahjong Jigsaw Puzzle Game – Discover the relaxing game of mahjong classic and explore the world on your very own mahjong journey! Enjoy over 1700 fun layouts in exotic locations around the globe!

If you like classic mahjong games, puzzle games, dominoes games, sudoku games, classic puzzle games, and or a challenging chess game, then you are in the right place! Traditional mahjong is a big part of our exciting new majongs journey games. Solve challenging majhang layouts and discover the fun puzzle!

This new game is better than mexican majongs train, more exciting than microsoft majongs, and more colorful then hong kong majongs. Explore the world’s best cities like Paris, London & New York as you tackle challenging majhang levels. Power-ups and obstacles provide an unexpected twist to every mah-jong level. And don’t forget to collect your free mahjong rewards.


▶ Enjoy 1700+ fun levels in a fantastic classic majongs journey around the globe.
▶ Go on a treasure quest and solve puzzles over 250 rare souvenirs.
▶ Stunning graphics and original majongs (麻将) gameplay.
▶ Claim your rewards in the weekly american classic majhang tournaments and puzzle journey
▶ Collect beautiful classic majongs puzzle tiles for endless matching tile adventures.

More highlights:

▶ New goals, power-ups, free puzzle, and obstacles give mahjongg a whole new twist.
▶ Great fit if you love mahjong solitaire, tripeaks, jigsaw free puzzles, mayong, word search and other ‘smart games’.
▶ Playing with others does not require Facebook Login.
▶ Caring player support and best mah-jong community.

Can you beat level all levels? Play mahjong free online and train with puzzle

Customer review

Eric Hensley


Pairlee Andrews

I Love to play this game but if you not used your rewards it will lock down the game and your rewards and make sure you lose your game's over and over ,blocks your claims, just to make you purchase more and more coins by making the game jump back and forth, that not fair to no one .wouldn't like it if it was done to you!!!

Cassandra Milner

Great graphics & great fun.

Marianne Neucklavok


Deborah Wheeler

Works well

Gloria Garcia


Katlynn Tremoyne

fun game

LeeOra Volz

Love this app

Dennis Kean

nice version


Moves at a nice speed!

Tracy Harlow

Great game

Dr Jori Macarthy


Willie Bridges



☆♡☆♡☆♡ AWESOME FUN ☆♡☆♡☆♡

Cassie Johnson

Best game ever!

Christina Boyce

love it !!!!!!!!!

Beryl Chandler

Something to do

Christie Hoglund


Willie Moore

fun graphics

dorothy fowler

Well I've never played this game before dut I'm going to say it ģrows on you I've been playing a lot mahjong lately and I'm loving them that's why I've given this game 5 stars well done guys

Jessica DeBias Linton

I REALLY love this game

Mary Mccove

Love the Game

Barbara Bennett

good fun

Julia Didjaja

Very relaxing but too many ads and stuck or freeze

Diana Diana

it's very challenging and fun

Jamey Worley


carrie Howerton

I just love playing games for fun most of the time but some times I don't like to play for money but I sometimes need extra money to help with the bills. It helps alot.

Debra Meek

Fun game but runs a little.

Samantha Wheeler

I love this game

Cute Cat


Sarah Taylor

Is slow at logging in n playing

Jowanda Pfeiffer

i love it

Frances Schluss

challenging game but it's amazing how there is no more moves a lot in this game. make two turns & no more moves, have to spend your gold to move on. what to many different chips?

Amanda Standish

Lots of fun!

Kristy McNeely

good game

kawii meifwa cun

Love it

Stephanie Pippin

Love it

Angel Kipker

Great game

Christina Garza

Fun fun fun

Miranda Covarrubias

Just started playing it's fun & easy.

Willie Lyall

Good game to play


Love this game

Annie Parkinson

Hours of fun

Raima Reo-McGarvey


A Google user

Progressively more difficult

James Brooks

This is a good game to play with my whole family and friends.

Valerie Jennings


Brandy Lane

love it!!!

Darcy Vaughn

Finished level 6 and wouldn't let me play level 7. So I'm going to uninstall it. Had to give 1 star when the rating should be none. Sad because it was fun while it lasted.

Wilma Weathersby

Love it

Ashley Wright

This game will not even upload

Rosalyn Burgos

love this game

Jean Smith

Child like

Jamie Kennedy


Laura Castro

one of my favorite games

Patricia Simmons

It's fun to pass time with, try it I think you'll love it.

Amy Nash

great game

Ann DeJardin

I have had such fun with this little game!

Kristen Stitzel

Like it slot. Fun

Pam Lenth


Jill Phillips

I actually Love this game!Relaxing. Interesting choice of background music. Fun Game!

Beverly Williams


the word of God perry

I love playing Mahgong

Charmaine Mcphatter

Very nice

Darlyn Shenold

Fun Fun Fun

Kathleen Jones

great fun game

mary clark

love this game. perfect anyone who is o.c.d

Ruby Escarcega

This game is alot of fun. I had this App before and I always spent alot of good times with the App. Ruby

Elizabeth Diaz-Garcia

fun, relaxing to play

Leanne Turner

Fun times

Fredrick King

it's ok different that's all I've got to say about that.

Martin Mc Donald

very enjoyable game

Tracy Lane

8-7-22 UNINSTALLING! June 17th, 2022 I shared this game from my phone to my new tablet. I thought I'd start on level 569 where I am on my phone. It won't allow me to sign in. It goes back to the home screen. This is getting out of hanđ. What's up? PLEASE ADVISE!!! I wrote a review 9/28/21 and gave 3⭐. This is an updated review. My level of frustration with the blank screen, and losing ❤'s is causing me to want to go POSTAL 😤😡. I'm considering deleting this game. It's NOT worth the aggravation.

Christine Asztalos

Here we go again!!!! Lost all my lucky streaks on game 73 after the game went blank!! No free prizes after games 70,71,73! Sure wush you guys would fix these bugs l am so tired of complaining with no fixes nor answers!! I do not have trouble with any other game but this one come on guys wake up and do something....

Catherine Clausing

luv it thanks

Paige Barboza

Good game

Vangie Spain

It's fun and hope all goes smoothly

Rewardpoints Account

Fun game

Barbara Parkinson

Great game lots of fun

Μαρία Ρόζα Φράγκου

It's nice but, I gotba question for you... Has it got Greece cuz I live in this country, Especially Athens...

Rob Wilkinson

All I want too do,is play

Lai Jong Loen


Cecilia Garibay

Good game

Michelle Bowen

Great game

Wallean Frogg


John Quarrell

Good game but I don't like going back to collect but still enjoyable

Tj Swann


Melissa Smithers

it's fun and it's my favorite game

kelly bradstreet

fun so far just started let's see what happens in days to come

Brinda gata Lopez

yep yep yep its fun folks

Jason Gibbons

Im a huge fan of these games lots of fun

Sheena Bowyer

Love this game!

Jennifer DeArmond

Fun easy relaxing

june kush

Great game!

Brittany Clinton

Interesting game. The game will keep you occupied.

Tess Chavez


M.L. Sellers


Rena Farmer

Fun!!! Exciting!!!

Igat Randi

sometimes this game is sucks . just make one move(that cant be not be avoided even if i try to look for another move) and suddenly its out of move . does this had to be the player fault ? no, it is not .. it also appear that if you had more than 1 free shuffle you cant keep it because the game itself will make you use it, because it will keep out of move until you use it to make shuffle so you dont lose your heart . this game could be enjoy and annoying sometimes . done uninstall . 👎

Leonard Carrillo

i like this game it pretty all right