Magic Story of Solitaire. Offline Cards Adventure

Author: Rainbow Games LLc

500K+ install


Welcome to the amazing magical world of solitaire! Here you can make yourself at home, playing layouts on a tavern table by the fireside, or in the shade of an oak tree by a majestic rushing waterfall. Your fairy helper will guide you through this magical world full of mystery and ancient secrets.

Magic World Solitaire is the classic solitaire you love in an exciting new world. The card game’s simple rules will help first-timers get the hang of things fast, and different challenges in the adventure ahead will keep seasoned players on their toes. But don’t worry, your fairy helper will show you which magical powers to use to get out of even the toughest pinch.

What makes this game so great?
– Hundreds of fun layouts
– Beautiful and mysterious places in a magic world
– Different game challenges
– A warm, fun adventure game atmosphere

This beloved card game is perfect for everyone. We hope you enjoy your time in Magic World Solitaire! Download now on your phone or tablet!

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Update time: May 12, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Rainbow Games LLc
Price: Free
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Customer review

Michele Webb

Fun card game you pick when to see an ad . Game keeps you thinking .




Beautiful game.

Maura Hernandez


tammy miller

Very beautiful

Karen Chew

Good game

Kim Stubbs


Victoria Taylor

It's fun

Stephen Repinski

So far great game Plenty of chances to get colns and boosters

Deidre McArthur


connie lutes

Relaxing solitaire enchanted card game. Music isn't to loud soft relaxing .

Renina H.McPhearson

Fun great game...Mime

Christel Stewart

great little game but its hard on older eyes full screen would be a help and make it a 6 star but thank you .

joseph thompson

Best solitaire game i have played

LaTonya Grismore

I love this game it helps me to relax and unwind at the end of my day.

Tina Giordano

Entertaining without having to watch commercials.

Nana Helen

It a lot of fun 😊

Becky Zopp

Love the graphics. Big solitaire fan!

Sylvia Wulf

Bears almost no resemblance to real Solitaire. Overly complicated play, slowed down by ads and commentary from the 'magic lady'. Boring. Deleted after 3 days.edit- smh, 3months later non-response from developer. I know there will be ads, but I will tolerate them if the game is fun. This game is pretty but unengaging. More match 3 than solitaire. Boring.

Jeanie Stevens

Love it

Gretchen Schenk

I would like to some kind of make over or character change

Frankie H

Fun and no barrage of worthless, irritating ads to wallow through. Perfect time killer!

OP hr Recruitment

ငါ ဒီကစားနည်းကို သဘောကျတယ်။

Amber Buyea

Love the game

Rebecca Munger

It's a beautiful and calming game

Andrew Stephens

Different types of solitaire but very entertaining

Barbara Finley

I read the reviews and I love it!!

Monique Noftell

So far very fast paced and interesting

A. Mahan

First day playing, but very calm, relaxing. Card game has been the same style for every game. Really lovely graphics and no repetitive ads.

Minecraft gamer


Debi Starkey

Love the game, no problems with it...

Cat Ryan

Perhaps a bug needs squishing 🤔 Coins are no longer always being awarded after watching Ads for them - tonight's Ads that failed to award coins appeared to only be the garden & home scapes series of game Ads? Be nice to see a fast fix as it sucks not getting promised reward. Cheers

Claudia Betts

The game goes up to level 1300 something.. Clocked it once so far already.. When are new levels coming.. Awesome game.. Love it

LeeLou #999

Best cards game ever !!!

Martina Webster

Very nice, great graphics

Moma Edith

Good game

Debra Walker


Barbara Pittman

Okay. Not to many ads

Gloria Everett

I so like playing this game because it is quick and interesting.

Michael Foskett

This is a cash cow, all they want is money. After level 40 the games are all but unbeatable, without boosters. I don't use boosters, don't believe in them. One level had 6 no. 8 cards, other cards are hidden under the ones on top when removing the branches. Very little rewards for the effort, and level 50 I have tried 30 times and it can't be won. The star on top stops at the first star. They program this so you spend, will Delete, not worth the aggravation.

Kathy Compton

Pretty cool game best solitaire game ever!😛

Shelley Swetlow

So far fun, but I have only been playing for about 30 min.

