Magical Jewels of Kingdom Knights: Match 3 Puzzle

Author: Weing Studio Inc

100,000+ install


Magical Jewels of Kingdom Knights: Match 3 Puzzle – Discover your new match 3 puzzle addiction

Detailed info

File size: 38M
Update time: July 13, 2021
Current version: 2.1.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Weing Studio Inc
Price: Free
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Customer review

Cheri Melvin

Great game

Daniel R Simmons

It is a 7 ⭐ ratting truly appreciated 👍 it.

Shirley Edwards

Love this game!

tom whitten

Good 👍😊 & great.

Claudette Carrothers

Love this Ga.e

Patrick Tunstall

Easy, quick to learn.


This is a very good 👍 match 3 game. Easy and challenging combined so I think anyone can play. Give it a try 😉.

Benjamin Gear

Clap your holy hands

Maurice Northern

Fun game

joe blanc

All Ads for bonuses stopped working after approximately level 850(incl bonus every 20 mins after completed level--this one was very helpful for ppl that like to stockpile bonus gems for later difficult levels)...B4 then they actually worked pretty's a shame cuz game was better than most...I uninstalled because if those ads are typically available they need to work (don't expect 100% of the time of course but 0% isn't acceptable)...I uninstalled

Patricia Herron

Excellent Game💥

James William Hill jr.

This game is awesome

Alan Sneed El

Fun game to play?

Leslie Hytinen

Like it will keep it

keith populorum

Fun game

FredLee Woodsfourth

Fun and clear gameplay though you don't need to send me a break from the game in order to block me out of my progress on it in order to give you guys comfort of the fact that I'm emersed into doing well enough with the continued dichotomy of the game itself All you have to do is allow me to play and WIN Yaye!!!😎🌻🌄

chinti nair

Fun game

Pablo Saenz

It's ok until level 100. Then forget it. Uninstalled.

Robert Stewart

Way too many ads.

Missy Van Gundy

So far so good .but I think if you would give us less chances it would make it moor challenging .

Gabrielle Nichting

Awesome game!

Judy Hill

Good 👍

Teddy Southern

Very fun. I started yesterday, im on level 99

Deanne Grayson

Fun to play

claudine Lemieux

Reinstalling this game after going through all 1400 levels. Let's go

Marian Davis

Being a senior. This game is good for me.

Lee Fillion

Lots of fun playing this

Alahaundra Romeo

Thus far I am pleasantly surprised. Moves fast. Of course, ads but it draws you in slowly. Thanks to the creators.

Lavender Moon

Real fun again, bombs seem to be gone, getting through levels just fine again☺️

Carol Andretta

Im giving the game 5 statrs ; but its stuck on level 570 The game isnt fixed yet Thank you

Bob Medley

Love this game! My favorite match 3 game by far.

Christine Carver

Going great until you reach about level 100. Now I understand you needing to show ads but between game play? Once an X shows up so you can leave that ad, it won't let you because another screen ad pops up and when you tap onto that X again well there's no returning from this Google Play App store. 😠😠😠😠😠

Eulissa Ford

love the graphics and it passes the time fun to play

Nikki Melgar


Mary Herzberg

This game is relaxing and so enjoyable

Theresa Isaacs

A Great game to play.

Marcia Gordos

Nice graphics and music.

Pat Addington

Really like this game

Rochelle Cullers

I enjoy playing this game, colorful, relaxing, and loads of fun. Everyone of all ages will enjoy playing this game.

Paline Curtin

Good game to unwind to

Comfort Neyu

Very good

Shirley Howell


Carolyn Williams

Game is really Good but the amount of advertising you keep showing i can't do it i like to play without any interruption and it's plenty of games that don't have ads you should be have made enough money by now to get rid of the ads it kills the spirit prior point blank i want do it' better game's out that's not money hungry now with that said bye and i wouldn't ever recommend this piece of trash to anyone i wish i could give you zero stars but can't any way this game is just like you trash 👎

Cricket Wade

Graphics are good. No immature, annoying pics.

Estill Smith

Never played enough to rate

Brian Hads


Evelin Burgos

So far love this game.

Christi Conklin

This game is so fun and relaxing, the graphics are awesome, I give 5 stars .I'm still playing this game and loving it ...

Lucy Young


Danny Mercier

The game plays itself while you watch it, bored out of your mind waiting for a time when you can play. Boring and lame. I do not recommend

Barbara Harris


Philip Philip

Great fun

Robert Chaffe

Missing some English translation in a couple places.

Cassandra Gaines

So far, so good. It's fun and relaxing.

Elizabeth O'Neill

The game is fun, I like the jewels and the gold bars.

Marjorie Nicholson

Very early days Played only one level before being asked to review the game. Not possible.

Mary Duren

Well done. Very fun to play. Nice graphics.

Nora N Lowdog

I've enjoyed myself the challenge of jewels gameplay an could spend hours playing.

Paul Crispin

Good Morning

Vicki Chandler

just started this game a just love it on 35 all ready so great game to pass time

Ada Anthony

I love this game so relaxing

Caroline Landers

Good so far

Elaine Bell

This game offers many challenges that is a lot of fun to play.

Sylvia Espedido

I am new to this game I just started today so far the game is good . I achieve the achievable goal. Hope all up to the higher stage the apps. Will not be so much to hold down my game.

Lynda Martin

lots of fun

joan taylor

Keep getting stuck

Patricia Smith

Nice game, very relaxing

Lillie Jackson-Ross

Brain challenging!

Lorra Roberts

SO FUN & relaxing!

lily willison

It is ok

Candy Clay

Love this game

kerry martin

Good luv graphics

Kay Sullivan

Lots of fun, very pretty colors.

Frank Dean

Very good

Tony Turner

Love the game,bit I've got to level 302,anybody tell me how to do it as the top 3 jewels are blocked by solid blocks

Judy Morrison

Love it

Angel Chase

Loving the game very addictive

Kathy Fazio

Games that have to be played over and over to gain success are not fun to play.Its enough having to cope with constant ads which are not easy to dispose of .too many interruptions to play abfluid game is not my idea of fun.

Cindy Lester

Its a good game. I dont appreciate the flying gift box in the middle of the game. Who would?! So get rid of that!

Susan Hammer

Some different challenges than similar games; enjoyed.

Deborah Clark


Sheila K. Wilson

Habit forming

james kinder

Great Game Fun To Play!! 😄😂😅😄

Linda Austin

Loving this great game

Just Me

I enjoy playing this game it's been a lot of fun well I'll tell you what I like about it especially, there aren't ads every time you play a level and when there are ads they are 4 seconds I can live with ads for 4 seconds. Great job developers

Charlene & Jeral Robinson

Ok pass time

Errol Van Staden

Starts of great but descends to the most mind numbingly boring and repetitive game I wouldn't play again if I was dead for a thousand years

Kyle Elms-Dash

Great game

Susan Best Lovin

So far its good

Light of Life Word Ministry Darlene D Wilson

I enjoy the challenge of this game. Very relaxing.

David Paul Biear

Really cool game.

ann bacciocchi

Love it

goof luman

Had some interesting quirks. Like it a lot!

Maixine Persley

I like it.

Wanda Burnette

Great game. It is exiciting

Roxanne.D Newton

Nice graphics but boring.

Nanette Yocum

Too many ads that pop up after already watching an ad. It gets annoying

Brenda Genrich


Lynnette Carlson

Too much advertising, graphics are poor and game stalls midway and to get back is more ads.

Rich Puetz

Its to short.