Magic Survival

Author: LEME

1,000,000+ install


Magic Survival – Too many death magics have been abused for the decades of wizard war…
The spirit living in nature becomes a demon by remnants of the magics that pervaded it, and it devours all living creatures.

Wipe out infected spirits coming from everywhere with various magic

Detailed info

File size: 73M
Update time: June 4, 2021
Current version: 0.796
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: LEME
Price: Free
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Customer review

Micheal St paul

Great way to fly through time. Lots of combinations an upgrades, but my only issue is, as I progress research points become incredibly expensive, I love playing the game but don't like having to pay over 16,000 for a single point.


Really a fun time and loving the new artifact system


Really like the game however the only thing that bugs me is the cost in buying research points; I only have 26 points and buying another one costs 36k. Maybe increase the amount recieved per run or decrease the cost? It is really hard to collect points for a small amount of stat increase.

Atlee Chapman

Great magic spells

Crow Mangler

This games is enjoyable to play and have decent difficulty for spice. And It just keeps getting better every update.

Jamanul Sakib

Best game ever created

Corbin McDonald

It is fun

Anthony Haykal

Awesome game! I finished all levels and I still had fun trying a milliom times.

Edelberto Jhan Tan

Amizeng this app

ho ho

Great fun

Llyra Sarai

Let me start with I really like this game. It's one of those games that I leave alone for awhile than play for several days straight. This is one have that I've made in game purchases in just to support the game. The only issues I've had is that someone's the audio will stop working. It just stopped for a couple days straight than stated working again for no apparent reason.

Evelyn Thao

A very good game! Good gameplay and a lot of varieties to choose from. It's a great way to pass the time and not much ads either. Overall, it's a good game and a game I would definitely recommend to others. ( ´ ▽ ` )b

Silva Zodiac

Engaging, addictive, easy to learn but hard to master. The English spelling and grammar are terrible but the gameplay is too good to really mind. More levels would be nice. The sweet spot is to remove the ads and just play.

Ryan Holbrook

Very good game 👍

A cold winter

It is fun and it is has plenty of things to do so please try it it is very good

A. Jones

I have this game on my phone, and I really like it. I wish we could choose for ourselves which builds worked and which ones did not. as I have played a build for quite sometime before dying and the game dstryes it for some reason? Can you build thus faster into this game?

caesar barwary

Great game

Mad Knight of Madness

I remember playing this as version 0.7, things were sort of imbalanced and some ability combos were too powerful and boring. Now that the developer updated and revamped the game, keeping things fresh. While it's f2p, it is humanely possible to grind everything. Simple graphics, yet complex gameplay, it's better than most bullet hell/hack&slash games I tried

Lana Ernestine

I absolutely love this game, I've been playing it for a good few months and since the new update its gotten even better! Honestly this is a well made game that can hold my attention for hours if I let it😂 thank you so much!!

Jesse Paulson

After recent updates this game has vastly improved, its one of my favourite games of the genre! While I'll never get that 30 minutes in sewers, I had alot of fun maxing every class and finding the great amount of artifacts and spells (each spell havinf a minimum of 3 unique upgrades)! This app is definetly a keeper to pass anywhere from a minute to 30 minutes. 30 minute runs can be troublesome but they have a good recovery system so you dont lose much, but it can set you a good bit back at times


this is the best of its kind ive found so far. although the translation is a bit rough, like how i have no idea what amplifying does, its not too hard to figure out and doesn't really take away from gameplay. the art style is really appealing too, with very interesting lore. good variety to try dumb builds too, which i love. definitely highly recommend

Mobile Apk

This is the best survival game ever made. Please Continue frequent updates, i'll support this game.

Frankie Bisares

Where update

Dennis Penglase

A simple yet EXTREMELY SATISFYING little game. Gets me to & from work stress free everyday on the NYC Subway. There's a lot packed into this game which always keeps it interesting & enjoyable. BRAVO to the Dev! FANTASTIC! I'd give 10 stars if I could! 💙


FREE?!?!! Hands down a great game!

