Mahjong Solitaire is one of the most interesting puzzle games that you’ll ever play. It’s also very challenging.

As a player, you’re at liberty to tap on any of the large and beautiful tiles. It is specially designed to allow you pause in the middle or at any point of the game, and then resume playing at that particular point. Therefore, if are playing it and then something comes up that needs your attention (such as work), you can simply pause and then get back to playing once you’re through with whatever grabbed your attention. Pause by pressing on P.

When you download it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that it can be played in either sideways game-screen mode or vertical game-screen mode. This feature enables you to derive enjoyment regardless of the screen size of your device.

Developers of the game designed it with the classic Mahjong pieces that give players like you a completely new gaming experience. Enjoy the pleasant experience by matching the pairs together before time runs out.

It consists of 12 different levels in ascending levels of complexity. The higher you go, the more challenging the game becomes. If you are a novice, start by playing on the low levels. With consistent practice, your expertise will gradually increase, thus allowing you to play at higher levels such as levels 9, 10, 11 or 12.

How can you play Mahjong Solitaire

After downloading it, go to the main screen and choose the Play option.

As a player, your main objective should be to match identical pairs so as to make the board completely clear.

It’s quite different from the normal Mahjong Solitaire. When playing, you have the freedom of matching together two pieces in any of the following two cases;

1. When the tiles are adjacent to each other.

2. When there are no tiles between the two.

In the second case, you can choose to draw one straight line in between the two pieces. Alternatively, you can draw multiple straight lines (two or three) in between.

There are several features that make the game interesting and challenging to play. Firstly, you must achieve your objective within limited time. Secondly, you’re rewarded with bonus time for playing if you manage to match together two tiles.


It’s important to note that Mahjong Solitaire is an extremely addictive game. Once you download and start playing it, the possibility of losing interest in other games is very high. This clearly demonstrates how interesting and addictive the game is. However, it shouldn’t distract you from engaging in other productive activities such as working.

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Customer review

Theresa Lafferty

I love this game!! I like it when Popeye helps you with matching the tiles.

LaRayne Beaverhousen

Needs more perks to be able to keep playing , as not everyone is able to purchase coins to keep going in the game .

Judy Johnson

Enjoying it

Lori Lewis

Love this game

Sylvia Adams

Fun game. I used to watch Popeye cartoons way long ago. It's a fun game.

Glendaf Giles

A Great Game..Relaxing Fun..Love It.

Irene Sim

I love Mahjong


Love the game

Sue Clarins


Eldorina Gaskin


rosalie peterson

love the game

Zachary Buszta

This game is fun to play

Joe Ossinger

Love it

Cynthia Terrell

I think this game is great

Patrick Collins

Ok, different and FUN!!

Janet Dear

Omg another addictive game love it 👍💖

Veronica Paton

Fun game

Gayle Jordan


Darla Bleeke

Fun so far...



Stacy Kelly

This game is alot of fun and excitment in it , u will love it

mary mahoney

Hi I like mahjong it's a good game that's why I rated it 5 stars for love maryanna Mahoney

Carolyn James

I like this game.

Mandy Pugh

I just started..but i.love MAHJONG games...so I don't see any problems so far.....

Regina Phillips

Lots of fun 😊

Janice Turner

This is a very very fun game

Souzane Mahmassani


Crystal Frye

Very relaxing and Popyee helps me along the way with explaining how the game works without interfering with the play of the game itself. It is not to easy but on the other hand it is not to hard. I feel that is why I like this game and app.

Loretta Adkins

i love this game it is fun to play.

Conner Mcdaniel

Fun game gives my brain a workout

Elizabeth Hughes

Fun & challenging

Lynett Percell

Easy, relaxing and fun

Daisymae Jones

Great game it's challenging

Sarah Cockburn

Good fun

Donna LaBelle

Not bad . A little childish.

Colin Bates

Great to play

Julie Carter

Ii like it. Its not to easy and sometimes its pretty hard but not impossible

Audrey Brown

Awesome Very. GRAPICS

steve brister

It's more for the kids.

Victoria Foster

Silly and fun

Lisa Malone

Enjoy getting to the next level

Margo Kelley

Helps me too relax

Alana Brown

game would not let me play

Marianne Hinrichs

this is fun an you have to think to make yourovr

Melodee Hacker


Tammy Simpson

Good game

Ronald Bianco

A fun game to play. I wish that I could slide to connect, but i can't. BE SAFE, GOD BLESS ...

DeLinda Wagner

Fun and can get challenging at times

Kristine Barfknecht

Alot of fun

Britt Jones


Angie Comstock

Love this game

Angela Rotundo

Like the fact no vendors to watch during levels

Lolita Tesoro

I like how the pieces start

Nathan Esparza

Not a bad game at all

Alan Thomas

Good game

Troy Raber


Carol Ryckert

just keep you occupied for a while.

Msrgaret Flores

Fun fun

kim graham

Good game so far, loads fast no glitches

Mac Mcdaniels


kehli armstrong

Fun and entertaining

Catherine Martin

A fun game to play!!!!

Lady Van Niekerk

Can't get past level 193 I just luv this game pse help me please I would live to go to 194 to carry on pse the so much lady from south africa

April Stamant

So far so good

Dorothy Linen

The game is relaxing fun and easy. I really like the game

Maryanne Tinder Osborne

It's OK and uses your brain for sure

rebecca chick

Very good game

Aurea Cubero

Great game

Shana Rahman

Love this game... passes time

Anita Ann Ogden

Fun and relaxing

Darlene Sensky

Great Mahjong game! I love Popeye. He was my favorite when I was growing up!

Kizzy Dutton

Love it

Linda Wilson

Very easy way to learn Mahjong. Good ol' Popeye providing the encouragement.

Hal Woodmansee

He don't realize it that it's hard to put down

teresa gerrard

A very enjoyable game to enjoy.Well made guys & girls. More of the same type of games pls soon!!!


Fun and addictive

Jennifer Green

I'm a big fan of popeye . I'm loving it

Theresa Holley

I love popeye in anything he does.

sandra tilbury

very good game

Anthony Rivers


Jerri Anne Mostella

Very fun

Carmon Jones

Great grapics so fun

Mary Shelton

I love it

Kaelynn Coulthard


Katrina Nill

Good fun.

Michele Stevenson

Very fun game

Katie Dewa


Ronald Cooper


Virginia Cooper


sherry veth

Have won level 240 several times but still on it.

Carolyn Strader

Love the game

Carol Rasmussen

It's a fun game

Brenda Decoteau

It says there is a 1000 levels and it only goes to 240 levels .I can't get past 240 .what's up with that

troy foster

Addictive,slight challenge,great game overall. Well update I made it to level 240,I now have passed it for the sixth time. I'm about to u install it and let it be and give it a poor rating,unless the creators can fix this problem and redeem me and keep me happy total bum deal.

Carla McPherson



Good so far

Susan Holdridge

So far so good

Sue Hiltz

Game is cute and funny.makes ypu think.

M. Diane Thetford

It's fun to play and it is easy to get thing's you need.

Linda Fickling