Precious lee

It's a cool game but what I don't like is how when you replay a level to get 3 stars if you lose the level the game takes away a heart and a crown but if you win the level and get the 3 stars you don't get a crown nor a heart. That's not fair.

Safiyyah Abdulkhabir

Fun game

Crystal Snide

Luv this game it's so fun ...

Diana Ace

Too soon to tell

Seid muhye Adem

Seid goshye

Belinda Smith

It's so much fun to play.


First and foremost, This solitaire is so beautifully made❣️ Secondly this is the most fairest solitaire game I've played in the last 5 years. Fair rewards, fair play, no pushy ads popping up. Let's the player decide if they want more rewards, need to watch an ad. And lastly, whomever you modeled this Beautiful red head after, she is absolutely stunning❣️Thank you for making this wonderful game, I shall be checking out the other games offered by your company soon. Keep up the excellent work.

melody Williams

Having fun.

Lauri Walker-Ortiz

Great game

Becky Hane

Game is perfect. Doesn't bombard you with ads, is challenging enough to keep it interesting but still allows a winning streak to keep you going. You can either spend money to move along faster or take advantage of the plentiful free/earned power ups when you're on a level too long. There are 5 daily awards you earn by watching an ad. Seriously these developers are doing it right! I'm looking at more of their games just because of that.

Crystal Brown

Just downloaded this game, seems great so far, very addictive!!

Dawie Steenekamp

This is really a relaxing game

Priscilla Grant

Keeps you alert good for taking your mind off sad happings

Jenti patadiya

Jentipatdiya 23👉💏👈😚😘😙11

Angela Jordan

Like how relaxing this is,great change of pace!

angelina magelnicki

Very colorful and entertaining

Ludwig Berger

I like it it's good game yours sincerely Ludwig

Liz Barnett

Cute. Passes the time.

L Ahlm

Great look. Fun game. I am enjoying playing on my tablet.

Cynthia Ritz

This game is addictive and fun. It's colorful and I don't want to put my phone down cause it keeps your attention. I highly recommend this game

Bitchqueen Carter

For a lazy fill good game, music is calming. Graphics are a plus

Julie Byrley


VampLee MEST

I enjoy it 👍 and the graphic design and music is relaxing 😌, super fun

Chris Lewis

It's a great card game but she definitely tends and cater to you.

Sharon Hufnagel

Simple fun. Still learning the game.

Katayoon Saedi

Very good

Sherie Wilson

Fun game

Mike Ferguson

Fun game

Richard Pierce

Relaxing way to spend time.

Happy Tappy

Thoroughly enjoying the graphics and game. Colourful and relaxing!

wendy robb

very calming

Brenda Collins

I love how clean and clear it is.

Penny Jill Kern Kurzer

A fun game. It relaxes you

Justin Jennings

Love this game. Great time killer

Kim Lehmann

Fun game

Wanda Harris


Kandi Hudson

One of the better games of solitaire I have played so far no ads unless you want more coins I would recommend trying and seeing for your self

linda carr

Fun game, never know what is next

Roger Davison

A Really Grate Game, I Love it.

Marta Louro

It's so boring that I feel asleep playing it

Criss Dionne


Debbie Bayles

Fun Tri Peaks so far NO ADS!!

Sam Dehart

Fun and no hassle

Manny Orain Salas


Robin Leroux



Love playing and the music is relaxing.

LadyCatanya Nur

Its a fun cute solitare game so far needs more story and magic though

Sahab Vafa

خیلی عالی

Teresa Hamilton


Victoria M

It's fun

Kim Guzmán

The relaxing music, awesome graphics, vivid color's makes this game even more enjoyable. It just like playing regular solitaire, but the cards are in a different layout. You do have a choice to watch in the beginning on how to play or skip. If you like regular Klondike solitaire, then you truly will enjoy this game. Give it a try and if you don't like it, then you can always delete it. But I doubt that you will delete after playing. It's THAT enjoyable.

Tina James

Fun and entertainment

Katherine English

Was fun to begin with, but now it's constantly crashing. I get a few moves into the level and the game falls over. I've been stuck on this level for weeks now and I can't complete it because the game keeps falling over.

Nancy Welch

Exciting to play

Sidika Mehmedova

Level 1490 currently and no more levels? That's it?

Margaret Green


Amy Miller

Beautiful graphics. Fun and challenging.

Susan Brower