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Magica Travel Agency!
If you like to play free puzzle games for free, then must try this amazing match 3d.
You will give you a pleasant fun experience of matching bonus objects.

Features of Magica io Travel apps- Play arcade games to brain training.

✨ – Combine sweets in unique levels and blast bright bombs!
🔥 – Create new colorful boosters “Parrot” & “Paint”! That add dynamism and the ability to combine bonuses to complete difficult levels tasks!
🏰 – Construct over 500 buildings in the 36 cities!
🧠 – Easy to play Matching puzzle games for adults!
🌐 – Advertising for a reward, only at the request of the player!
🚀 – Like offline games play easily in arcade without wifi.

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🎲 – Connect Facebook to invite and play with your friends online to share lives! Around the world in 80 days and 1001 nights!
💎 – Multilingual support, English, German, Dutch, Japanese, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Spanish, Chinese & much more!

Collect magic crystals. Open the altars and activate the teleporter to go to the next map.
• Rebuild: Island, desert riders, Tibet, paris metro, Las Vegas, China, Rome, Egypt, Kiev, New Orleans, Rio, Berlin, Istanbul, Amazon, Venice, Dubai, Jam city, ski resort and others in fun magic journey.

The puzzle – Magica Travel Games

• Build a house of tea in India: Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, Colosseum, Red Square, Reichstag, Kremlin, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Theaters, museums, Alaska airlines, hotels, temples, gem mines, Lilys garden, Tuscany villa and more!

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• Defeat the characters that you meet on your way Anubis, Mummy, Paris baguette, Biker, Snake, Penguin, Ghost, Clock maker, Grim Reaper, and many others.

Match puzzle match games like royal match 3 in a row

If the planes don’t fly worldwide, play together with your best fiends in magic kingdom with magic jigsaw puzzle for adults.
Visit top travel town and help the clockmaker and other locals for a gold reward.
You will need to build building, monument valley & landmarks in different cities.

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• Gather workers and build mines to extract resources.
• Residents of different cities will be waiting for your help jewelry merchants, wealthy bankers, bartenders from Oktoberfest, gnomes from gem mines, knights in armor, witches with brooms, warlocks with magic scrolls, Pharaoh & Cleopatra in the desert, fun dog, Romeo, football fans and dancer in Rio and many others!

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Magica Travel Agent – One of the few best gamestop of its kind in recent years!
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You can download this magic kinder app for ios device in AppStore.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags because its “wheels up” and there’s no time for delays! It’s time to get out there, start matching, and restore the world!

Pass special nivel in free puzzles for adults!
You can time travel games using teleporters in jewels magic puzzles free.
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Customer review


This is enjoyable from the start. They do not force adds unless you want boosters. I do like the fact that YOU can play more than once and receive instead of pay for each slot. The continue pay, does cost more, the higher up you score. Have only played a day or so, but jumping islands seems costly. Graphics good, busy at first but you get used to it. 4 star's if it didn't lag at times would be 5. Course it could be my tablet, it's a few years old.

Kimberly Clayville


Barb Coyle

Most enjoyable game to play except not able to play more than 20 minutes when the game only gives 5 lives. Developers need to add side events or bonus play rewards to gain free play.

Heather Watling

I'm giving it a 4 star rating just because there is always room to grow Having said that, I think this is the best game I have ever played. No ads unless you need them to help you out. Lots of levels and then the side games to build your city . I can't stop playing ! Well done to the makers of this game .

Shari Mann

I initially gave this game 5 stars because I thought it was a great game & I enjoyed it. Then, several weeks ago, it wouldn't let me retrieve my progress from Facebook. I submitted a report to both the game & Facebook & just now uninstalled the game because not only would anybody do anything, nobody acknowledged my reports.

Sherry Moore

Reminder to myself.Dont ever download this game again...

Jennifer Thissen

I'm not a fan of "collecting workers" or clear-cutting trees or draining wetlands, but the music doesn't drive me insane and I like the pace of the game. Could you just get rid of the colonization BS, please?

michelle davis

Great game, No need to buy coins I have tried to spin the bonus wheel but it will not open the video that is requited to view before you esrn the spin. If this was corrected, I'd rate 5 stars. Edit: after update, I am able to spin wheel. The only other issue I've encountered is linking my Facebook account. It won't do it on my Kindle fire 10 or my Google pixel 5. Any suggestions?

Lori Daniel

I just absolutely love it. I can't wait to play it everyday!

Rhonda Murray

This is a great game as I've said b4 thankyou for your help, much appreciated.

Nellie Turner

Really enjoying this game. It's a little different and a little the same. Great experience so far.

Tonya Dawn lampley

Game is very addictive, like that it's not like your average match 3 game. It's more, it's better!

Judy Burke

If you like puzzle games you will love Magic.

Martie Van Jaarsveld

Love this game

varsha varsha

Best game for timepass


Very enjoyable, balanced game. No gratuitous ads. Thanks 😊👍

Shane Hemmingson

Extremely slow I find it tedious and boring

Lydia De Wet Botha

Think bug in game. Doesnot want to log in fb. 😡😡😡😡😡😡

Roxanna Baez

Took it off!

Amir Bahabadi


Steven Firth

Good game apart from I've had to start again.the game started to freeze

Clarence Eacott

Interesting love it

Brian Cuprisin


Lorraine anne Puzey

Love the game just started playing it good clear piece's

Tammy Russell

Time burner and cost isn't bad either.

craig fleming

Fun and addictive

Oniel F Cunningham

So far good

Franklin Kirby

So far so good has been a good game.

