Magic Siege – Castle Defender Tactical offline RPG

Author: AKPublish pty ltd

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Magic Siege – Castle Defender Tactical offline RPG – Battle pve-PvE in a Dark Fantasy RPG. Become a legend using strategy and heroes

Detailed info

File size: 149M
Update time: September 12, 2021
Current version: 1.95.59
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: AKPublish pty ltd
Price: Free
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Customer review

Narer Hhnn

Funny i recommended to u guys

Pretty Little fears

Wow that's an amazing strategy game. Good for mind exercise and really fun to play and kill time. Absolutely amazing


Nice game i like it🥰

Md Akash

This is very funny or enjoyable game. I play it easily and become very exited to win, & go the next level. This graphics is very beautiful creatures, good app!

mary haddad

Very fun game, I enjoyed playing it, I was very excited to win, time passed without me feeling, thank you, I highly recommend it

Wiz ThaNos

An amazing game with huge of it

Gaming- YTFF々

Bast game time passing i like game go ahed

janet kroze

The game is absolutely a strategy that needs thinking, the graphics and the graphics are good, I recommend downloading it

Nurislam Raj

Magic siege apps is very good

Raju Islam

This is a very nice app it is a wonderful app it is a excellent! Magic siege just ebjoyaable game and get me more pleasure!!

Tuhin Islam

The Magic Siege app is really good. All features is so atracktive and very easy controlling system. Now i like this Magic Siege app 😍

George maxoud

it is a very interesting game

Elizabeth Ann Olbison

Gave this 4 stars because it freezes now and again. A little more tutorial needs to be given. IE Hos to upgrade your wall. Otherwise not a bad game fun to play

Alaa Kumuk

It is very interesting! Every one should download it..An amazing game 🔥

Jimy Paul

It is a wonderful game and very easy to learn

SN Shawon

That's an excellent app. Give me extra ordinary pleasure

AHmad HAsan

One of the best zombie games, I enjoyed it, I recommend it to everyone


Fun so far


Hi your game was supure I want more elements of power supure game thank you for the game


Thanks for the update 😀👍

Ajay Kumar


Jamie Nedarland

The app is best greet

Ponita Lohokor


Kenny Liudi

I cant claim daily reward, the timer moving forward instead of backwards. And i still have to watch ads even though already purchased vip. Please fix it thanks. game id : 2UNT38NSY50R

Jason Mouton

Awesome game! Can't quit playing this one.

Celticpup !

So far it's a pretty good little defense base game. It's funny nice little story aswell!

Saeed Hasan

This game is so addictive and entertaining. A great time killer game this is. Love this game.

khatii formiii

Very Good Game ❤😙

Gary Mobley

Still trying to figure it out..

D Thomp

Boring redundant

Augusto Orlindo Bartolome

Great strategy game. It is fun and not pay to win. Please support the developers.🙂

Raizel San


Sezar Kres

This game brings a lot of fun and entertainment it's really fun👍👍

L E G E N D ツ

Really Good Game.. Its very high graphic game.. Thanks to the developer 🥰🥰

Arian Gharooni

Every thing is great with this game! and hopefully its not like other games who force you to buy in app purchases. Thank you for making this game

Mahmudul Hasan

This game is so addictive and entertaining. A great time killer game this is. Love this game.


Очень классная и интересная игра, с качественным интерфейсом, ставлю заслуженно 5 звезд👍

Julius Marc Santillana

Changed from 5s to 1s. Bought the scam no ads VIP upgrade. Still ended up with ads.😂 Shame.

Mohammad Okhravi

This is the best game keep good work and thanks for your amazing game

Vipul Kumar

Good game

LaWanda Strong


Garrett Andrew Chiew

Auto switch spells and auto drink mana potion is the features of this game. I dont know about others but i dont see how is this a strategy game

Jj Fry

Not playing so long yet but so far so good

Taweng Cortes

Nice game.but add the auto attack

Le Vai

This app creator is veery nice. This app is a gaming app.this hame is very nice.we play this game in1 gb ram phone.we can gameplay easily. So everybody use this app.