Zeke Drilon

Pretty good but why does my game have no sound even tho i turned it on


This game is supwr addictive. Its only that time i got 2 legendary artifact and then my dad want to use the phone then i gave it to dad expecting the game to save so i can keep my two legendary artifact but it didnt saved. Pls give a manual save option, it really really really help me out, and possibly many people. Also, i kinda hate the new update. It got nerfed so bad, even tho some got buffed, i still cant get used to it.

Mark Esteban

After unlocking every playable characters and knowing almost all of the skill/magic and its compliments; there's just no late game content honestly. Had a blast during my first few hours tho.

Allen Sison


Canned Zephyr

Fix save function. Lost 20hour progress Edit. Lost 35hours play, also random crashes.

Mark Dickie

Will not load.

Sam Hope

Turn off Internet on ur phone the no ads and also it will look better 3d also good for go 1v1 who can last the longest without dying

Sammy Young

best game ever, I have played this game for about two years and still love it

Bax Track (Baxtracker)

Brilliant game, hundreds of different ways to play and a good amount of skill required to progess. Would be 5 stars, although the in app purchases don't scale well, I foolishly bought extra reasearch points late game, just to try out the new revamped skills, only to find it was essentially a waste of £6.99.

Ashutosh Kandelkar

I see a lot of potential

DiLF4Mads_Mikkelsen OoohhhDadaee

It was actually fun and time consuming. Ahahhaha


good game

Hristo “iccaka” Mitsev

Incredible game with fun items and amazing artwork!

Alexander Sheron

Very addicting.very well made and creative

Aleksandar A

Really enjoying the variety of upgrade routes and skills!

Clarence Depollo

This is version is impossible for solo. Can't even reach 30 mins in this version, solo.

mark marlon buenconsejo

This game is really great. It has a roguelike element in it and it goes with a lot of depth, the length of gameplay is actually fine and enjoyable. One problem is that the visibility when you have a lot of skills really goes down, other thing is that when you spam cd reduction is that the skills just goes ham and lags the game, I'd suggest a compression or merging of visual elements when there's a lot of it especially in 25-30 min.

Tax Evasion 03

Great fun game, rounds take time and you feel the power you gain as you progress

becca t

this is an incredibly well-thought-out game. every time i start to get a little bored with it, an update comes out that changes it up a bit and improves features. good stuff.

sangeeta bari


Mhd Ibr

Creative idea.

Kamil Koterba

Best game ever, only game I truly casually play on cell

Richard Yin

Is good would pay just to support.

paul gain Pangan

Just wow!!


Pretty challenging

indigo apples

This game is awesome. The pace is pretty decent and the spells are well balanced so they're not OP nor weak. The only thing I dislike is the text size, especially when paired with a neon color and a black background. I feel like I'm staring at a light instead of reading the words.

Lucas Dusa


Kaden Adams

Its the best game iv played on

Dapop Sun

Great reverse bullet hell game, probably the only one that's good

Nathan Alendal

Honestly the best game on here.

The Great Grim

Pretty good, lots of weapon options. I haven't gotten to 30 minutes yet, but I will one day

สรธร สายสุด

So much fun



I ka fajet SALA

I like this it great but it lacks new things

Nyt Claw

There's always something new 😂❤️

Super Dax

The game is amazing! I just have a problem with high scores on google play top list, I am sure that guys in first 10-15 places use some kind of MOD for this game (hack) because scores are pretty much impossible and unreal, they need god mode to achieve that it's so obvious... Other than that I really enjoy playing this game!

Galura, Bart Vincent D.

I like it but all you have to do is play and survive like literally. No progress in the game or whatsoever. I suggest that they add more into it, such as new items that is upgradable, new contents and more


Very nice, Love the graphics. I think maybe added a new character or some new maps and abilities would be cool but Id recommend this to anyone

Munhjargal Idermunh

nice cool let's go

Yeeyee haircut

It would probably be fun if it loaded, its probably just my device though Edit: its very fun

Lost Soul

Used to be a five but now you have to upgrade the abilities to max in order to make it cooler, like in survivor. Io, hate that the starting level is gone, I like the new ability, is there a suggestion area

Jonathon Tucker

Great game, great price point. You can't go wrong!