Theresa O'Connell

Match 3 Fun. I enjoy this game, although I like match 3 games period. Graphics are great I don't use sound so no help there. I've been playing this game for 2 months now at least a few times a week no problems at all. I would recommend this one. :-D

Angela Brubaker


William Mobley

It's a cool game

Antoinette B

Still early days but really like this game...the name put me off till I actually had a look what it's all about....expect a 5⭐ in future🤩 Next day.... thank you for no ads only by choice when you need something..... SADLY the ads does not work so good, not those b4 beginning game to get more rewards & neither the spin wheel--they lagg or just blank out everything....OTHERWISE still happy(would love more money and resources in game, but such is life😎)

Gerald Carey


Kristin Isdal

Like the game, fun and entertaining. Only negative is having to repeat leves.

Jackie Brown

Enjoying up to ads bonus

Cheryl West

No ads is great and addictive, this games a winner for my age group.

Alex Reynard

I've played other games like this, and they become impossible without paying to cheat pretty quickly. I'm four worlds deep in Magica and still playing. It can have frustrating stretches and elements (I hate the plants very much), but I rarely have to grind; there's usually just enough resources to do everything if I don't waste my coins. Also, nothing is more satisfying than creating a massive amount of birds that fill the screen.

Carlo Braccia

Really fun, good game. Has crashing issues. Fix the crashes and it's a triple 5

Sharon Hartigan

It's fun

Ashley Anderson

Used to love playing but since updated, I no longer can log in with Facebook and be able to see friends progress and play against them

afsaneh sh

Why lucky spin dont work?please tell me....I'm in Seoul level72

Richard Raymond

Love it. Seems to still have some bugs though.

Erma Thomas


Miranda Mamas

So much fun

Tarlan Komeylizade

l love this game but when i win a lightening ( the wheel) instead it gives me an extra move thanks for your response now my problem is that when i want to see the adds to get bonuses the short video won't start I'll be grateful if you fix it thanks

Peggy Hoffman

Fun and not a lot of ads

Carol Keogh nee Goodfellow

Great fun, the levels are interesting and engaging

Kylie Marie

Very cute addictive little game

Christina Test

I love the game! But when I started playing I was able to sign in with Facebook and now I'm getting an error about admins and still testing. What happened?

Paul Amico

Cool game to play

Rhonda Davidson

Great Game 🎯 No problems at All.... 💙

Genaro Alvarez

Great game I've enjoy very much thank you 😊

Gloria Haider

Fun game. Challenging enough.

Evy Mehagan

Lots of fun. Great animations.

Snbl Gertie

excellantcand fun. wish only for more lives.

John Pidgeon

Not been playing long but really enjoying it fantastic there's no adds

kurious katie

Lots of fun.

Kathryn Schinler

Wish I could double the coins. 10 coins received after finish level is not much. You can play level three times but only for 60 coins.

micky McGannon

A really enjoyable, fun game!

John Badger

It is a fun game.

Darren roberts

Its fun. Addictive

Joyce Beavers

Glitchy keeps kicking me off

SugarBear KT

This little game has everything, fun levels that are not too easy, not too hard. A bit of world building. Helpful little chirpy birds, and NO ADS. A delightful experience all in all.

Chalene Kawachi

Wonderful game

Angela Rogers

Love this game

Gillian Bartlett

One of my favourite games I currently play and only reason not giving 5 stars due to only giving 3 lives at a time when needs be 5 like other games

Goh mei mei

Fun to play but till another island, it become so boring and it keep SHUFFLE ,i can hardly move anything at all .......waste my time ! Sorry i have already deleted the game .

Sandy Clement

So far like it

K Poolkaew

I like this one.

Dularie Ramdeo

Fruit diary

Angie Moore

Very nice

Moyoa Williams

It is okay

Estha Bouwer

Love the game

Cindy Melancon

I really like this game. Fun and colorful. Love the numerous levels. Gotta go play more, bye.



Rose Holmes

I like playing this game it's a good game

Nancy Drago

It's a good game. The best thing is no ads!

awdhesh gupta

This is very nice game for timepass

Marjie Sanabria

Fun game. It is relaxing and doable.

Linda McCartney

Hit the 3rd game and froze...all of4 minutes

Harry Hainline

Same as rest . Time killer

Marilyn Yelland

Stuck on #40 in Egypt cant go forward need added building material can't get

Marie Humby

Really like this game. One of the better ones of its kind, good variety of things to do

Ramona Knapp

To soon to say


Very challenging and enjoyable. Still playing over a year later

Maha Alrihawi

Great game!

Angey Sabourin


Patricia A Parimore

Very addictive game ...

Farnk Myers

Just started playing seems like fun.

Shirley Stromoski

Ok game

Brint Keyes

Not bad. But I found the tile designs a little too busy, graphics not very bright, tiles "circled" rather than move in the direction I swiped, and I spent too much time being forced to watch repetitive animations between every stage (no "tap to skip").

Sandy Burke

Love this game fun to

Jackie James

Great game

N Kessler

I like I can set the difficulty rating. It helps me relax on the easier mode. And not too many ads.

Angela Els

Cute game, not too challenging though. Easy and relaxing so far

Terry Livasy

Fun so far. I just started playing this game.

A Google user


missy higgins

fantastic fun to play, lots of chances

Debbie Hansen

Game doesn't respond so I gave one star game freezes up and drops game just freezes does nothing. I deleted it and moved on

Lucille Brock

Love this game & you don't have to pay a fortune to keep playing 🥰