Desmond Cheong

game is alright so far but i purchased a pack to remove ads, however, the ads still play whether if it's before a level i play or if i want to double my coins, i'd still have to watch an ad.

Puria Ghasemi

This game is awesome I love it🔥❤️I suggest you try that 😍

Ryan Van Tonder

Very fun and creative game. I recommend it.

Kevin Gauthier


John Herry

WOW! Just amazing! What a high quality graphics they have! Really well designed game to play. I am enjoying very much. Thank you so much for this app!!!

Fahim Muntasir

Magic siege is an awesome and interesting game ......I like it very much .... very interesting

Mithila Afrin

Magic siege is an amazing application .........I like it very much .... very interesting application ......


Beautiful and high graphics .


Nice games

Abhijeet Singh

Add more levels

عبدالله محمد

Good game

Matthew McMahon

Great game, lots of fun

Lugh Wolf

Funcionou, mas trava muito, fica congelando, funciona offline mas acaba com o processador do celular e demora pra recarregar. É um jogo legal, mas trava trava e muito. Acho que é imcopatível com meu celular...💔

Simon Gabriel Ursu

Not much to say right now (not that there isn't anything to say), only if you wait for that pet to help is like waiting to hear your death sentence, it's slow, weak and ALWAYS targets the wrong enemy. Can you do something about it? I also hope for more elaborated content, like an actual castle in the background, with buildings and improvements. And some autofire helpers! Please notify me when you do all that, until then I'll just uninstall, it's too boring for the moment.

Jerick Obligar


Seattle Sauce

Fun game. Quick suggestion. Please do away with the ridiculous interjections of speech during gameplay. Not only is it ridiculous, annoying and doesn't fit the narrative half the time more importantly it pauses the game so you can't attack yet with each speech bubble the enemy keeps getting closer and closer and nothing I can do about. Then when tapping screen to hurry up and clear out the talking I then waste energy with a misplaced attack. Really annoying.

Shane Hart

A quick thinking game

Dnyaneahwar Dengale

Good entertainment

Ramya Ramya

super game

Bahgat Zakhary

It's ok kinda just a timekiller

Dawit Abrham

It is good and easy to play.

shenash 2009

The best offline game I ever played.The game have 0% issues and 100% of fun.I love it.❤

Techno Tich

I really like this game and this a offline game

Saif Ali Khan

Best gam i like it

Alex Molen

Спасибо за такую замечательную игру. Что меня в ней порадовало, так это то, что она не просто убивала времени, но ещё и хорошая тренировка мозгов. Скачивайте, не пожалеете.

Aron Bouwer

It's nice

Cheryl Roberts

This game is loads of fun. You learn about the elements and how you can use them to defeat your opponent.

Daya Ghosh

Mota muti

Vasto Lorde

Nice a game...

Frans van Vreden

Cool wow

Mwango Kondolo

It okay and great

Felix Happy Cat


Johnny Moore


Akino mohammad Fitri

Great game to play guys..

Radharanikumari Radharanikumari

Ajay bhaiya Shakti ko Panch udayinche Sachin Gopal Chudail

Dw Goodroe

It's alright but freezing up a lot

Benito Darius

Good but Need more levels

Adi Erisadi


subash chandra bose

Hi super game how are you I am sai

Sk kamrul Zamal

Not available 😣vry bd game dont dowlod😣

Angus Arden Wairoa

Magic Celtic siege cooperation divantion good over evils. Bringing it to holl new level. we buy upgrades to bind together and Mana cost and spell diolog and forge?🗳️ the inner calm!! Thanks for the update!?

Charlie Spencer

So good

Rifat Ahmed

Thank you

Wendy Olson

Pretty cool so far. Just started playing.

yanar ya


m. c.

This game is really fun because they like magic

Mark Khairallah

Amazing game good controls and easy to play plus its not like any other games its a decent and respacted. Great keep it up

Saravanan R


J Paulin

It's chill

Richard Campbell

Good so far hope it's not ptw

Janvi Singh

Nice game

J Pment

I really liked this game. Nice beginning, i like the graphics of the app. Cool , adventurous game.

Andrew Reader

Great game great for time wasting

irina Kashtiper

It is fun) game's very beautiful and interesting.

Gareth Evabns