Jude Kantack

Good game, it's really fun and I love the massive amounts of classes, spells, and artifacts. Super cool and fun, a real addictive and unique game.

Eric Villegas

What a great game. I could spend hours playing without me noticing the time

Albert Beykr

The game is great and Works smoothly without and bugs so far. But despite that it needs some improvements. The enemies are should look like more human or zombies. All enmies are almost same and same abilities. At some point it gets boring. And Moreover there should to be purpose in this game for instance every 10 minutes we should to face with a powerful boss . Lastly the characters should've some unique abilities and the cost of them should be higher to get.)) İt would be great 👍

Ahmad Azis Mulyono

Joystick buggy, it goes up by default on first touch

potato god


ETHAN Ferrer

Extremely good game for just use time, it's very fun


Utterly free with no ads really. (currently) The game is built around running your wizard guy around and making them stronger and stronger with upgrades and items.

Brennon Stevens

cool and good

Legh Stanyer

I uninstall this game for 1 year and the combining fecher got removed and now we have insane aount of aterfact slots this game keeps changing

Harley Cartwright

Was 5 star but since I started playing again it will randomly starts lagging horrendously and then freezes, used to run fine

Tomas Pe P

I don't Get it, why peoe create a game like this. Artwowk is outsanding, but after 2mins of play, the character is powerful enough just to stand still and kill everything without any interaction. Just select (even randomly) an upgrade every minute or do. Three levels, I still don't get it, so get out.

Viktor Nässil

One of the originals in this genre, the new update with unlimited artifacts and masteries is very refreshing and it feels exciting from early levels. I have an issue where you can revive once if you watch one ad. However 30% of the times the ad fails to load, it turns into a black screen and I can't get back into the game. The progress is also lost except the points. Still haven't reached 30 minutes on Arboretum... 4/5 because of revive-bug, make a failsafe if ad fails to load?

Ivan Mayola

I really enjoy the game it's very nice games

Chris McCulloch

Good game needs more stuff to earn through out game also more characters and could do with having stuff to buy with gems you earn out of gameplay

Zyme Camasin

This is my kind of game. Nothing to complain about. I just want as many new skills as possible (The current ones are already good though). Good work!

Flamer Gaming535

Good game every update makes it better

Artsy Andrea

Love it

Zyon Paul

Sometimes you choose revive and the game crashes. And your mastery points, and time get voided.

Tam Sam

Ty that it

Kostiantyn Ochenash

This game can be played only with one character "Electromancer" (34min). All other characters are unplayable, unbalanced and useless. They cannot survive even 10 min, because small creatures and bombers eat them for breakfast.

Peter-Thomas Kyes

Neat but slow at first, then it becomes addicting!

Traves Bruh

Very good


this game needs a tutorial I have no idea what I'm doing . the descriptions of things don't help that much either.

Luis Rodriguez

Good to waste time on

Serhii Hubernachuk


Vuk Radikić



Please, make fonts bigger or add an option for it. I can't read the descriptions :/ The game is awesome tho. Incredible ambiance.

Rakurai Za Warudo

Best offline game in my opinion.

Benjamin Harvey

Incredibly fun gameplay, fairly monitised, and great experience.

Julian Vetor



This game is honestly amazing. I do however have a few "complaints" regarding the in-game content and a suggestion too. I'm not sure I like how this recent update now only allows one trait per spell, another thing is regarding the artifact Mjölnir, being that the name shown is "Mj?lnir". I unfortunately do not have enough space to add the suggestion in its entirety but it is a Boss creature.

FLR 825

Nice game,pls remove character lv limit after 100

nicolas parra

The best roguelike on the market.